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Indian teenagers recieving Bibles.

Good News

Mostly non-Christian children at a school in northern India receive Bibles at the first English-language school in the area. High-caste Hindus in Udhampur District, in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir state, requested that indigenous Christian ministry leaders start the school, and they agreed under the condition that the Bible would be taught and prayers would be directed only to Jesus. Many people have come to Christ through this service, and the ministry has also secured permission to stage three open air, evangelistic campaigns in three cities this year. For one of the events, the ministry seeks $3,715 to cover costs of the tent rental, back-up generator, Public Address system, food and other expenses. "The primary objective of our ministry is to reach the unreached, to share the good news to transform lives based on the New Testament pattern," the director said.

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