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Iraqi refugees in a church in Turkey.

Every Tribe and Tongue

A congregation of primarily Iraqi refugees worships in coastal Turkey. The indigenous ministry leader who pastors the congregation's mother church reports that in the past three years many Turks and refugees have been saved from sin, death and eternal condemnation. In a country where being Turkish is equated with being Muslim, he has won the trust of local officials who tell him, "You're one of us," though he is a Christian. His church is also gaining the trust of refugees by providing clothes, medicines and firewood to all, regardless of whether they become Christians. "Maybe their children will remember the love they received from the church and come to Christ and live for Him in the future," he said. His church building is now overflowing, and another church has been planted in a nearby city. He thanked Christian Aid Mission donors, saying, "We are very grateful to you for your gifts and support, and also your prayers, so that we can continue this ministry." Please consider a gift to help the ministry bring healing and light to Turks and refugees.

Support evangelism of refugees in Turkey
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