Photo of The Week

Row of devastated buildings along a street in Nepal.

Gone but Not Forgotten

A year after two earthquakes destroyed thousands of homes in Nepal, such as these in Lama Sangha District, most people who lost their houses do not have the resources or aid to rebuild. Among several indigenous ministries in Nepal that are providing funds and labor to rebuild or repair homes is one that is constructing 40 homes, including 10 for non-Christians, where the earthquakes destroyed an entire village. "We sent relief items such as food, clothes, blankets, tarpaulins, metal tin roofs, and a large water tank for the community, but recently the need is to build houses," the ministry director said. "Some groups were shifted from their village that was damaged by earthquake and landslides. Their village is totally gone, so they need a new place to stay. With the cooperation of the local church, we are doing it."

Help Rebuild Houses; Nepal
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