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Samburu women praise Christ in Kenya.

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Ethnic Samburu women praise Christ in north-central Kenya. Related to the Maasai people, the Samburu are nomadic cattle herders who for decades were difficult to reach with the gospel but are now about 12 percent evangelical. The indigenous ministry that introduced Christ to these women seeks to establish Christian communities among unreached peoples in the Marsabit area and needs assistance to buy Bibles, tents and motorbikes for traversing the harsh landscape. "Pray for God to restrain all in authority who restrict and oppose the gospel among the unreached and unchurched regions where we are preaching in Kenya," said the director of the ministry, which also runs a children's school, micro-finance projects and leadership and evangelism training. "Pray for the movement of God. We appreciate your faithfulness and prayers in standing with us in every areas of our ministry."

Help meet physical and spiritual needs in Kenya
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