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Asian children with dyed hands.

Caught Red-Handed

Abused, neglected and impoverished children in western Sri Lanka find a new world at a center for street children that offers crafts, counseling and salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Living in homes that sometimes do not protect from the rain, children in slum areas are often neglected and malnourished, and abuse is common. "With Sri Lanka having a reputation as a major center of pedophilia, many children are sexually abused or prostituted for extra cash," the center director said. "Poorer children, not being able to afford school, are easy marks for exploitation." The center provides the only daily meal many of the children see, as well as education and activities that keep them out of the youth gangs. "Bible studies and audio-visual programs," the director said, "open up the salvation offered through Jesus Christ to people, most of whom are Buddhists who don't know Him."

Provide physical and spiritual wellness to street children in Sri Lanka
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