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Pakistani children.

Triumph over Poverty

Children in Pakistan who once could not afford to attend school take classes thanks to a Christian school for orphans and poor children, many of whom were once forced to work in Pakistan's brick kilns. Often employing the labor of poor, indentured servants who pass their debt from generation to generation, frequently Pakistan's brick kiln industry illegally employs children on a massive scale, a practice the Punjab Province government is striving to eliminate. Providing children education they can afford is crucial to eliminating child labor. "We are a totally Bible-based school for orphans and brick kiln children," said the director of a ministry based in Punjab Province. "With the supply of God through your organization, these precious children are studying very well. Before your help, they didn't go to the school. Today we had fun with these children, and after that we gave them food." The school has ongoing needs for books, copying and support for teachers.

School Needs for Children; Pakistan
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