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Burned out home in Iraq.

Home Fires

A family returned to their village in Iraq and found what remained of their home after coalition forces drove out Islamic State militants. An indigenous ministry team visited the village several times, and the predominantly Shiite Muslim community began to feel their love and concern. "Jesus was presented here, and we told them that this is what makes us care about you," the ministry leader said. The mayor of the village welcomed them and Jesus, he said. "He asked us to come for weekly meetings to talk about Christ in his home, and he invited all the people of the village to also come," the ministry leader said. "In a matter of days, all the people of the village were given Bibles, both children and adults, and everyone came to hear the message of Christ. Many of them asked the Lord to come into their hearts and save them." Please consider a gift to help Iraqi Christian workers bring the Word of God to their people.

Arabic & Kurdish Bibles, NTs, Chidren's Bibles; Iraq
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SC: 65:146