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Older woman listening to MP3 player in Indonesia.

Labor of Love

A pastor in Central Java Province, Indonesia has become self-sustaining through a microenterprise project of raising rabbits. Before obtaining such loans, 125 pastors and other Christians on the island did not have enough income to provide for their families' needs, including their children's schooling, or to sustain their ministries, the director of the ministry that provides them said. "We were able to not only give them loans but also to give them business training, basic Bible teaching, mentoring and encouragment," he said. About 70 percent of those who received loans have repaid them. Some pastors have been able to share the gospel through their businesses. "Please pray with us that their income will increase so they can better support their families and meet daily needs," the director said. "We also hope their profits will increase so they can expand their ministries."

Microenterprise for self-sustaining and outreach; Indonesia
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