Photo of The Week

Syrian refugees resting.

Rest Home

After an arduous trek to Lebanon, a Syrian refugee child sleeps in the run-down building his family now calls home. Many children arrive from Syria traumatized by the atrocities they have witnessed. A 5-year-old Syrian girl who recently arrived in Beirut is still suffering from burns she received when her house was set on fire when she was 7 months old. "She is still suffering physically and psychologically," the director of a ministry based in Lebanon said. "Although she is 5, she can only speak about 10 words." The ministry helped the family pay for a doctor and testing in several developmental areas; she still needs major speech and physical therapy. The workers face more needs than the ministry's limited resources can address, but God is working, the ministry leader said. "God is doing so much in Lebanon and Syria, and we give Him the glory," he said. "We ask that you continue to pray and lift our brothers and sisters up in prayer, that the Lord would continue to use them, keep them, and encourage them. They depend on God's hand to be able to extend hope, healing, and restoration."

Help meet physical/spiritual needs of Middle East refugees
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