Photo of The Week

Iraqi children eating at refugee camp in Turkey.

In the Shadow of War

Iraqi children who fled warfare satisfy their hunger at a camp for displaced persons in Erbil, where an indigenous ministry has cared for those who fled Mosul after the Islamic State (ISIS) seized the city in 2014. An alliance of Iraqi-led forces has retaken the eastern half of Mosul, and on Sunday (Feb. 19) it began an assault on the western half, where some 750,000 civilians are trapped. Civilians who have managed to escape Mosul are crowding two camps outside the city, where the indigenous ministry is providing blankets, mattresses, electric heaters, food, medication, diapers, baby formula, clothes, and clean water. "The situation for refugees from Mosul is very bad, and the number of refugees is increasing in a manner beyond the control of the local government," the ministry director said. "Under these difficult circumstances the hand of the Lord is working vigorously for the salvation of souls. We need your help and your prayers very much."

Help meeting the physical/spiritual needs of displaced in Iraq
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