Photo of The Week

Family visiting mobile medical clinic in Iraq.

House Call for the Homeless

Displaced families seek health care from a mobile medical clinic in northern Iraq. Run by an indigenous ministry, the clinic visits villages and areas where displaced Muslims, Yazidis and Christians have taken refuge. Most live in small tents on mountain slopes and in semi-remote areas allocated by local officials, which makes it difficult for them to go to a hospital or clinic. "A large group of them are children, and they are exposed to many diseases due to poor living conditions and lack of nutrition," the director of the indigenous ministry said. "Our team of workers is serving the Lord with no source of support; most of them are also displaced and can't find a job easily. They are delivering the gospel message through their work with patients, and they pray with them and invite them to read the Bible. Please pray for our mobile clinic team."

Provide Mobile Medical Clinic meds for outreaches; Iraq
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