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Filipino community hearing a gospel message.

Light in the Darkness

A fellowship on the island of Mindanao, Philippines, gathers to hear a gospel message. The indigenous ministry that established it recently sent workers to several areas of the southern island for house-to-house evangelism and outreach to far-flung communities in tribal areas, the director said. Many people put their faith in Christ, and some started Bible studies. "In less than a year, the brethren by God's grace are now extending God's territory to three other areas of the country," he said. "The latest was done in an area where the host was not a Christian, but he offered his place for Bible studies. The host also attended the Bible study." The brethren are praying for a bigger place to accommodate more people attending Bible studies and regular fellowship gatherings. "We praise and thank God for the openness of so many people to hear Jesus' saving grace," he said. "We covet your prayers for those who made decisions for Christ, that they will be open for Bible studies and follow-up."

Evangelistic Meetings and Gospel Outreach; Philippines
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