Photo of The Week

Destroyed section of Aleppo, Syria.

Wrecked Country

While the specter of a Syrian government siege of rebel-held portions of eastern Aleppo haunts civilians after the forces of President Bashar al-Hassad seized the only road leading into the area last weekend, rebel forces also have wreaked destruction on civilians, including the bombing deaths of children. A pastor in Aleppo reported that recent attacks have killed several civilians and seriously damaged the Armenian Catholic "Zvartnots" Holy Trinity Church. At the same time, he said rebel terrorist groups launched gunfire and rocket attacks on Aleppo's Christian neighborhoods of Baghdad Station and Suleymanieh (Awjet Al-jeb), causing massive material damage. An indigenous ministry in Syria is providing cash, school tuition, medical aid and home rent for victims of the violence. "Those dear suffering people still need our prayers and financial support," the ministry director said. "Thank you for sending donations, and thanks to all of you who are praying on their behalf."

Support persecuted believers in the Middle East
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