Photo of The Week

Peruvian woman being anointed with oil.

Anointed Assistance

A ministry leader and others pray for a woman in a poor village in northern Peru, where alcoholism and drug abuse often destroy families and few can afford nutritious food. The indigenous ministry provides basic food and clothing items to poorer communities of Peru. "At this village, it is painful to see how farmers suffer due to not having nutritious food," the ministry director said. "In many poorer communities, rampant alcoholism and drug abuse cause the breakdown of families. Our workers know that only the power of Christ can restore what has been broken." In villages where parents can barely provide for their children, recently peasant children were thrilled to receive new shoes and clothes. "Many of their parents are also seeing in a tangible way the love of God, and many have decided to give their lives to Christ," the director said. "They are being discipled at our local congregation."

Help provide clothes and shoes for needy children
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