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Native missionaries docking their bike-bearing canoe along the riverbank in Colombia.

Balancing Act

By bike-bearing canoe, a Colombian missionary reaches tribal people in remote areas of his country who have never heard of Christ. In the past year the indigenous ministry that sent him also planted churches in two towns and began to evangelize several other areas of Colombia. Two such indigenous missionaries are proclaiming Christ to Tiwiwi- and Zikuani-speaking communities on the Planas River, spending seven to 10 hours on dangerous jungle trails to reach them. "We use bicycles and motorcycles, because the roads have no bridges over the rivers," the ministry director said, adding that piranhas and venomous snakes inhabit the waters. Two other indigenous missionaries have begun work in communities along the Orinoco River. "To get there you have to sail the Gavilan and Tomo rivers to reach the Orinoco," he said. "You spend two and a half days traveling by canoe to reach the place where the church is established. At this village there are already five families that surrendered their lives to Jesus, and we are planning to build a chapel to gather the people in this region. We thank you for support and prayers, enabling us to bring the glorious message of salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior to these regions among tribal people such as the Zikuani and Piapoco."

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