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Raising the Roof

People once beholden to Islam and/or tribal animism in Sierra Leone now praise the power of God in Christ thanks to the efforts of indigenous missionaries with Trinity Gospel Ministries. TGM director Mitford Macauley said several Sierra Leone chiefdoms remain without a single Christian. "The work is expanding with the passionate drive we have caught for church-planting in the rural regions of Sierra Leone, which is so necessary, as most of those areas have been left to the mercy of Islam," he said. "Sierra Leone is over 75 percent Islamic." Impoverished team members are searching for income-generating projects to become more self-sufficient, but meantime the ministry seeks assistance to send church planters. "We have always thanked God for connecting us to support from friends through people like you at Christian Aid Mission, otherwise it would have been very difficult to have come this far," Macauley said. Will you consider a contribution to bring salvation to Sierra Leone's unreached people?

Church Buildings in Sierra Leone
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