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Guatemalan children eating.

Joyful Giving

Food servers for an indigenous ministry in Guatemala know the joy of giving. To provide food to more than 100 children three times a week and teach them the Bible is to guard them from the poverty that leads many to join gangs; gang members routinely tell young recruits that their families will receive financial support if they leave school and join up. By helping children, the ministry can reach entire families, the ministry director said. A boy who came to the ministry at age 8 because his stepfather was mistreating him later received Christ, and last year the now-15-year-old boy's mother and stepfather placed their faith in Jesus. "Recently they were baptized and, after close Bible discipleship, the Lord has restored Emmanuel's family and relationships," the director said. "Now they live in harmony as a new family in Christ. Emmanuel's stepfather and mother are helping at our ministry as volunteers, and Emmanuel is involved with an evangelistic team sharing the gospel on the streets and door to door." Please consider helping indigenous Christian workers in Guatemala to bring the gospel that transforms families and communities.

Help missionaries reach at-risk children in Guatemala
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SC: 65:151