Photo of The Week

Refugee mother feeding her children.

Survival Rations

A Syrian mother who has fled the atrocities of war strives to keep her children fed at an unofficial refugee camp in southern Turkey. As winter hits, the greatest needs are for warmth and food, said the director of a ministry based in Turkey that provides aid to about 900 families in refugee camps each month. "Because the mothers are unable to eat healthily, they end up being unable to nurse their babies," he said. "They come to us pleading for baby's milk and Pablum, so this turns out to be the greatest of all the requests coming from these refugees." Families devastated by war ask for milk, vitamins and rice just to survive. "We'd like to help every family, but we give priority to those families with babies and children," the director said. "Your help doesn't only provide food for the needy, but the Gospel is being heard through it all. We thank you for your contributions, and we wish you a very blessed Christmas time."

Help meet physical/spiritual needs of Middle East refugees
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