Photo of The Week

Group of ethnic children posing for a picture in Myanmar.

Class Act

Ethnic children in a remote area of Burma (Myanmar) do their best to pose for a "class picture" to give Christian Aid Mission donors a glimpse of their reality. At one of seven nursery schools for children under 6 years old run by a native ministry, the kids receive instruction in English, the Bible and standard school subjects. "Nowadays Buddhists are very open to education – many come because Christian schools very good," the ministry director said. "I thought some Buddhists would mind because we do Bible verses and Christian songs, but they thought every religion was good for life, so they're not afraid to come to a Christian school." The ministry needs $300 a month to run one nursery school; please consider a gift to help bring abundant life in Christ to children, who often open the way for sharing Christ with their parents.

Assist Nursery and English Schools in Evangelism; Burma
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SC: 65:095