Photo of The Week

Kenyan children holding mosquito nets.

Growing Hope

Mosquito nets provided by a ministry in Kenya's Great Rift Valley protect children from serious diseases and smooth the way for hearing the gospel. The ministry brings children from area villages to school to be trained, empowered and cared for in a Christian environment, the indigenous organization's director said. "We received 15 more children this term, and seven of them were totally orphaned," he said. Introducing the gospel to unreached tribes where idolatry and local traditions present strong opposition, the ministry recently planted a church in western Kenya among ethnic Teso; intercessory prayer led to supernatural healing that broke the stronghold of area powers, he said. "A total of 26 people came to Christ, and we baptized 12 people," he said. "Pray with us for the provision of $2,500 to construct this church building. Pray also for the pastor that we have sent to this village. Ask the Lord for the provision of materials and spiritual support for this work, as they work in this very difficult environment."

Help construct church building and meet physical and spiritual needs in Kenya
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