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Cirlce of children in a classroom in Jordan.

Circle of Love

Refugee children from Iraq and Syria learn English at an indigenous ministry school in Jordan. Many of the children are traumatized from displacement and/or war atrocities. One 4-year-old boy who has been attending pre-school was unable to sit still or concentrate, the ministry director said. "He would not listen to the teacher or obey her. He had a negative effect on the whole class," he said. "He has benefitted greatly from just a couple weeks of having a student aide/teacher's assistant. Getting individual attention and clear boundaries has calmed him down. He does not run around the classroom anymore and is able to sit still. He is able to focus on class work and is proud of his accomplishments." The ministry seeks assistance to pay $1,500 per month to each of eight teacher assistants/student aides.

Reach Iraqi refugee children through education
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