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Syrian refugee children.

Sticking Together

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon may have lost everything, but they have each other. Some refugees are returning to their homes as Islamic State (ISIS) militants have lost the major cities they'd seized, but an indigenous ministry in Lebanon reports Syrian refugees continue to stream in. One refugee, Abdel, fled to Lebanon after learning that ISIS had pillaged his home and slaughtered villagers. A devout Muslim, he sought help from an indigenous missionary's church. "With every worship song and word that was spoken, Abdel could feel a mountain being lifted off his shoulders and a peace that surpassed all understanding," the ministry director said. "Abdel established a growing and flourishing relationship with Jesus, and his family started coming to church regularly." Hundreds of refugees are coming to Christ each year in Lebanon; pray for their growth and safety, and please consider a gift to help the indigenous missionaries who are reaching out to them.

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