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Indian villagers praying.

Conquering Cancer

Church members in a village in the northern India province of Punjab pray for deliverance for a 17-year-old boy who said he was suffering from evil spirits. After an indigenous ministry leader laid hands on him in prayer, he was freed and is now enjoying good health. The ministry, which offers literacy classes to adults and medical care in poor communities, brings holistic healing along with the gospel to Sikhs, Hindus and nominal Christians. One villager was suffering from cancer before he recently visited the ministry leader's church, one of his children said. "The pastor said if you believe in Jesus Christ, your father will be healed, because Jesus has all authority over the power of sickness, diseases, infirmities, disabilities and incurable diseases," he said. "Next Sunday we went to the worship meeting, and the pastor prayed for my father in the name of Jesus Christ. He got complete healing in the name of Jesus Christ. Four members of our family repented from their sins and accepted Jesus Christ."

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