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Sent to Serve

Indigenous missionaries embark on an evangelistic trip in Vietnam. A ministry based in southern Vietnam sends teams to remote, tribal peoples in the Central Highlands to spread the good news of Christ's salvation in spite of opposition from Communist officials. Indigenous missionaries travel by boat, foot, bicycle or motorcycle among Jarai, Hmong and other ethnic groups to provide spiritual nurture and training to fledgling congregations and their pastors. As the tribal peoples have also migrated to Cambodia and Laos, the ministry has seen many churches flourish there as well. "We need a fund of $1,000 a month to support 20 team members to evangelize many villages in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia, among the Jarai and Hmong ethnic groups," the ministry director said. "One short mission trip in Cambodia got many blessings from God - over 150 new believers. Many of them are from the Stieng ethnic group, previously living in superstition and worshipping their ancestors."

Support for Missionaries reaching tribal groups in Vietnam
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