Photo of The Week

Turkish missionary discipling a young man.

Spiritual Formation

A young man in Turkey who recently put his faith in Christ is eager to learn about the Lord. An indigenous ministry is seeing Turks come to Christ in the overwhelmingly Muslim country through personal sharing, its Internet and radio programs – and dreams. "In the old days, Jesus travelled through villages, lakes and deserts to accomplish His mission, but now He sometimes does so by entering the dreams of people and drawing them to Himself," the ministry director said. The young man who recently came to Christ said he searched for years for peace in his soul. "He attended our church secretly many times," the director said. "When he opened up to me, he said, 'The thing that influenced me most was that the faces I was seeing were smiling and happy.' I told him that there are many in our church who are elderly, poor and sick but are still happy, as their hope is based on the providence of God and not on themselves." Please consider a gift today that will help native Turks bring Christ to their people.

Weekly radio preaching outreach
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