Photo of The Week

Syrian Refugees in flooded camps.

Cold Refuge

Icy rains have hit makeshift refugee camps in southern Turkey, where missionaries native to the country are striving to provide heaters, wood for burning, baby clothes, food boxes, baby formula and other items critical for survival. An indigenous ministry seeks assistance to provide 300 to 400 tents with such aid, along with copies of the Bible. This month the ministry director said three Syrian refugees had put their faith in Christ. "We have been preaching the gospel with this family since last year," he said. "After a long period of work, we are gradually gathering the fruits we have planted. If we had not had your help, we could not have gained the trust of these people. As long as these benefits continue to come, we can spend more time with them and provide them with the necessary materials. We believe that Jesus Christ will provide everything we need for whom those thirsty and looking for salvation."

Help meet physical/spiritual needs of Middle East refugees
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