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Native missionary girl talking to children in Burma.

Jungle Books

Children learn of Christ's salvation at a new church plant in Burma (also called Myanmar), while others in equally remote areas put their faith in Christ at an indigenous ministry's evangelistic outreaches. Ministry team members have also seen children come to Christ by helping to guide their education. At an evangelistic camp for children under the ministry's tutoring program, 30 of them recently accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. "These students were Buddhists, and now they are Christians," the ministry director said. "Our prayer is to make acquaintance with their parents and reach their parents and other villagers. As many parents are asking for their children to receive this school help, we plan and pray to extend it for more students." The ministry plans to board students at a facility to be built for just $1,800, including preparing the land, with the children's parents being responsible only for their food. The ministry has appointed one of its Bible school graduates to supervise and teach the students starting in June. "Once we have the building, we can accept students," the director said.

Assist educational boarding house outreach to poor & orphans; Burma
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