Photo of The Week Archive

Children praying in the Philippines. Witnessing at a soccor stadium in Egypt. Children in Ceuta, Morocco. Syrian refugee children in Turkey.
Conference Call Goals and Assists Big Message, Little Ears Faces of Homelessness
Iraqi boy in tent. Native missionary talking to school children in Kenya. Syrian boys leaning on each other. Young people rock out at a youth conference in Ukraine.
Uncertain Future Life Lessons Lean on Me Rock of Ages
A doctor attends a small child from a displaced family in Iraq at a mobile medical clinic. Cirlce of children in a classroom in Jordan. Elderly Syrian refugee man laying on a mat. A choir of ethnic Hmong in Vietnam's Central Highlands performing.
Everything on the Table Circle of Love Surviving the Last Days Hmong Song
People celebrating new well in Niger. Peruvian woman and child cleaning up flood damaged house. Syrian refugees unloading supplies. Young people study the Bible at a church in China.
Well with Their Souls After the Storm Sweet Relief Church Family
Samburu women praise Christ in Kenya. Older woman listening to MP3 player in Indonesia. Syrian refugee setting up a tent. Vietnamese lepers.
Creator and Creation Labor of Love Operation Restore Sight Remedy and Redemption
Ashaninka children at a jungle village in Peru. Refugee woman washing clothes at a camp in Turkey. Drawing by refugee girl. Family visiting mobile medical clinic in Iraq.
Light of Life Housework without House Drawing Life House Call for the Homeless
Man handing clothes to refugee woman holding baby. Native missionary on a motorcycle in the Philippines. Peruvian woman being anointed with oil. People standing against the horizon in Myanmar.
Clothes for the Cold Gospel Vehicle Anointed Assistance Unreached and Waiting
Iraqi children eating at refugee camp in Turkey. Children in the northeast of Nigeria listen to an audio Bible. Indigenous missionaries embark on an evangelistic trip in Vietnam. Syrian Refugees in flooded camps.
In the Shadow of War Mesmerizing Bible Sent to Serve Cold Refuge
Burmese children enjoying a meal. Partially destroyed area in Iraq.   Filipino boy eating.  Syrian Refugees lined up to receive supplies.
Eat, Pray, Love Islamic State Devastation Fun Food Water Works
Refugee mother feeding her children. Native missionaries boarding a boat in Burma. Ashaninka children. Filipino community hearing a gospel message.
Survival Rations Embarking on a Mission Hunger Games Light in the Darkness
 .  Indian missionary sharing the Gospel. Kenyan children holding mosquito nets.  .
Christmas in Iraq Ears to Hear Growing Hope Battle Ready
Syrian refugees living in Greek camp. Indian person engaging in conversations with evangelists distributing literature.  An elderly woman holds her granddaughter at a camp for displaced people near Erbil. Bali Baby.
The 'Fortunate' Ones Bearing Good News Grandmother Love Bali Baby
Syrian refugee women and children standing in line. Indian girl eating meal off of leaf. Civilians trapped in areas of Aleppo, Syria cut off from aid supplies. Worship meeting in India
Waiting for Life Feast on a Leaf Street Survival Youth in the Spirit
a refugee mother and child Indian teenagers recieving Bibles. Syrian refugees resting. Indian villagers praying.
Lost Generations Good News Rest Home Conquering Cancer
Syrian Refugee elder with children. Children displaced by war in Syria. Destroyed section of Aleppo, Syria. Vietnamese leper.
Hard-Bitten New Neighbors in Need Wrecked Country New Life with Leprosy
 Christians in northern Kenya sing and dance under the trees. Man carrying supplies besides a Turkish field.  . Middle Eastern Children carrying water bottles.
Dance of the Lord Grit for Survival Feet Shod with the Gospel Water of Love
Asian children with dyed hands. Elderly refugee woman with children. A displaced Iraqi Christian and his son celebrate life after a worship service at a center in Erbil, Iraq. Displaced Iraqis pray during a worship service at a refugee center in Erbil, Iraq.
Caught Red-Handed Little Person, Big Challenge Refuge from a Nightmare Hope and a Prayer
Row of devastated buildings along a street in Nepal. Samburu tribal people listen to Christ being taught in north-central Kenya. Native missionary girl talking to children in Burma. Filipino Missionary baptizing new believer.
Gone but Not Forgotten Hearing the Word Jungle Books Rebirth Canal
Indian youth worshipping outdoors. Pakistani children. A Syrian mother and child face an uncertain future at a makeshift refugee camp outside Adana, Turkey. Native missionaries docking their bike-bearing canoe along the riverbank in Colombia.
Building the Kingdom Triumph over Poverty Pressing On Balancing Act
Church building being dedicated at a worship service in Jharkhand state, India. A refugee in Turkey lugs life-saving firewood to her tent. Native missionaries giving girl a meal in Zimbabwe. A member of an indigenous ministry in Lebanon prays for a Syrian refugees mother.
Church Dedication Bearing Up Outreached Hands Home Visit to the Homeless
Peruvian girls holding Christmas gifts. Christians make use of an unfinished building in Sri Lanka. A refugee from Syria soothes a baby at an unofficial tent camp in southern Turkey. Native believer sitting in rubble caused by an earthquake in Nepal.
Bright Display Kingdom Building Warmth for Winter Searching for Hope
Native believers in a house church in Burma. Syrian boys enjoying a meal. Two girls study the Bible in the Philippines. Refugee woman and child.
Hearing and Believing Cheerful Chewing Precious Word Longing for Home
A ministry worker helps clear away undergrowth for a church building under construction on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Native Indian missionaries traveling along rural road. Syrian refugees stuck in Turkey. Man in front of partially damaged house.
Preparing the Way Shod with the Gospel Huddled Masses Deep Freeze
Refugee woman examining relief aid. Village in Nepal damaged by earthquake. Iraqi boy holding baby. Moroccan woman and child.
Sweet Relief Recovering from Loss Family Ties Dissolving Gospel Barriers
Surprised by Joy. Syrian refugee family living in Turkey. Syrian refugee family living in Jordan. Laotian christians pray for victory over forces of darkness in Laos.
Surprised by Joy Lamentations Out from the Shadows Prayer Cover
Residents evaluate dangers in the aftermath of a bombing in Aleppo, Syria. Syrian Refugee child living in squalid conditions. Nigerian man who has been attacked by Boko Haram. Syrian children touched by war.
Dark Days 'Home' Away from Home Defeating Death Finding Comfort
Natives of Burma in boat in the middle of floodwaters. Ukrainian family listening to radio program. Iraq family holding aid supplies. Mother and children awaiting relief in Nepali village.
Waters of Death and Life Meeting Christ in the Air Waves Housing Relief Seeking Cover
Syrian refugee baptized in Greece. Syrian girl and toddler. Vietnamese leper. Nigerian women engaged in bible study.
Sea Change A Sorely Needed Lift Healing Help Food for the Spiritually Hungry
Syrian Children in Refugee camp. Cuban children enjoying a meal provided by a local ministry. Refugee boy playing in Lebanon Trench Warfare in the Philippines
Ignorant Bliss Defeating Hunger Play Outside Trench Warfare
Native children in Burma. Native Turkish pastor baptising an Iranian refugee. Native Nepalese woman. Members of a church outside Kathmandu, Nepal, offer up praise near the debris of their church building following the April 25 earthquake.
Growth Opportunity Turkish Path Standing and Delivering Though the Mountains Shake
Survivors of the Nepal earthquake living in tent. North Korean immigrant praying. Syrian refugee child looking forlorn. Syrian refugee children enjoying themselves at outreach event.
Shaken Survivors Intercessory Tears Facing Turmoil Recovering Lost Childhood
Native Korean standing across barb-wired river crossing. Syrian refugees contemplate their future after fleeing to Greece. Native children worshipping in a church in Burma. Laotian monks.
Crossing into the Unknown Waiting for Life Where Church Growth Starts Protected Priestly Class
Syrian girl and baby living in run-down apartment in Beirut. Indonesian orphan eating nutritious meal. Indian children holding candles at Christmas time. Syrian children in refugee camps.
Corner Refuge Healthy Glow Light for the World Darkness Turning to Light
Syrian refugee mother and child holding relief supplies. Ethnic Hmong children Nigeriennes worshipping Refugee baby bundled up against the cold
Care Amid Catastrophe Colorful Kids Praise Prevails in Niger Bundled Up
Native Indian believers being baptised. Pakistani woman. Syrian refugees in Turkey sitting around a fire. Chinese children playing ping-pong.
Conversion Aversion in India The Face of Faith Fire and Ice Preparing to Serve in China
Women in Middle East listening to MP3 player. Ghanan women sewing Ethnic Rendille woman leads other women in musical celebration Native believers treating patients in Liberia
The Crux of Communicating the Cross More than a Sewing Party Songbirds Taking Flight Native woman believer sewing in Iraq
Native believers treating patients in Liberia Togo children praying
Holy, Holistic Health in Liberia Child Prayer Warriors in Togo Shelter from the Storm Sea of Harvest
   Chinese believers worshipping
Fun Haven In His Steps in Peru Road to Recovery in Nepal Helping to Feed the Poor
Chinese believers worshipping Argentinan youth at a retreat Native believer being baptised in Southeast Asia Native believers worshipping outdoors in Kenya.
Devoted to the Kingdom in China Spiritual Retreat for Teenagers The Rewards Outweigh the Hazzards Worship in Kenya Village Church
Native Church in Sri Lanka. Missionary praying with man in Argentina. Missionaries bringing basic medical care to elderly villagers in the Philippines. Villagers rejoicing with missionaries in Zimbabwe.
Worship Hall in Sri Lanka Prayer for Spiritual and Physical Healing Medical Mission Work in the Philippines Clothed with Compassion
Native Indians worshipping. Peruvian girls in traditional garb. Young native believers studying the Bible in Vietnam. Native believers worshipping in a church planted by a Christian Aid assisted ministry.
Spiritual Rebirth in India Children´s Outreach in Uyurpampa Preparation for Kingdom Work Joy in the Lord
Native Indian believer working with the mentally handicapped Native Colombian missionaries on horses Native missionaries starting a plant nursery Native missionary family in Chad
Eager to Learn A Good Traveling Companion Planting Churches and Crops Called to Serve in Chad
Native Chinese believers examine elderly woman Indian missionaries crossing a river Gathering of North Africa Children Central Asia missionary washing a man's feet
Bringing New Life and Hope to Inner Mongolia Crossing the Brahmaputra Celebrating Easter in North Africa Servant of All
Prison Outreach in Ecuador banquet Native women enjoying new well in Myanmar
Setting Prisoners Free from the Chains of Sin “A Better Platform to Preach the Gospel” A Walk through the Bible Sharing Christ´s Love in the Slums of Mumbai
A Golden Era for Christianity Nourishing Bodies and Souls Delivering Clean Laundry and the Gospel Spiritual Breakthrough in Burundi
Chinese students at mealtime Orissan youth picking rice Mapuche family Syrian refugees worshipping in a Greek church
Training Young Missionaries Preparing for a future harvest Bringing God´s Good News to the Mapuche Building Bridges
Native Philippine missionary baptizing youth Native Kenyan missionaries working with Samburu Native Chinese students praying Native Indian missionaries walking
Making Disciples Providing Medical Aid to the Samburu Young Scholars for Christ Reaching the Lost in Rajasthan
Argentina children Gaza residents with solar panel Albanians displaying their cow Africans farming
A Holiday Just for Kids Shining Light in the Darkness Cattle on a Thousand Hills The Power of the Written Word
Africans farming China Children Pakistan youth worshipping Peruvian woman sharing the Gospel
Planting Seeds of Hope in Africa Hope for the Forgotten Ones Reaching Youth for Christ in Pakistan Sharing the good news in Ayacucho
Syrian refugees in Jordainian churches Native Cambodian children eating Native Tanzanian missionary baptizing woman Native Tanzanian missionary baptizing woman
Finding Joy in Jesus A Father to the Fatherless To the Ends of the Earth Raised With Christ
Native Maio believers in China Native Indian women sewing  Native Brazilian Children  Laotian believers
Missions-Minded in China Knit Together to Serve Gathering of the Caiua Keeping the Faith
    Native missionary youths engaging in prayerful singing Native missionaries engaging in early morning prayer
Field Trip Taking the gospel to the Tem Sharing the Joy of the Lord in Song A Life of Prayer
Paraguay missionaries digging a hole Indians viewing evangelism film Native Bible school in Haiti Native missionary talking to Burmese refugee in tent in Thailand
Meeting Practical Needs On the Big Screen Grounded in God´s Word Assisting Burma Refugees in Thailand
Native missionaries Baptising Imam's wife in Turkey Native missionaries tranversing a lake in Africa Native believers worshipping in Kazakhstan Native believers celebrating Palm Sunday
Baptized into Newness of Life Traveling in Liberia Worshipers in Kazakhstan Giving Hope to Orphans in Gujarat
The Higaonon Open Air Worship Service in Bolivia Vietnamese Church Planters Tuareg Tribesmen
The Higaonon Quechua Evangelism in Bolivia Church Planters in Vietnam The Tuareg
Kamberi Children Truck on Ferry Rural Mosque in a Closed Muslim Country Bangladeshi mobile meidcal clinic
The Kamberi People of Nigeria All Aboard Rural Mosque in a Closed Country Mobile Medical Clinic
Bedouin man and camel Cabin situated in remote part of Russia Children living in poor Nigerien village being reached by native missionaries Orphan Kachin Children
Bedouin Man with Camel Harsh Conditions in Russia Village in Niger Kachin Orphans
Farmland in remote Nepal Native missionary Freddie Sun Native Kyrgyz standing in front of yurt Native missionary handing out literature to a group of refugee children from Syria
Nepal Farmland Freddie Sun in Kazakh Dress Yurt in Kyrgyzstan Group of Syrian Children