Photo of The Week

Indian missionary sharing the Gospel.

Ears to Hear

An indigenous missionary teaches the Bible to a small group in a predominantly Hindu area of northeast India, where Buddhism also is widely practiced. The indigenous ministry to which he belongs concentrates on evangelism to unreached peoples in difficult-to-reach villages in a tri-state area that includes border areas with Burma, China and Bangladesh. "Our missionaries say, time and again, that if we had a little bit of extra funding, we could use some to invite people to dinner, or to have a lunch after church service; many Hindus would come," the ministry director said. The ministry seeks assistance to help support its missionaries, including a former Buddhist monk in Burma (Myanmar) who embraced Christianity earlier this year. "After his conversion, this man has been cast out from his village, and our missionary has been looking after him," the director said. "He has been knocking on our door asking if we could support the monk as a missionary, as he is very committed to Christ." The former Buddhist monk and other indigenous missionaries require $70 to $100 a month.

Support for missionary work in northeast India border areas
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