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Fleeing War, Battling to Survive

More Syrian refugees in Turkey are taking refuge in deserted buildings as Turkish officials try to do away with tent camps, which is unsafe, and as the weather turns cold they are facing grave health risks. "Every day I get dozens of calls, especially from mothers pleading for baby food and diapers," the director of an indigenous ministry said. "Please pray with us that we will find places for homeless people and that nothing bad will happen to them." He knows of 56 families who are homeless and worried about the safety of their children. The ministry seeks assistance to provide food packs, diapers, baby clothes, blankets and bedclothes, as well as clean water and bathroom supplies. "It is very likely that many will face serious illness and death in the coming months, so we are anxious to move as quickly as we can," he said. Please consider enabling indigenous Christian workers to help desperate refugees.

Meet physical and spiritual needs of refugee children
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