Photo of The Week

Native missionary talking to school children in Kenya.

Life Lessons

Students at a school in Kenya are attentive to an indigenous missionary who teaches values and ways of overcoming disappointment from a Christian viewpoint." Broken hearts and crushed self-esteem needs were brought before the King of Kings for intervention," the ministry director said." One girl said, 'I have been struggling with many chains that have been holding me down, such as peer pressure and immorality. Today all those chains have been broken, and I feel free.'" At a church his team members planted, he and others recently trained three children's ministry workers who in turn helped 23 others move closer to Christian service." I am requesting special prayers for the workers, especially the full-time staff, whom I have an obligation under God to support," he said." The staff's salaries are always a challenge, so please pray with us. Thanks for the prayers." Your gift will help team members heal and strengthen Kenyans in Christ.

Support for Missionaries & their families in Kenya
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