Photo of The Week

Man handing clothes to refugee woman holding baby.

Clothes for the Cold

A refugee from the atrocities of war in Syria receives clothes to help keep her young son warm at a makeshift camp in southern Turkey. Refugees in Turkey's unofficial camps are in desperate need for nylon tent covers, blankets, clothes, medicines, and mattresses. "If we help them in this situation, their hearts will be opened, and we are sure that salvation will come to them," the director of a ministry based in the area said. Ministry teams are also providing food and clean drinking water to refugees who continue flooding into the camps. "About 160 Syrian refugees have accepted Jesus as their Savior, which is a great success, but we have to work together to increase this number," the director said. "We wish that they were not suffering, but they are, and we want to be able to meet their basic needs. We also want to distribute Arabic Bibles to them as well. So we will continue to confidently tell these oppressed people that Jesus is the only living God who can save us all."

Help meet physical/spiritual needs of Middle East refugees
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