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Mexican woman being baptized.

Declaration of Dependence

A tribal woman in western Mexico awaits baptism after turning from the legends of her ancestors and putting her trust in Jesus Christ as Lord of her life. A ministry based in Oaxaca state trains and sends evangelists to remote, unreached people in four western states, bringing people from the Mixteco, Triqui, Tlapaneco and Huichol ethnic groups to Christ through several kinds of outreach, from children's programs to dental services to earthquake relief. "The indigenous missionaries either know or learn the tribal languages in order to build relationships and share the gospel in villagers' mother tongue," the ministry director said. "They then translate portions of Scripture from Spanish to the tribal language. We continue with our work to establish the kingdom of God among the unreached ethnic groups of Mexico." Please consider giving to help bring eternal life to remote peoples who might otherwise be forgotten.

Support church-planting in Mexico
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SC: 65:188