Prayerline For Kids

Thank you so much for all that you do, your ministry has been such a blessing to our family in growing awareness of worldwide missions and needs and being able to assist!

— Amy D., IN

My early elementary Sunday School class had the privilege of receiving Prayerline for Kids as a gift from Janet Hardy (donor). In the “Change for Making a Change” program, the children, on their own, all five children have collected $10 in pennies and chosen to support the Thanksgiving Dinner in Peru! God bless you.

— Sandy L., VT

God bless everyone involved in Christian Aid.

— Sheila B., CA

Praise God that He is opening hearts and preparing us for the return of His Son Jesus our Lord.

— Matt and Teri G., IA

Thanks for all you do.

— Joyce M., UT

I love the daily calendar of needs [Prayerline] that Christian Aid encloses. In this world of sadness and troubles I see God is at work in these examples of different countries and it lifts my spirits. How I wish I had funds to send to each one! I do pray for them and thank God for such willing soldiers of the gospel!

— Illinois

I so appreciate all that you do to spread the gospel message. I pray daily for your ministry and praise God that you are being used by Him.

— Joy F., FL

God bless you all abundantly. He is Risen. May His Word continue to break through the darkness. You are doing a tremendous work.

— Dennis and Linda N., PA

God bless you all. May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ keep you all safe, healthy, and wise.

–Joe and Barbara D., Titusville, FL

I give to many things, Christian Aid is at top of my list because it is the most frugal, most fruitful, and most genuine gospel preaching ministry I know. I think the money I invest with Christian Aid is the best money I give. When I give to CAM I feel like I am giving to God’s work. Thanks for being faithful in building God’s kingdom.

–Berneta R., East Greenbush, NY

Christian Aid you are doing God’s wonderful will. Thank you.

—William H. B., MD

You are helping us to do exactly what Jesus commanded. Thank you!

— Lois H., OK

Again, our THANKS for all you are doing around the world. Much appreciation and love.

— Greg and Terri B., WV

Christian Aid Mission is doing a wonderful ministry and each of you are such a fantastic part in the process. God Bless you richly, each of you.

— Alice L G.S., IA


— Denver H., WV

Your magazine and letters are inspiring! Keep looking to the Lord to be able to give and He has kept the flow steady.

— Peggy, CO

May you all be encouraged and have His continued blessings, we pray.

— Jim and Judy K., TN

The Prayerline you send every month is well written and a great help in praying for believers around the world.

— Coy & Nancy F., WA

I am so thankful that I can be a part of your ministry reaching those in remote places.

— Cleo G., SC

Thank you for all you’re doing! I pray each day for those on the calendar keeping all of them for the year.

— Doris K., OR

Dear Christian Aid Mission, Thank you for the work you are doing locating, indentifying, and verifying ministries to financially support. I pray every day for the ministries you highlight for prayer and financial support. Your "Prayerline" publication is a great tool that enables me to see some of the ways God is at work in the lives of His faithful Saints. Keep up the good work in Christ! Sincerely,

— Douglas W., FL

Thank you for the Prayerline. It is very helpful, not only in helping us to pray specifically, but also in helping financially.

— Pastor Joana C.G., Barbados

Thank you for all you do to help bring salvation to lost souls in a fallen world through the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. You are showing the light and hope of our Heavenly Father to a dark and lost world. Our Lord bless you and your staff for the wonderful work you do every day to help others who are in great need physically, emotionally and spiritually.

— Bruce D., NY

I am glad to receive the prayline (on line) I misplaced my April brochure and now can catch up. I prefer this over snail mail! Thank you for your vision and faithfulness. God is answering our prayers for the "least of these.”

— Priscilla H.; SD

Wish we could give more- we are in our 70’s and struggling! God bless your work. Will give more as we can!

— Thomas and Eunice P., OH

God bless everyone involved in Christian Aid.

— Sheila B., CA

This ministry is so very dear to our hearts. We pray that Jesus will continue to bless you. We love you. Come again Lord Jesus!

— Mary Anne & Bruce C., ME

I turned 100 years old on March 13! God bless you all!

—Phyllis T., NM

Answers To Your Prayers

March 2015

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Doors Open Again
PAKISTAN, South Asia—Some news stories seem too strange to be true, but this one is true. The Pakistani security agencies forced all schools in their land to shut down due to a terrorist attack on one school. Each school had to upgrade security to get approval to reopen. A Christian school needed costly safety equipment installed in order to reopen. Because of your gifts the school was able to make the needed changes to reopen. Prayer is still needed. Christians face persecution in this part of the world.

Kindness Not Forgotten
MOROCCO, North Africa— What new skills are you learning? A Christian lady offered to teach Abida, a young Moroccan girl, the important skill of sewing. Abida never forgot her kindness and the gospel message she shared. Years later this memory led Abida to study Christian teaching. She became convinced that the gospel was true. Thanks for caring and praying. Christian Aid received nine generous gifts to help Moroccan mission workers spread the gospel.

Missionaries Cheered on to Serve Jesus
INDONESIA, South Pacific—Have you memorized the names of all 50 states and capitals? Imagine learning the names of hundreds of Indonesian islands. This large number of islands creates a huge challenge for Christians trying to spread the gospel. Training centers located on the three largest islands—Borneo, Sumatra and Java, prepare eager believers to be missionaries. Generous gifts sent in last spring will financially assist 17 students studying at the missionary training centers. They wish to thank you for cheering them on in their vision to lead Indonesian people to Jesus.

A Flood of Bibles
PERU, South America—For centuries the Quechua (ke-chə-wə) tribal people high in the Andes Mountains have repeated tales about “Mother Earth.” Many still believe Mother Earth worship will bring good crops. Also, Quechua villagers have mixed in Christian concepts with their tribal beliefs. Missionaries working with the Churches of Ayacucho must convey the true gospel clearly. Gifts flooded into Christian Aid Mission to provide these missionaries with 672 Quechua-language Bibles to freely distribute to those who receive Christ.

War Refugees Experience the Care of God
GREECE, Europe—Smugglers sneak contraband (goods) illegally in or out of many places. Often the goods smuggled are really people. Uncaring smugglers charge big money to sneak Syrian war refugees into Greece. Refugees are promised good care once they get there. It’s all a hoax (big lie). The poor people are left stranded with no food or house. A Greek ministry shows care and helps them find housing, provides free meals, and points them to Jesus. Praise the Lord for the 59 kind gifts received. This amounts to 1,722 free meals for hungry refugees. The war refugees experience the care of God and many trust Christ.

Clinging to False Hope
TIBET (Part of China), Asia—The Tibetan Mountain air is called thin for it lacks normal levels of oxygen. People new to the area find it hard to breathe. Outsiders are also thin in their understanding of the Tibetan culture, making it hard for them to explain the gospel. However, even Tibetan Christians face persecution. Tibetan Buddhists smile when given gifts, but fight to keep their many gods. Pray for Tibetans to open their hearts to Jesus and to stop clinging to false hope. Prayerline friends blessed missionaries with 15 gifts for financial support of their needed ministry.

Off on Bumpy Back Roads
MALI, Africa—Keita went off for Bible school training. As he studied, he realized that he wasn’t even a real Christian. Keita was regenerated into new life in Christ and took water baptism. Then he continued his Bible studies. Later four of his family members were also saved and baptized. Now Keita is ready to travel out on Mali’s bumpy “back roads” to preach the gospel. Keita and his mission associates are so thankful for the 20 gifts sent in to fund their gospel ministry.

February 2015

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An Entire Village Applauds
NIGER (Pronounced Nahy-Jer), Africa—Aissa, a Christian girl, had one of her feet amputated, causing her to hobble the 14 km (8.7 miles) walk to school. An indigenous pastor saw her hobbling along the road and stopped to investigate. His ministry still had one bicycle not yet in use. He wondered if Aissa could ride a bicycle. Sure enough, she could. He gave her the bicycle. His gift made her entire village applaud the missionary’s kindness. When our Prayerline partners read this story they prayed for other villagers to trust Jesus like Aissa. But they did more than pray. They also sent in a big offering to buy additional bicycles needed for gospel work.

Read, Understand, and Trust
TURKMENISTAN, Central Asia — Turkmen are known for showing kind hospitality to guest and honor to elders. Their beautiful red-dyed wool carpets are also famous. The workers must have very skilled hands. If red dye is spilt accidently on the wook, it will create an ugly stain that will not come out. Like any culture, not all is good in Turkmenistan. Most people in Turkmenistan reject Jesus and Christian face persecute. We call this dyed-in-the-wool thinking, meaning it is hard to change people’s minds, like trying to clean a red dye stain set in wool. But with God nothing is impossible. Gifts were sent to buy 1,164 New Testaments to give to people in Turkmenistan. Pray that many will read, understand, and trust Jesus.

A Good Start
SRI LANKA, South Asia—While sipping a cup of tea, most Americans don’t give a thought to the hard work of agricultural laborers on the tea plantations in places like Sri Lanka. These men and women labor long under the hot sun and make less than one dollar per day. But faithful missionaries have invested years in caring for these poor people to bring them to Christ. In February we reported that a devastating fire spread through a village, destroying the homes of 20 Christian tea laborers. Gifts sent in February were a good start to help rebuild. Funds are still being collected to help rebuild all the homes lost in the fire.

Encouraged Hearts
VIETNAM, Southeast Asia—The Vietnamese Communist government sent American missionaries packing for home 42 years ago when they took over. However, this action allowed Vietnamese Christians to lead their own ministry work which God knew would be for the best. Even today the Communist officials still withhold government food distributions from tribal Christians. But today the hearts of these poor Christians are encouraged by your kindness. When Christian Aid’s donors heard of this unfairness, they sent in enough money needed to buy 22 kg (44 lbs.) of rice for each of the 681 poor tribal Christian families. This is the way the family of God cares for each other.

Jesus Fixes Messed-up Lives
BOLIVIA, South America—Did you ever get yourself in a mess when you disobeyed? Sin messes up friendships, families, and even our health. A Bolivian man’s sinful choices messed up his marriage. A Christian mission worker saw is sadness and shared the gospel with him. The man repented and started to live for Jesus. When his wife saw the good changes in her husband, she also believed. Your prayers and kind gifts help native mission workers spread the good news of Jesus who fixes messed-up lives.

Her Father in Heaven
BURUNDI, Africa—Jamuna never heard the good news of God being a father in her Muslim faith. When Jamuna learned that the Christian God was like a loving father, she chose Jesus. Jamuan shared the good news about her Father in heaven. Over 20 friends decided to trust Jesus too. Family members were not happy. Jamuna and 14 others were promptly kicked out by their families. The missionaries stepped in, providing these young people with safe housing. They alos helped with food and money for school books and fees. Prayerline partners provide a year’s rent money for this new home. Pray for protection for these young people and that their family members will have a change of heart.

A Powerful Medicine
SYRIA, Middle East—The T.V. reporters often speak of "gun violence." Mean people shooting guns cause the real problems. In the midst of the long ugly war in Syria, Christians put their lives in danger to help people escaping violence. These Christians are our brothers and sister in Christ. Praise the Lord! We are happy to report that 32 supporters sent in gifts to carry on this kind work of the Lord in the face of this ugly war. Christian kindness shows God’s love which is a powerful medicine to heal the pain of violence.

January 2015

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Jumping for Joy
HAITI, Caribbean SeaHaitian kids who can’t afford school fees often get into trouble by joining bad street gangs. Benjamin Pierre and his wife started 11 Christian schools and 12 churches to give these kids hope. Sadly, many parents are not able pay the yearly $5 per child school fee. Benjamin works odd jobs to help cover the school costs. Great news: 107 Prayerline partners sent in gifts for our New Years’ offering. That means 1,695 Haitian children are jumping for joy that they can now attend school.

A Love of Porridge
ARGENTINA, South America—Rain provides the needed water to grow crops, yet too much water at once can create floods that destroy homes and crops. After a recent flood in Lujan, native missionaries wanted to provide food packages for 30 affected families. Praise the Lord that the funds will help all 30 families for two months, as they recover from the flood. Each gift package contained: bread, powdered milk, cooking oil, pasta, rice, and cornmeal to make polenta. Polenta is a boiled, savory porridge loved by the kids. Pray! May many who are helped place their faith in Jesus.

Do the Math?
LEBANON, Middle East—What would happen if 508 more students moved into your school? Syrians whose homes were under attack flooded into neighboring Lebanon. A crowd camped around a Christian school built for 120 poor Bedouin students. Filled with God’s love, teachers took in 508 more students. Sounds impossible! They now take shifts. Bedouins kids have morning classes, while refugees are taught in the afternoon. Prayerline friends’ hearts were touched to send in funds to help these loving Christian teachers who couldn’t turn their backs on these hurting kids.

A Known Poison in the Water
INDIA, South Asia—Doctors advise us to drink water for our health. But in India many water wells are contaminated with heavy minerals and arsenic, a known poison. Mission workers with Nicodemus Ministries travel village-to-village selling water filtration systems, a low-cost means of safe water. The profit from sales is used for ministry work, plus they pray for the villagers and share the good news of Jesus. Missionaries are thankful for the 16 kind gifts that were sent to address this big problem. Pray that both the filters and the gospel will save lives.

Not Jumping for Joy Yet
SIERRA LEONE, West Africa—Being sick is no fun, and worse if you are contagious, spreading the disease to others. Sierra Leone faced a serious outbreak of Ebola. Infected people were quarantined; kept away from healthy people. They were not even allowed to go out to their farms or do food shopping. Missionaries were able to prepare gifts of food for 82 families in need because you prayed and gave. Pray! While there are good signs for the soon end to this deadly Ebola outbreak, no one is jumping for joy yet. The medical crisis will not be officially over until there have been no new cases for 42 days (that’s twice the incubation time of the virus).

Small Size and Low Cost
SYRIA, Middle East—Old fashioned vinyl record albums have been replaced by CDs, short for compact discs. The word compact means small and the word disc means a thin circular shape. Syrian believers working with Jesus for Kids ministry distribute Bible stories on CDs to kids. They find that the small size and low cost make it a great choice. Even adults facing the dangers of war often make the choice to find moments of peace to listen. And praise the Lord, the CDs often get passed around to share with other families. With the funds sent, the ministry team will be able to purchase 8,706 Bible story CDs to give away. Pray for Syrians to trust Jesus as they listen.

Amazon Living, Not Amazon Shopping
BRAZIL, South America—Say the word Amazon and Americans think of the online shopping at But the Kaiwá tribal people tucked in the rainforest along the Amazon River in Brazil would not shop at Most live far from even a local store, doctor’s office, or a school. Caiua Evangelical Mission runs a medical facility where people from the jungles can come and receive needed medical care. Seven gifts were sent in to help the Christians continue this caring ministry. Please continue to pray for needed support for this great ministry.

December 2014

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Big Smiles All Around
PALESTINE, Middle East—A smile says, “Let’s be friends.” Christians following the loving example of Jesus started a kindergarten in Palestine to provide a good education for poor kids and to encourage friendships between Muslim and Christian kids. Sadly, some people oppose the school. Pray that the kindness of the teachers will soften people’s hearts to accept the school and to be more open to God’s gift of Jesus. The 19 gifts sent in for the school will help 38 poor kids in Palestine receive early learning at the Christian kindergarten. There will be big smiles all around.

Fat Laying Hens
INDIA, South Asia— The chicken is a wonderful gift from the Lord. Just think of all the ways we use eggs in tasty dishes and delicious baked goods we enjoy. From eggs people not only generate lots of good food, but missionaries in India want to start an egg business to generate cash funds to pay for mission work. Prayerline friends sent in money to purchase many baby chicks that will grow into fat laying hens. Thank you for your prayers.

Christmas Parties Add Cheer
PHILIPPINES, Western Pacific—November 8, 2013 is a day Filipinos remember. Typhoon Haiyan’s dangerous winds and rain left scary memories. It’s the job of the weather bureau to warn people in the path of the storm. It’s the job of missionaries to help the storm victims, but they also warn people about the dangerous path of sin. The missionaries asked for help to pay for several Christmas parties to cheer those who are still trying to recover from the damage. They were not let down by American Christians, who paid the bill for all the parties. At each party they shared the joyful news of God’s gift of salvation. Pray that many will trust in Jesus.

The Clock is Ticking
ALBANIA, Eastern Europe—On ordinary days Albanians dress in normal work or school clothes, but for celebrations they dress up in their ethnic traditional clothing, as you see in this family photo. Brothers Mission plans to unite churches for a community event in August of this year, hoping to draw large crowds and share the gospel news of Jesus in a happy way. The mission is thankful for the four gifts sent in, but the clock is ticking and soon August will be here. Pray that the needed amount of money will come in time. Let’s also pray that their efforts will be rewarded with more Albanians coming to Christ.

A Cry for God’s Help
GHANA, Africa—Be honest! Have you ever secretly listened in on a conversation? Secret listening can be naughty and get you in trouble. However, some secret listening can bring people to Jesus. In Ghana, a West African country where 90 percent of the people are Muslim, many secretly listen to Christian radio. One radio station is reaching 2 million listeners. Pray for listeners to choose Jesus and for the funds to stay on the air. So far 19 gifts have be sent in from generous donors. Prayer is a cry for God’s help and that is what is needed.

Singing Draws a Crowd
ECUADOR, South America—Last Christmas did you go caroling, surprising neighbors by singing cheerful Christmas songs at their home? Christians with Rock of Salvation ministry go out to the streets every Sunday to sing. Their singing draws a crowd. When the Ecuadorian missionary begins to preach, the singers are in prayer for the listeners to see that Jesus is the real answer to their needs. They have asked for help to buy 300 Bibles and enough money has arrived to buy 164 Bibles. Gifts are still being received for this need.

Good as New
SRI LANKA, South Asia—What if you needed surgery, but your name was way down at the bottom of the list for scheduled operations at the local public hospital. Most Americans will never face this problem, but a missionary’s wife in India was in pain and was told she would have to wait many days for an operation to remove a big stone-like boil growing inside her womb. Good news! A private hospital said they could see her right away. We had a huge response to help pay the hospital bill. In fact 37 people gave. These gifts paid for the entire operation. It was successful and hopefully this dear lady will soon be as good as new.

November 2014

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Kids Having a Ball at the Party
Peru, South America New balls create fun! Peruvian believers prepared Christmas parties for poor kids whose families rarely attend church. The Christians led joyful songs, and put on a drama that told the Christmas story. Each child enjoyed a good meal and received a gift. Parents seeing their happy kids were willing to listen to the missionaries’ teaching. Twenty-five kind Prayerline gifts were received to make this year’s parties successful.

Movies Under the Stars
Kenya, Africa Who lives here? Pokot people are nomadic herders who need simple huts since they must move to find grass for their cows and goats. Missionaries travel to where they live. However, the Pokot are illiterate, meaning they can’t read. Giving out Bibles wouldn’t help, but they love to watch movies under the stars. Thanks to your prayers and offerings a film projector and generator was purchased to run gospel movies. Praise the Lord! This need was completely met.

Old City Mission Christmas Retreat
ISRAEL, Middle East Israel is the home of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, yet many who live in Israel don’t treasure the Christmas story. They don’t see their need for Jesus. However, this Christmas Old City Mission held an overnight retreat for 30 Muslim families who wanted to hear about Jesus. Your loving gifts helped to pay for their lodging and meals. Pray for acceptance of the gospel by those who heard the gospel truth.

Warm on These Cold Winter Nights
TURKEY, Eurasia Winter time in Turkey means bundling up when going outdoors. For poor refugees living in Turkey, it’s almost as cold in their flimsy shelter as it is outside. Missionaries wanted to give 300 families charcoal heaters to keep them warm. In the past this act of kindness has brought many to Bible studies and church meetings. Pray for many to come to Christ. We received 37 gifts so many refugees are now warm on these cold winter nights.

National Law Advances the Gospel
UZBEKISTAN & KYRGYZSTAN, Central Asia Not all laws are good laws! But even if government leaders make laws for the wrong reason, God can use the law for good. Leaders in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan passed a law stating that every church minister must have a diploma. This is a good law that advances the gospel. Christians who want to lead must now study the Scriptures carefully. Using Video Bible School makes it easy and affordable. Thanks to your prayers and 30 generous gifts, 62 more students will be able to attend a Video Bible School.

Neighbors More Respectful of God
UGANDA, Africa Do you have chores to do at home? These sweet girls at Canaan Children’s Home stopped their dish washing chore to smile for the camera. The Christian home cares for 98 boys and girls, ages 2 to 17. God’s love is evident by the obedient conduct of the children. The neighbors in the whole region nearby the school are becoming more respectful of God from seeing the care Christians give these children. The total amount received will meet the needs for one month’s care for all 98 children. Your gift supports the school children’s good witness for Jesus.

Double the Sharing of the Gospel
BHUTAN, South Asia Dragons are fascinating in storybooks. If you google the Bhutan flag, you will see Durk, the Thunder Dragon, holding jewels in his paws to show his fortune. But the real treasure only comes by loving Jesus. Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom, tucked in the eastern end of the Himalaya Mountains. Missionaries are not allowed to travel inside the country of Bhutan. However, missionaries can travel on mountain trails to villages on the borders. They needed a movie projector small enough to slip into a backpack for Bible training and gospel sharing. Rejoice with these believers. Enough funds were sent to Christian Aid that will allow them to buy two movie projectors instead of just one. This will double the sharing of the gospel.

October 2014

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Fighting Ebola with Love Gifts
LIBERIA, Africa At age 10 James Cuffee had never been to school. Then his Christian aunt took him to the capital city of Monrovia, where he not only attended school, but he was born-again. Now, James (man in back) is a busy mission leader teaching people, like these happy kids, to love Jesus. Sadly, a deadly disease called Ebola is spreading in Liberia. Maybe you have heard about it on the news. Praise the Lord for 30 Prayerline gifts sent so James can help the families dealing with Ebola receive needed food and medicine. Continue to pray with James for a cure for this deadly disease.

Outfitted with God’s Salvation
CHILE, South America Who doesn’t love to cuddle in a warm blanket on a chilly night? The Mapuche tribal women of southern Chile weave the warm wool from llamas, goats and sheep into textiles (cloth). They use vegetable and mineral dyes to create colorful blankets, ponchos, hand bags, scarves and even rugs. The Mapuche tribes are friendly people. If you came to visit in the cold season, they would outfit you with clothing and blankets to keep you warm. Missionaries working with Chile Evangelical Mission hold local meetings among the tribal people, seeking to outfit the Mapuche with God’s salvation by grace and give out Bibles to equip new believers in God’s ways. Prayerline donors have equipped Mission workers with the funds to buy 241 Bibles to give out.

Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink
ZIMBABWE, Africa How is your school year going? In Zimbabwe the new school year actually starts in January, a warm rainy season in southern Africa. For 50 village children their school once met under a tree until Kingdom Come Ministries got involved and erected a small school building. Last October the building still needed a floor, roof and windows. Praise the Lord for Prayerline gifts that exceeded the need so the students could start their new school year in January 2015 not only with a floor, roof and windows in place, but with a school kitchen.

Lonely Nomads Will Welcome Gift
CHINA, Asia An MP3 player is a device that allows you to listen to tons of songs or hear teaching. It’s so small you can keep it in your pocket. This gave missionaries an idea: Why not hand out free MP3 players loaded with Christian music and Bible teaching. They knew this gift would be welcomed by lonely Kazakh nomads in the mountain pastures. Twenty-two donors sent in gifts providing 65 MP3 players. Pray that many nomads will desire to know God, as they listen.

Picture Bibles Brighten Kids’ Lives
UKRAINE, Eastern Europe Maybe you treasure a colorful picture Bible that your grandparents gave you. Due to fighting in the land of Ukraine, some kids lost all the books they had. A Christian mission asked for help to purchase colorful children’s Bibles to give to these kids, so they can know that God is still with them in this time of trouble. Thanks to caring Prayerline friends, 764 children’s Bibles can be distributed, brightening the lives of refugee kids. Pray that these kids will come to know Jesus as they read the Bible.

Prayerline Kids Prayed
NEPAL, South Asia Traveling into valleys or up mountain passes to new villages to share the gospel in Nepal is an adventure. No hotel awaits Nepali missionaries on the trail. They sleep beneath the stars on the hard, cold ground. Prayerline Kids prayed for the needed sleeping bags. God answered with a greater offering. Not only did each mission worker receive a warm sleeping bag, but each also received a bicycle to help in mission travels. Pray that the Lord will soften the hearts of the Nepali villagers, as they take the gospel from village to village.

God Can’t Be Shut Out By a Wall Or Gun
NORTH KOREA, Asia North Korea is called the “Hermit Kingdom,” for it tries to keep its people from knowing other people and places. However, God can’t be shut out by building a wall or pulling a gun on people. A Christian ministry has secret teachers, who labor in constant danger to bring Jesus to the lost Korean people dying without hope. Christian Aid supporters encouraged these faithful missionaries with 78 financial gifts so each missionary could have a Christmas gift of warm winter clothing, medicine and a small cash gift.

September 2014

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Rejoice and Jump for Joy
TOGO, West Africa Togo rhymes with pogo, so it might make you feel like jumping. Togolese Christians are jumping into action to share Jesus. Underneath the bright, colorful clothes worn by the 37 different tribal groups in Togo, sadly many people live in fear. Why? They fear they can’t be good enough to please their gods. Rejoice and jump for joy with the Togolese believers. Your September gifts gave these hard-working Christians the funds needed to reach two new Togolese villages with the gospel. When Jesus sets people free from fear their hearts jump with joy.

Broad Smiles :)
BANGLADESH, South Asia Smile :) School picture time for these students! These kids were glad to have their school picture taken, but it might have been their last. The Christian mission that operates the primary school needed to find the money to pay the yearly rent and extra costs, like teachers’ pay, books and supplies. These Bangladesh kids now have broad smiles. Not only is the yearly rent paid, but extra came to pay the teachers and buy needed school supplies.

Doors Opened for Christian and Muslim Children Alike
PALESTINE, Middle East Did you know that long ago only children who could already read and write were permitted to attend school? Poor unschooled parents who couldn’t read or write had no way to teach their kids, so they grew up stuck in low-paying jobs. Concerned people in Germany started kindergartens to allow poor kids to qualify for school, too. Soon kindergartens spread all over the world. Today Pastor Jonathan, who lives right in the land where Jesus lived while on earth, had an idea from the Lord to start a kindergarten in Palestine. Our Prayerline friends gave money to help the school open its doors to both Christian and Muslim children. Pray that God’s love and peace will touch these happy kindergarteners and their families.

Hang on Every Truth in God’s Word
URUGUAY, South America We don’t know what Bible story the missionary is telling, but the entire gang is focusing, hanging on every word she says. For 64 years the Bible Army of Uruguay has spread God’s Word, teaching kids and handing out Bibles. Ten churches have volunteered to help carry the gospel to homes, hospitals, marketplaces, and anywhere people will listen. The missionaries want to thank their Prayerline partners who sent offerings to buy 96 Bibles to give to new believers. Pray that the new believers will hang on to every truth in God’s Word.

Anger Changed into Gladness
LEBANON, Middle East Josh McDowell grew up angry at his drunken father. His anger was also directed at God. Then Christians challenged Josh to study the evidence and he discovered that Jesus was real. He forgave his dad and anger was changed into gladness, especially when his Dad also became a Christian. Josh’s story of forgiveness is published, encouraging many to trust Jesus. A ministry leader in Lebanon wants to give out CD copies of the beautiful story of changed lives. Praise the Lord for a great offering towards this request. The ministry will now be able to purchase 6,692 CDs to hand out. Pray for many listeners to also find forgiveness for their sins and live for Jesus.

We Forgive and Love You
EGYPT, North Africa Say “Egypt” and pyramids pop into people’s minds. Yet, if your own family members lived in Egypt you would picture them instead. Well, did you know that you do have family members living in Egypt? We are talking about your brothers and sisters in Christ. Egyptian Christians are living in hard times. Recently a church was burnt to the ground. In response to this meanness, believers wrote a loving message on the burnt ashen walls, “We forgive and love you.” The persecuted believers received with joy the 14 gifts sent to help them train new believers.

Good News for a Change
UKRAINE, Europe Stories on the news are usually bad: wars, wrecks, and wrongdoings. Satan wants us to worry. Jesus wants us to pray and take godly action like our friends working with Emmanuel Mission in Kiev, Ukraine. They are taking good action by offering shelter to 61 families who lost their home and most of all they own in this time of fighting going on in their country. Here’s good news for a change: 63 Prayerline donors responded by reaching into their pocketbooks to help pay for needed clothing, kitchenware, hygiene products and food. Thank you!

August 2014

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Boat Needed ASAP
BOLIVIA, South America If you were bitten by a snake, you would want to go to the hospital ASAP—AS Soon As Possible. People in jungle villages face life-threatening sickness or snake bites. They depend on mission workers to come in a boat to take them down river for medical help. However, when the rainy season stops, the ministry’s big boat cannot travel on low rivers. They need a small motorboat. Seven donors gave kind gifts to help, but more is needed. Please continue to pray.

Let the Construction Begin
GAMBIA, Africa Gambia is a narrow land that follows the mighty Gambia River. Gambians who follow the Lord are busy spreading the mighty message of the gospel. These Christians do not appear mighty; they do not even own a church building yet. They own the land, but their enemies do not want them to have a church building. Prayerline friends provided funds to build a building on their land. Let’s pray that the construction goes smoothly with no accidents. Also pray for a mighty ministry of reaching people with God’s truth.

Connected By Airwaves
PHILIPPINES, South Pacific Filipino folks that live far out in the back country feel connected to others by listening to news on the radio. Christian radio broadcasts bring the good news by airwaves to connect them to Jesus. Some listen in secret, fearing trouble from Islamic neighbors who reject Jesus. The Christian radio station receives reports of listeners receiving Christ. Your gifts provided 10 months of radio broadcasts to connect the whole nation to Christian programs.

No Longer Cramped
CHINA, Asia Sitting on a chair that is too big may leave your feet dangling. Sitting on a chair that is too small is worse. A Chinese college group meets to learn the Bible. Everyone sits on a low stool. After hours this causes their backs to hurt and the taller students are very cramped. They will not have to sit on those uncomfortable stools any longer, because your offerings paid for 50 chairs for adults.

Me Daa Si,” Polite Words of Thanks
GHANA, Africa You were taught to say “Thank you” when you were very young. Little children in Ghana learn to say, “Me daa si,” polite words of thanks. Christian school teachers helped by your gifts desire to help children not only be polite, but to grow in knowledge of the Lord. Your kind gifts came in to help pay for many school supplies needed. The missionary teachers say, “Me daa si.” Pray that the children trust Jesus and work hard in their studies.

School Without a Roof
IRAQ, Middle East Syrian refugees ran into Iraq to escape war in their land. Schools were set up for refugee children. One school was so crowded that some classes had no roof to protect them from the sun, rain or cold wind. Shinar Mission wanted to provide a roof for the students. Helping the school will mean the Christians can continue to teach the students about Jesus. We received 24 generous gifts, which will allow the work to begin. However it was short of the amount needed to finish the roof. Please pray for the rest of the money.

Malawian Hospitality
MALAWI, Africa Malawian hospitality means that people go out of their way to feed a guest, even if they only have simple < b>groundnuts (peanuts) to offer. When a visiting missionary comes, the customary meal is nsima [nsee –ma], corn porridge shaped into patties and served with beans, meat, or vegetables in a tomato-and-onion sauce. Missionaries in turn show kindness back. They preach the gospel and give out Bibles to new believers. The missionaries have been resupplied with 410 new Bibles due to Prayerline donations.

July 2014

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Miracle Starts Village Church
NIGER, Africa For two years missionaries from Niger (Pronounced Nee-ghair) prayed for an animist village—the people feared spirits and did not welcome Christian teaching. Serg,* a man from that village, kept hearing stories of miracles among Christians nearby. Serg went to the Christians and asked prayer for his deathly ill son. God healed him. Now Serg has invited the Christians to start a church in his village. Prayerline partners sent in 41 generous gifts that will allow the missionaries to invest in this new mission work for the Lord. *Name changed

Freedom to Worship
ALBANIA, Europe Celebrate freedom! Dhimiter lost his freedom as a kid. Soldiers rounded up a bunch of boys and took them to the church—not to worship, but to smash everything inside. Dhimiter tried to escape, but was caught. Dhimiter’s country has changed. There is freedom. Now young people flock to Dhimiter’s church. Many were introduced to Jesus through Victory School, which offers free English and computer classes. They also offer free sewing lessons to poor Muslim women. All who complete the class receive a free sewing machine. Offering gifts came in to buy 23 new sewing machines for the next class of ladies.

Refugees Turning the Pages of the Bible
JORDAN, Middle East Jesus read God’s Word from a scroll. People today can scroll down a computer page reading God’s Word. But Bible books are still popular. Bibles covered in soft leather are expensive. Hardback Bibles cost less, but paperback Bibles are even lower in price. Missionaries can bring the pages of the Bible to 315 Syrian refugees in Jordan because you prayed and gave. Let’s pray that refugees will read and understand God’s Word.

Important Crossroads for Spreading the Gospel
TURKEY, Eurasia The Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey connects two continents. It’s like the people in Turkey have one foot in Europe and another in Asia. (Eurasia mixes Europe + Asia.) Turkey is an important crossroads for spreading the gospel. Bold Turkish missionaries find a simple gospel CD offered free is a great way to reach people on the street. Praise the Lord for 34 gifts that will purchase 954 gospel CDs. Pray for people’s hearts to be open to God’s truth in Turkey.

Happiness in the Office
PAKISTAN, South Asia Cars are not the only thing that crashes. Computers are great when they are working, but no one welcomes a crash where the screen goes blank. While missionaries spend much time taking the gospel to people who need Jesus, they must also daily spend time in the office to create accurate records of their progress. The two old computers that crashed have been replaced with two new computers, because you gave for this need. There is much happiness in the office. Thank you!

The Crumbling Building is Gone
BURMA (Myanmar), Southeast Asia Does this look like a cool kid’s play house? Actually the stilt house is where 11 village families, all new Christians, meet to study God’s Word. Unfortunately, the building is crumbling and is on the verge of crashing to the ground. Van and Amos, the church leaders, explained that this abandoned house was the only place available to meet. Prayerline friends saw the need and the believers will soon have a safe building.

Hard Working Missionaries
CHAD, Africa Can you imagine travel without paved roads and bridges? Chad doesn’t have good infrastructure, making missionary travel exhausting. Bible missionaries joyfully deliver the Christian message of life, but if they never rest—they will crash. Even the boldest of mission workers get tired and need to be encouraged in their work. A Christian conference is in the plans. Christian Aid wants to provide both travel expenses and conference costs for these workers. Seven gifts were sent in, but we still are seeking more funds to help all the mission workers. Please say a prayer for these hard-working missionaries.

June 2014

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The Only Safe Bridge to Heaven
Greece, Europe A sturdy bridge high above a raging flood is a safe place. Many Syrians running from the troubled waters of war look anywhere they can for safety. Ilias, an electrician by trade, gave up his job to start the Bridge, a mission that provides refugees an escape bridge towards food, shelter, and medical treatment. But this is not their greatest need. Most of these people were never before allowed to hear the good news of Jesus. We received 31 gifts that will buy 485 New Testaments for these refugees. Thank you! This gift of God’s Word can point them to Jesus, the only safe bridge to heaven.

Saving Money for Two Motorcycles
SIERRA LEONE, Africa Have your ever watched an outside movie on a warm summer night with good friends? What fun! African kids showed their excitement, as a crowd gathered outdoors to watch The JESUS Film for the first time. What a joy it was for them to hear the movie in their local dialect. When people hear Jesus speak in their own language, it helps them understand the gospel message. The missionaries are thankful for the six kind gifts to help buy two motorcycles to carry the gospel film crew to more villages. Pray for them, as they will continue to save up the rest of the money.

The Gate is Shut; The Door is Locked
INDIA, South Asia How safe would you feel if you did not have a door with a lock at the entrance of your house, especially when it was night time? Shalom Children’s Home for girls, in Gujarat, asked us to pray for a sturdy metal gate and door with a lock for the entrance to their courtyard and house. This was needed to keep the girls safe from unknown wanderers who could sneak in. With the monsoon rainy season coming, the need was even more urgent. Caring believers sent in a large offering to put up the gate and door. The gate is now shut and the door is locked at night to protect the girls and property, all before the monsoon rainy season.

Happy Ducks; Happy Missionaries
INDONESIA, South Pacific How do you like your eggs—scrambled, boiled, or fried? In Indonesia duck eggs, which are larger than chicken eggs, are preferred. Missionaries busy in planting new churches are called church planters. Often these missionaries have little money to pay both family and also start a church. The mission asked Christian Aid to help them to buy ducks as a business venture to make money. Lots of people wanted to buy ducks, so now there are many happy ducks quacking, and happy missionaries collecting and cleaning eggs to sell. Not only will the eggs provide money to pay the bills, but as the missionaries sell the eggs to unsaved neighbors, they are able to start good conversations about the gospel. Pray that many neighbors will trust in Jesus and join the new church.

A Gift Worth More Than $100
ALBANIA, Europe There is more to sewing than threading a needle. Wanting to be a blessing to their community, Peace of Christ Mission offers free, helpful, public classes, whether the students go to their church or not. Poor Muslim women welcome a three-month sewing course, especially since those who complete the course receive a free sewing machine, a gift worth $100. This past June Prayerline partners supplied money to buy 23 sewing machines. That will allow 23 more ladies to come for sewing lessons. Praise God, many ladies are touched by Christian kindness and welcomed Christ into their lives. That’s a gift worth more than $100!

Hats and Shoes
PERU, South America Peruvian people love their hats and are very skilled at making many types. However, on the rough trails of the Andes Mountains it’s the children’s shoes that wear out quickly. Mission workers living in the mountain villages need new shoes, not only for their own kids, but for 150 poor village children. God, who is ever caring for our needs, touched the hearts of loving Christians to give. How, wonderful, all the children will receive a new pair of shoes!

It Wasn’t the Big Bad Wolf
PHILIPPINES, South Pacific It wasn’t the big bad wolf that huffed and puffed and blew the church house down on Mindanao Island. A bad windstorm blew it down. But Satan tries to discourage these believers, who face danger from unsaved neighbors. With the church building destroyed, Sister Lea, a mission worker explained that they had to pick which tree to sit under during worship time—banana, mango or caimito (a sweet purple-skinned fruit) tree. But not anymore! Caring Prayerline friends encouraged this brave band of Christians with gifts so they could rebuild. Thank You!

May 2014

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A Fun Week at Christian Camp
LEBANON, Middle East What fun things did you do last summer? Poor Bedouin and Syrian refugee children don’t expect fun, but Prayerline partners sent in 25 gifts so that many of these poor kids got to go to a fun week of Christian camp this past summer. Your gifts lavished the kindness and love of the Lord Jesus on these children. Camp is over, but the mission workers still continue to show God’s love. Pray that the campers and their families will experience the healing and hope that only the Lord can give.

The Blessing of a Full Coop
NEPAL, South Asia Chickens are little and don’t need big living spaces. Farmers keep chickens in short buildings called coops. Workers at a Nepali children’s home, needing to generate income to pay their bills, asked for money to build coops and for funds to fill each coop full of laying hens. We are pleased to tell you that all the needed money for the project has been sent to the missionaries. Now the children living in the orphanage can learn how to care for the chickens and collect the eggs. Then they will carefully wash the eggs to sell at the market.

Riding in Style
BURUNDI, Africa No one likes to be cooped up in the cold winter time. With the soon coming winter some of you might miss a fun ride on your bike. But thanks to 21 loving Prayerline gifts, missionaries in Burundi will be riding in style on their new bikes to bring the good news of Jesus to unreached African villages.

Big Sisters Need Help, Too
CAMBODIA, Southeast Asia Having a big sister can make you feel safe if you are a little fellow. But even big sisters want to feel safe in a scary world. This girl is happy and safe because of the Christian missionaries who are caring for her needs. Christian Aid received 28 gifts to support this Christian ministry in Cambodia that helps big sisters find Christ and receive schooling to help each girl live a life of true beauty, serving others and loving Jesus.

Bread for His Children
PARAGUAY, South America In Paraguay little children enjoy eating their thick cornbread. Jesus compares the truth in the Bible to bread for His children. Missionaries in Paraguay happily tell of 50 new people who joined the family of God. Eight have been baptized. They gave each one a new Bible and are busy teaching the new Christians to live for Jesus. The missionaries send their thanks for offerings received to purchase 220 Bibles now available to give out to new Christians. Please pray these new believers will grow strong in the Lord. Make the Word of God your daily bread, also.

Showered with Love
SYRIA, Middle East We shower our mothers with cards and gifts on Mother’s Day to show our love. Christian Aid friends took the opportunity last May to also shower Syrian refugee mothers with gifts of God’s love for them and their children. Many expectant mothers among the refugees can now receive the maternity medicines they need and the care of a doctor. Your gifts brings honor to the Lord and make the future brighter for poor refugees. Pray that many refugees will trust Jesus to have the best future in heaven.

Mission Work Received a Great Boost
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC CONGO, Central Africa This large African country is named for the famous Congo River that stretches over 2,920 miles in length. It’s not the only thing that is long. A long war has caused Congolese people much trouble. They are looking for peace. Thankfully, there are Congolese Christians who care. They have started 14 new churches over the last three years. Their work with orphans and poor women received a great boost of help from 31 Prayerline friends whose combined offering totaled several thousand dollars. This offering so encouraged the missionaries who work tirelessly to bring the gospel of peace.

April 2014

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Musical Joy in Mountain Worship
PHILIPPINES, Pacific Asia The Lord gives different talents to individual Christians to bless others. In the mountain communities of Mindanao, many Filipino Christians gather to find encouragement in worship. However, very few believers who have musical ability have the money to buy a musical instrument. Worship leaders in 44 tribal churches expressed the need for guitars ($50 each) to add joy to their worship time. We now have the money for 26 guitars. The next time you are enjoying music, stop and thank the Lord. But also pray for 18 more guitars.

The Serving Hands of God
GUATEMALA, Central America Jorge is a Spanish name. You might think it would be pronounced like the name George, but it is not. The “J” is pronounced like our “H” sound. Jorge and his wife, Noemi, (the Spanish for Naomi) are a loving Christian couple. Along with their co-workers at Living Stones Ministry they feed, tutor and share the gospel with poor children. Jorge and Noemi will now be able to buy nutritious meals for the next two months. Those who gave were the serving hands of God!

Still Coming Up Short
BENIN, Africa A jail cell and cell phone are both small. The term cell shows smallness. When missionaries take the gospel to villages in Benin, they gather the small group of new Christians into Bible study cell groups. Claude, the mission leader, writes, “After we teach the Scriptures, we ask each person to tell how he can obey God’s Word.” To help missionaries travel quickly to reach each cell group, Claude is praying for four motorcycles. Seven loving gifts came in, but Claude asked for more prayer for they still are coming up short of the needed money.

Kicked Out
LAOS, Southeast Asia Moving to a new place is not easy, especially if you are evicted—forced to move. The village leaders were so angry at seven families who now worship Jesus that they kicked them out of their own home and made them leave the village. When our praying friends read about this trouble they sent enough money to develop a Christian village where the new Christians can live safely. You can still encourage these brave believers in prayer.

Prayerline Partners Moved Fast
TANZANIA, Africa Tanzania is known for fast-moving herds of zebras. Sadly, a terrible sickness called AIDS is also moving fast. AIDS is spreading and causing fear. People are afraid to help the sick for fear that they will also catch it. But Christians step in to help. Not only do they give food and clothing, they encourage them to take their medication. They teach the Word of God and pray for them. Prayerline partners moved fast and gave 15 gifts to help the mission workers. Pray that many AIDS patients will trust Christ.

Picture Books for Adults
INDONESIA, South Pacific For children who can’t read yet, we use picture books to tell Bible stories. Rural evangelists in Indonesia have to tell adults the story of Jesus with pictures because many poor island people are illiterate. They never had the chance to go to school. With gifts, mission leaders will be able to buy 133 gospel picture stories to train new evangelists to carry the good news of Jesus to the many island villages.

Gifts Poured In
UKRAINE, Europe Jesus called heaven His Father’s house. Loving Christians in the Ukraine started a home for homeless children and called it Father’s House. The orphanage accommodates 50 children, ages 4 to 17 years old. To children who once had to live on the streets, their home must seem like heaven. Sadly, trouble in Ukraine makes it harder for the believers to pay all the bills. Praise the Lord! A total of 110 gifts from our generous donors came pouring in to care for the orphans.

March 2014

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Ready to Receive
HONDURAS, Central America In this beautiful country some places have a wet climate, while inland it’s dry and cool. But the most beautiful thing by far is the way God is working through Prince of Peace Mission to spread the gospel. These children are happy to show off the exciting Christian study books supplied by Christian Aid. Because of additional gifts, two more churches will receive children’s materials for their Sunday school class.

New Rickshaws Ready to Go
BANGLADESH, South Asia Bangladesh taxis are called rickshaws and look like this. The cab driver pulls a passenger by bicycle power. Mission workers who are trying to build trusting friendships with an unreached poor community wanted to help 10 unemployed fathers by giving them a rickshaw to start their own taxi business. Wonderful news! This need was completely met. Your generosity gave a fresh start to these poor villagers and provided fresh opportunities to share the gospel.

Hot Meals Ready to Serve
GREECE, Southern Europe If your neighborhood became a battleground, what would you do? For the last couple of years whole Syrian neighborhoods have turned into war zones. Every day thousands of Syrians run away from their country to escape the civil war. Some have run all the way to Greece, a European country. The Bridge Ministry gathers refugees together for meals and creates happier times. Sad people are encouraged and often welcome the gospel message. Recent Prayerline gifts will provide 284 more hot meals to poor refugees.

Ready to Speak God’s Love Language
KENYA, Africa American children enjoy learning beautiful sign language to go with music. But sign language is more than art to deaf people—it’s their language. Sadly, in Kenya people who can’t hear are seen as cursed. Kenyans who love Jesus know better and are changing things. They want to help their deaf friends, like Margaret, (Photo) hear the story of Jesus in their sign language. Because loving Prayerline friends gave gifts, many deaf Kenyans will hear God’s love story. That’s speaking God’s love language!

Ready to Help 60 Persecuted Families
VIETNAM, Southeast Asia Years ago the fathers in the family were called the breadwinner, the one who earned the needed money to pay the bills. Back then mothers of young children seldom had a job outside of the home that is unless the father became unable to work. In Vietnam 60 mothers are now forced to work long days in the rice paddies just to get food for their family. Why? Their husbands are persecuted pastors who were put in jail for preaching about Jesus. So far 73 kind gifts were sent by Prayerline prayer partners of Christian Aid. How wonderful; now all 60 families will have support to pay their bills for the next 10 months.

Ready to Learn
ECUADOR, South America When we hear the words “school dropout” we usually think of teenagers, not grade-school kids. But in Ecuador poor families can’t afford the school fees, so even young children try to find work. They get discouraged because they can’t find good jobs. Some become delinquents and get into trouble with the law. With gifts from Christian Aid, believers have started a Christian elementary school helping 130 poor kids learn. The yearly school costs come to $25 for each child and Prayerline gifts total up to $12 for each child. The children are ready to learn. Please continue to pray for $13 more for each child.

Ready to Read
BURMA (Myanmar), Southeast Asia Did you ever think that someone had to create the alphabet so you could read? The Laydu tribal people didn’t have an alphabet for their spoken language. Christian Aid donors sent funds to hire Christian teachers to develop an alphabet in order to teach the Laydu people how to read and write. Gifts were sent to print Christian booklets so the new readers can read God’s truth.

February 2014

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That’s a Lot of Smiles
LEBANON, Middle East Last February we encouraged you to bring a smile to a poor refugee kid by paying for a $4 haircut. These boys are proudly sporting their new, free haircuts. Mission workers paid Syrian barbers and beauticians, who are unemployed due to the war, to cut their hair. It’s a small price to bring a little happiness to a kid in the perils of war. The children and their parents listen to Bible stories while they wait. Think about how many Bible lessons the barbers and beauticians hear. We received 26 gifts to provide over 435 free haircuts. That’s a lot of smiles.

Picture the Villagers Celebrating
BURMA, (Myanmar) Southeast Asia Burmese village boys must drive bullock carts over rough roads daily to fetch clean drinking water from a well far away in a more prosperous town. That’s why tribal people erupt into celebration whenever missionaries drill a well in their village. Gifts sent for drilling wells often create trusting friendships, an important first step in sharing the gospel. Donors gave 34 gifts to dig 25 wells. Just picture the villagers celebrating. Pray that many Burmese people will trust Jesus.

Missionaries Told to Leave
NIGERIA, Africa Not every village who receives a free well providing safe drinking water welcomes the missionaries. Ezekiel of Go International Missions writes, “A while ago, we sunk a bore-hole well in a community where there was no clean drinking water. It was free, but we were asked to leave afterwards. After seeing our willingness to help, however, two village people did trust Jesus.” Pray for Ezekiel and other missionaries working among the Hausa tribe. They need money to buy three motorcycles to assist in their work. So far we almost have enough money to buy one motorcycle. Please take a moment to pray for these people still in need of Jesus and for the money for the motorcycles.

Hope Needed Most
PHILIPPINES, Western Pacific Islands What is the secret of the yellow sack? Hope is in that sack. That’s right. Survivors of last year’s typhoon (huge storm) needed survival food and medicine. Today, most of all, they need hope that life will get better. One item included in each relief sack will be a New Testament to bring eternal hope. We received 29 gifts that can purchase 418 New Testaments.

Planting Seeds of Hope
CHINA, Asia Are you planting a garden for this summer? Serious farmers start early to calculate how much seed and fertilizer they will need. Serious Christians in China are calculating how much seed and fertilizer they need for their rehabilitation farm. Farm work is good to help drug addicts recover. They begin to see that God’s way of honest labor brings nourishing food. The $310 given by God’s people to buy seeds and fertilizer also will help plant good gospel seeds of truth in the souls of broken people.

Security Guards Needed
KENYA, Africa Do you want to know why Pastor Timothy is grinning? These Samburu neighborhood ladies want to follow Jesus. Pastors need good news like this since they often hear bad news instead, like a recent missionary shot by armed bandits. When Christians in our country heard this bad news they gave money to hire security guards to keep pastors like Timothy safe as they travel. So far Christian Aid has received enough money to cover 35 mission trips. Pray for peace and for more African neighbors to trust in Jesus.

What Is Seed Money?
INDIA, South Asia You know what seeds are. You know that you must plant a bean seed to grow a plant, which will give you many beans. To start a business you need seed money, money wisely spent to produce more money. Church leaders in India have business ideas that will bring in more money to do God’s business. Christian Aid supporters gave enough seed money to start one Christian-run business. Please continue to pray for funds to start three more businesses to supply ministry support.

January 2014

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900 Disabled Lepers Receive Care
Vietnam, Southeast Asia No one wants pain, but actually it is a wonderful gift from God. It warns us of danger. People who contract leprosy experience nerve damage, so for example, they may not feel their skin burning when they touch something red hot. Lepers can injure themselves and not realize it. Wounds left untreated can cause the loss of fingers or toes. A total of 69 Prayerline gifts were given for this need. Praise the Lord! This will allow Mission Vietnam to continue care for 900 totally disabled people.

Kicked Out But Not Forgotten
BURUNDI, Africa Adam and Eve were kicked out of their home for wrongdoing. But sometimes the opposite happens. Ahmed was kicked out of his home for doing right when he trusted Jesus. Many others people in Burundi who convert to Christ, like Ahmed, find themselves kicked out of their home and village. They have a hard time trying to find food and shelter. In the beginning of this year, Prayerline partners encouraged these believers with prayers and 28 kind gifts. These gifts will cover their needs for over five months.

Partner With Jesus To Heal
BELARUS, Eastern Europe A physical wound may heal, yet leave an ugly scar. Wrong unhealthy choices, like using drugs, take a heavy toll on one’s health and also leave painful memories—scars of past sinful actions. Jesus is so willing to give repentant sinners new heart desires to replace bad desires. Jesus wants to heal wounds of guilt over past sins. Missionary partners in Belarus thank you for your prayers and gifts. Let’s continue to partner with Jesus as He heals drug addicts physically and spiritually.

Run To Christ For Salvation
PHILIPPINES, Western Pacific A hurricane size storm that starts in the Pacific Ocean is labeled a typhoon. Recently Typhoon Haiyan, dubbed (named) the biggest storm ever to hit land, slammed into the Philippines doing major damage. It’s the job of the weather bureau to warn people in the path of the storm. Beyond assisting storm victims, Filipino missionaries also warn people caught in the path of sin’s destruction to run to Christ for salvation. Thank you for 37 generous gifts to assist Filipino mission workers to continue their help to storm survivors. Pray today that many people in the Philippines will also run to Christ for salvation.

Baptized At 90 Years Old
INDIA, South Asia Getting baptized shows that you are a new person. Recently in India the Korwas, a primitive tribal group, were introduced to Jesus. A few became Christians and were baptized. At the age of 90, Bipini, a Korwas woman, gave her heart to Christ. She was baptized together with her grandson. In January the mission workers asked that we pray for a worship center to give them an indoor place to meet. Gifts given for this need so far total over 75% of the cost for the building. This is good news. It will allow the Korwas to soon start on their building. Pray for more Korwas to receive Jesus as Savior and for the additional money to finish the meeting place for worship.

All Most There
Sri Lanka, South Asia Outdoor baptisms in a river or on a beach can be beautiful, yet in Sri Lanka it could pose danger. If a person changes his faith to Jesus he may be persecuted even by his own family. Local churches want to set up indoor baptismal tanks since it’s wiser for people to be baptized out of sight of those who would bring them harm. Some money has been given since January, but not quite enough to put in even one tank. Believers in Sri Lanka long to get the first tank installed. We are almost there. Pray for the last $84 needed to set up the first indoor tank.

You Helped Save Over 100 Orphans
UGANDA, Africa Years ago Isaac faced certain death by the hand of evil men, but by the hand of God he survived. Then God spoke, “I have called you to be a father to the fatherless.” Isaac knew why God saved his life. Over the last 17 years many children have experienced loving care and spiritual nurture because Pastor Isaac was obedient to the Lord. He is responsible for the care of over 100+ orphans. Everyone was overjoyed with 46 donor gifts of money to help these children. Please pray for Pastor Isaac today as he continues God’s care for these kids.

December 2013

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A Bridge Of Hope
GREECE, Southern Europe Wanting to help poor refugees escaping the Syrian fighting, Elias gave up his job as an electrician to serve as a missionary. Elias’ phone rang. “Hi, is this Elias?” the voice on the line asked. The caller, a Syrian refugee, spilled out his problem. “We just arrived in Greece a week ago. My wife is pregnant and needs medical help.” Elias arranged for a doctor’s visit. As the leader of Bridge Ministries Elias teaches the Bible and serves hot meals with his wife, Voula (in center of photo). As a bridge of hope they connect hurting people with Jesus. Christians in America want to help also. Christian Aid received 23 generous gifts to support the good work, allowing Elias and other Greek Christians to provide a bridge of hope for these poor Syrian refugees.

Bridge Of Friendship
JORDAN, Middle East Bedouins can be leery of outsiders. They need to experience God’s love through a bridge of friendship with missionaries. To do that native ministry leaders run a goat project that provides free goats and veterinary services. This is a good way to build friendships that helps them share the gospel. Bedouin children care for the goats. The milk is sold in the market and the goat hair is used for tent-making. Prayerline partners provided funds that allowed seven more Bedouin boys to be given goats to tend. Pray that the Bedouins will open their hearts to the best friendship—with Jesus.

Jesus Is The Bridge To A Bright Future
CAMBODIA, Southeast Asia Cambodians are proud of their modern university (big college) in Battambang. The school’s motto is: “Building a Bright Bridge to the Future.” Missionaries are building a dormitory (a large building with many bedrooms) to give girl students a safe place to stay close to the college. They want to show these girls that Jesus is the bridge to heaven. Without Jesus there is no bright future. Pray for the money to finish the dorm rooms for the next school session. This is a large need, but we have a big God who hears our prayers.

Tool Kits For Farmers
LIBERIA, East Africa James Cuffee’s truck shows the signs of being on an African adventure to a far-flung village in Margibi Country. After nine hours of traveling on bad roads, James happily reported, “We gave relief items to the 90 villagers who came out to greet us. We prayed for the sick and preached the Word of God to folks who had never heard it. Thirty-six people received the Lord.” James soon wishes to give these farmers tools: hoes, shovels and machetes. So far Christian Aid received gifts to supply 59 farmers with these helpful tool sets.

Radio Bridge For The Gospel
PERU, South America Christians in Peru started a Christian radio station last year. The radio station serves as a bridge for the gospel, broadcasting sermons and Christian music 15 hours a day. Many listeners who received Christ have written thank you letters for bringing them the good news. With your prayers and Prayerline gifts the radio station has received funds to continue to bring the good news of Jesus for the next 10 months.

Happy and Healthy
UKRAINE, Eastern Europe How can something small be scary? Germs are small. Lice are small. Both are called human disease agents. Veronika, a sweet two-year-old, arrived at Father’s House orphanage fearful of everyone and with a bad case of body lice. Today she is a happy, healthy girl after receiving proper medical treatment and the loving care of Christian “house parents” who live and work at Father’s House. Praise the Lord for the 22 Prayerline gifts. Continue to pray for regular child support that will ensure that children receive needed care.

Packed With People
PAKISTAN, South Asia Pakistan is packed with people who need to know about Jesus. Thank the Lord for brave believers who answered God’s call to share the gospel. From the villages and cities 54 young adults recently gathered to learn how to bring God’s truth to teenagers. Pray that mission workers will see teenagers trust Jesus as they use the Prayerline gifts toward more ministry training events.

November 2013

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Reliable Electricity Needed
BURMA (Myanmar) Southeast Asia The invention of the printing press created what we now call mass media. Many more books could be printed to get to the masses (large number) of people. The Bible could be printed at a lower cost so more people could read God’s Word. Today’s modern printing press (photo) runs on electricity. A Christian mission in Burma wants to print Christian materials, but they lack reliable electricity. They are praying for a solar (sun-powered) generator to run the press. Burmese believers are thankful for eight gifts received. Pray for the remaining amount needed to cover the cost of a solar generator.

Broadcasting Good News
BULGARIA, Eastern Europe TV is a powerful media tool used for good or evil. Years ago evangelist Slavik Radchuk visited Bulgaria to preach, but few people were interested in coming. Slavik decided to start a TV ministry. The TV broadcast made Slavik a well-known person. Recently large crowds showed up in Bulgaria to hear the TV preacher. Over 450 people prayed to receive Christ. His TV preaching time is not paid for by advertisements, but by gifts. Praise the Lord! Prayerline partners reached out to help, sending gifts to fund nearly three months of TV broadcasts.

Little Gifts Added Up to Something Big
IRAQ, Middle East Radio is another form of media (way to communicate) that came into use in the early 1920s. It is still popular today, especially in places where people are too poor to own a TV or computer. For just $10, gospel teams can pass out a radio set specifically to tune into a Christian station. Poor Syrian refugees escaping from war tune in to find peace with God. Good news! Your little $10 gifts added up to purchase 350 radios.

Faster Than Foot
TANZANIA, East Africa Tanzania has vast herds of roaming wild animals. You would not want to get in the way of a fast-moving migrating herd of zebras or wildebeests (Photo). Mission workers want to move fast too in their efforts to bring the good news of salvation to every village and city. A missionary riding on a motorcycle or even peddling a bicycle can travel much faster than one walking on foot. Your gifts last November sped up the gospel. From the 19 generous gifts received, the missionaries can choose between buying 20 bicycles or one motorcycle and 10 bicycles.

Mariam is Growing in Faith
EGYPT, Middle East It’s fine for an American single lady to work at a job outside her home, but in Egypt, it’s often thought shameful. Mariam, a 35-year-old single lady, received training in women’s hairdressing at a Christian center, so she could work in her home. She experienced God’s presence and said that now she can forgive people who hurt her as Jesus forgave her. She also decided to read the Bible, pray, and attend church regularly. Thank you for praying and sharing with Egyptian Christians. Gifts totaling $745 came in to help them with ministry needs.

Win-Win Solution
INDONESIA, South Pacific A Win-Win solution is a way to solve more than one problem at the same time. For example, in order to provide added income to hardworking native missionaries, Yesus Kristus (Jesus Christ) Mission plans to give sewing machines to 40 wives of local mission workers. Not only can the ladies sew items to sell or repair clothing for pay, the business allows them the opportunity to talk to other women about the Lord. All 40 of the ladies will soon have a sewing machine thanks to Prayerline gifts.

A Big Deal
ECUADOR, South America Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and toilet paper may not seem like a big deal to you or me, but to prisoners who lack these “necessaries,” a gift of a toiletry kit ($10 each) is a big deal. Prison Outreach gives theses kits as gifts. They have seen hundreds of inmates receive Christ through their kindness and the sharing of God’s Word. Prison officials notice the difference Christ makes in lives. Among the Christian prisoners there is no fighting or drug use. The collection of gifts amounted to 172 kits for the hurting prisoners.

October 2013

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New Year’s Calendar Spreading God’s Word
UKRAINE, Eastern Europe Every Christmas season, Bible students take the gospel to the streets by distributing free Christian literature (materials). One of the most popular items is the New Year calendar. Even those who refuse Bibles want a new calendar. Printed on each month is a Bible verse. People cannot help but read God’s Word. Gifts came in to pay for 2,664 calendars. Let’s pray with these Bible students that the Ukraine people will read God’s Word and trust in Jesus.

A Spectacular Christmas Offering
SYRIA, Middle East The civil war in Syria is in the news. Syrian Christians can be caught in the middle of the fighting. Neither side will protect the Christians. They go to God in prayer for they must rely on God as their Protector. At Christian Aid Mission a spectacular Christmas offering of $9,633 came in time to send gifts of food and medicine to comfort believers. The help will be given during their Christmas celebrations. Continue to pray for encouragement and protection.

A Hostile Mother Changed by Prayer
ARGENTINA, South America Do you have parents who encourage you to follow Jesus? If not you can encourage your parents to trust Jesus. One young man received Jesus, but his mother became hostile toward him, forbidding him to go to church. His mother tore up the Bible studies and was very angry with him. He responded with love and the church prayed. Praise God, after many weeks of prayer, he can now attend the Grace Mission meetings and is serving the Lord. Grace Mission of Argentina has 12 faithful mission workers who still need our prayer and support to continue their work of bringing people to Jesus.

Dubbing for Jesus
BANGLADESH, South Asia With no TV or computers in the days of the Bible, the good news of Jesus was not easy to spread to the world. Even with Christian radio and movies, many in Bangladesh still have never heard the gospel. Mission workers are dubbing (reworking the sound) of the JESUS Film to be in several new languages. You prayed and gave so that people in six different tribal languages will have an opportunity to watch the movie and receive Jesus as Savior.

Waiting for God’s Answer
CHINA, Asia How can a problem be good? Well, if a church is crowded that has a good side because it means that people desire to learn about the Lord. A house church in China has that problem. They meet in a small apartment and they need more room for a Sunday school. The congregation has grown from 10 to 50 members, many with children. Christian Aid reported the space problem in the October Prayerline. But God does not always give His answers to our prayers in October. Faith is learning to wait. The church people are still waiting for God’s answer. Pray with them for a bigger place.

Broadcasting Christmas in the Middle East
PALESTINE, Middle East Bethlehem is on our mind at Christmas. Modern day Bethlehem is home to one of the largest Palestinian Christian communities. Bethlehem Bible College plans an evangelistic Christmas celebration of Christ’s birth every year. This year’s plans included broadcasting the Christmas event on TV. The ministry leaders thank Prayerline partners for their financial gifts and prayers. Continue to pray that Arab believers will be encouraged in the New Year and that thousands who watch the broadcast on TV will receive with joy the best Christmas gift—the message that Jesus came to save all people.

Favored with Salvation
EGYPT, Africa Did you know that when Jesus was a baby his parents took him to Egypt to keep him safe from a mean king back home? In that incident Egypt served as a safe spot, but there is much fighting in Egypt today. God loves and cares for the people of Egypt during these dangerous times and especially wants to favor the people of Egypt with salvation in Christ. Pray that the fighting would settle down in a way that helps spread the good news of Jesus this coming New Year.

September 2013

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We Turned The Lights On!
BOLIVIA, South America We usually don’t give electricity a thought until we lose it during a storm. But many Quechua people living in the Andes Mountains have never had electricity. That is why Quechua Evangelistic Outreach missionaries must hold evangelistic meetings, Bible studies and discipleship classes only during the daylight hours. People who are working during the daytime can miss many meetings. However, because you heard the cry for light, four rural congregations now have lights at night. Your gift of solar panel equipment made it possible. Because lights at night is such a novel (new) thing for these mountain people, more people will be interested in attending church just to see the lights. Continue to pray for the Quechua people to receive the true Light of the gospel truth.

Christian Tajiks Winning Their Neighbors
TAJIKISTAN, Central Asia Find the seven countries in Central Asia that end with the word “stan” on a map: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. “Stan” means “land,” so “Tajikistan” simply means “land of the Tajiks.” Christians in Tajikistan have friends and relatives in Afghanistan and travel freely across the border. Prayerline partners kindly provided 14 gifts to help with the cost of Bible training for the Tajiks. Continue to pray for funds to train Christian Tajiks to be missionaries for Afghanistan.

24,662 New Testaments and Counting
RUSSIA, Eurasia Young missionary teams are traveling all over Russia, placing New Testaments in every village that is without a church fellowship. Slavik, a gospel preacher, wants to purchase 100,000 New Testaments for his Bible placement project. Praise the Lord for 63 gifts that will allow 24,662 New Testaments to be purchased at the incredibly low price of 50 cents per copy.” Working together, Christians in the U.S. can still have a part in reaching the 100,000 goal. With a gift of $10 you can give 20 New Testaments.

Help Missionaries Keep Their Jeep
INDIA, South Asia What is a mudslide? It is not a fun children’s slide, but a dangerous movement of earth down a steep hill due to too much rain. Mudslides can bury cars, and buildings and even kill people. In Northern India heavy monsoon rains caused a huge landslide. Mission workers found their old Jeep buried under the debris (mess). The insurance did not cover the repairs. The believers thank the Lord for 8 kind gifts given toward the repairs. Pray for the additional amount of $960 needed to finish the repairs. Christian Aid wants to help with these expenses.

Good Samaritans to the Rescue
CHAD, Africa The Good Samaritan in Jesus’ story discovered a man beaten and left for dead by armed robbers. Unlike the other travelers who looked the other way, the Samaritan came to the man’s rescue. Last September, Idriss, leader of Life of God Ministries, reported the deaths of two missionary killed by armed robbers. Idriss challenged us to also be a “Good Samaritan.” Prayerline friends proved themselves to be Good Samaritans indeed. So far Christian Aid Mission received a total of 64 generous gifts. Missionaries were able to provide food for both widows whose missionary husbands were murdered, plus nine other poor Christian families.

Go Where the Kids Are
PHILIPPINES, Pacific Asia Filipino missionaries with Child Evangelism go where the kids are. Every year they conduct VBS, Bible studies and camps for poor village kids. They also show films, teach in children’s homes, evangelize at farms, playgrounds, and basketball courts. Up until now getting around to such places has been hard because they had to carry all their teaching materials by way of crowed public transportation. Recently children’s workers were able to purchase an adult-sized motorized tricycle supplied through your gifts. It will transport their teaching materials with ease.

Reaching For the Goal
CHILE, South America Right before Christmas is when our winter season starts in North America. But South Americans are beginning the summer. Regardless of the season, Chile Evangelical Mission workers do not fall away from their job. They spring into action to share the gospel through both open-air meetings and door-to-door evangelism. This includes visiting the sick and working among tribal people. CEM requested 300 Bibles ($8 each) to distribute during upcoming events. So far funds to buy 239 Bibles have been given. Continue to pray for the money for the last 61 Bibles.

August 2013

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May God Bless the Reading of This Book
TURKEY, Eurasia Have you ever tried to read an adult book that didn’t make sense? Adult books often lack fun things that interest children. Some Christians translated Christian books into the Turkish language, but they failed to explain the Bible in a way that would make sense to Turkish Muslims. So a Turkish Christian wrote a book about God that helps the Turkish people understand the gospel. We have fabulous news: offerings were sufficient to cover the cost to print 963 books. Pray that those who read this book will trust in Christ.

No Skipped Birthdays
LEBANON, Middle East If your birthday got skipped, how would you feel? Poor refugee children whose families had to flee the fighting in Syria miss out on parties. So missionaries started to host birthday parties for each month. Parties are fun with balloons, treats, and puppet shows that share the gospel with these hurting children. Could your family or Sunday school class collect money to help host a birthday party for refugee kids? In answer to this need, Christians gave enough to host two parties for refugee children. Pray for more funds to hold a party each month.

Half Way There
KAZAKHSTAN, Central Asia Have you ever had a brother or sister barge into your room uninvited? As nine elderly Christians gathered for worship in Kazakhstan, several policemen barged into their apartment. The Christians ended up at the police station for six hours of questioning. Their Christian worship was called illegal. The court issued fines so huge that they were unable to pay. Pray for these persecuted believers. In counting up all the Prayerline gifts, over half of the money has been given to help them pay the fines.

Armed With 75 More Bibles
URUGUAY, South America What good would it do if you gave a Bible to a poor person who couldn’t afford a needed pair of reading glasses? For over 50 years Bible Army of Uruguay has been passing out Bibles. But that is not all. If a person needs eyeglasses or a wheelchair the missionaries provide them for free at their outreach center. This Bible Army faithfully gives all who seek to know Christ a Bible. So many people have taken a Bible that they needed a new supply. Prayerline donations will arm this Bible Army with 75 new Bibles to give out.

Given Safe Hide-a-Way
NIGERIA, Africa Usually it is easier for a kid to join a street gang than to quit. Other members often threaten harm to anyone who tries to quit. Boko Haram is a powerful Muslim “gang-like”organization that bullies Christians. Recently three Boko Haram members gave their lives to Christ and quit the group. Angry members now seek to kill them. We wrote that anyone wishing to help resettle these three new Christians in a secret safe location could send a gift. In total 16 people did and this will allow these new believers to be resettled in a safe hide-a-way.

The Fee Was Paid
HAITI, Caribbean Sea Benjamin Pierre was heartbroken by the vast number of Haitian street children. He did not want them to fall into a bad gang. Pierre and his wife started evangelizing and educating them. Today they oversee 11 schools and 12 churches. Sadly, many poor parents can’t pay the $5 per child yearly school fee that Benjamin requests, leaving him to work odd jobs that only partially cover the costs. When our readers became aware of Benjamin’s problem, 89 personally reached into their pocket—giving a sizeable offering. It was one of the biggest Prayerline offerings in recent memory. This will bring hope to many poor children whose school fee can be waived because generous Christians paid their fee. Now pray that the children will also understand what Jesus did. He paid for our sins in the place of us all. All who trust in His payment will find the fee paid by Jesus.

In Business For the Lord
NORTH KOREA, Asia Children all over the world love to play hide and seek. Persecuted Christians in North Korea live a real life version of hide and seek. Christians have learned to witness under the cover of starting their own small business. When seekers and believers visit their home, neighbors just think they are customers. This enables believers to have small house church meetings without suspicion. The North Korean Christians ask for start-up money so more believers could start their own businesses as a way to witness for Christ. When all the gifts were counted, it totaled enough to start 10 small business ventures. Pray that the new business owners will have many opportunities to use their shops to bring other Koreans to Christ.

July 2013

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God Didn’t Just Add; God Multiplied!
VIETNAM, Southeast Asia—Do the math. If you needed to get 44 children to school each day and you only had 4 motorcycles, how many trips would it take? Figure that you could pack three kids on each motorcycle with the driver. How safe does that sound? Emmanuel Group Saigon orphanage needed 10 bicycles ($50 each) for the older kids so they could drive themselves to school. Prayerline friends poured out so much love to help the orphans. All 10 bicycles were supplied. Additional money given will help to feed and clothe each child. When God does “Ministry Math”, He doesn’t just add, He multiplies!

Pray for Little Rubber Trees to Grow
INDIA, South Asia—Where do we get rubber? Rubber comes from rubber trees grown on plantations like the ones shown here. You could google to discover how professional workers tap the rubber trees so as not to wound the trees. A ministry in India asked for help to start a rubber tree plantation to generate income for their mission work. Generous gifts from churches and Prayerline partners generated the funds to plant 2000 saplings. Pray that these little rubber trees will grow strong and produce a good rubber supply.

Love is a Language We Should All Speak
BRAZIL, South America—The language you grew up speaking is your mother tongue. Unlike other countries in South America where Spanish is spoken, most Brazilian children grow up learning Portuguese. Tribal Caiua children speak Cauiua at home. But love is one language understood by most people. Love is not just a word; it generates caring action. Caiua Evangelical Mission workers provide desperately needed medical services and education to poor tribal people in the jungle villages. Eleven Prayerline friends partnered with these Brazilian believers, enclosing financial gifts to provide assistance. This love reaches people for Jesus.

Prayerline Prayer Alert Answered
KENYA, Africa—Too much of a good thing can be bad. Rain is needed to grow crops and for many other needs, but we all know it can cause dangerous floods—destroying crops, roads, buildings and even drowning farm animals and people. Sylvester, a mission leader within Kenya, recently alerted Christian Aid about missionaries who have been left homeless due to flooding. In response to our Prayerline prayer alert, 33 families enclosed a gift for this need. There was enough given to rebuild one home and provide mattresses and blankets for 13 families. Continue to pray for money to rebuild homes for every missionary affected by the flood.

Fighting Hate with God’s Love
KOSOVO, Eastern EuropeEthnic tension refers to trouble between people of different social and religious backgrounds. For years in Kosovo there has been fighting, which causes huge mistrust between ethnic groups. People who love the Lord find that they can’t continue to hate someone from a different group. Leaders at the Open Doors Church respond to hate with love. Pray for Christians sharing the gospel and planting healthy churches among fighting people who need Christ. The mission workers are thankful for the gifts sent to help them in their ministry.

Pray For a Big Catch
INDIA, South Asia—“When there’s a will, there’s a way.” You can usually find a way to do what you want. This is good thinking if you want to do God’s work. Mission workers wanted to explain the gospel to tribal people on some isolated islands out in the Indian Ocean. The Lord gave them a boat with the help of Prayerline gifts so they could obtain a fishing license. This will allow them to fish near the islands and make friendships. They want to follow Jesus and be fishers of men. Pray for a big catch so many islanders will receive the Word of God and love Jesus.

Satan Outsmarted
NEPAL, South Asia—Mission workers were happy to receive a camera so they can send good quality photos to supporters and share the exciting things the Lord is doing through Nepal Indigenous Revival Church ministry. But Satan was not happy. So he inspired a thief to steal the camera while it was unattended. But the Lord outsmarted Satan. Christian Aid friends responded by sending in enough money to replace the stolen camera with a new digital camera, plus additional funds for ministry. God always gets the last say!

June 2013

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Don’t Make Do with False Ideas of God
CHAD, Africa —Poor people must “make do with less.” This poor woman has no oven and must make do with an outdoor fire to cook her food. Even worse problems face millions forced to make do with false ideas about God because they have never been told the good news of Jesus. Life of God Ministries in Chad (Africa) desire to win people to the Lord. They have a plan to develop several agricultural projects to both grow food to improve lives and also support gospel ministry outreaches. So far 19 Prayerline gifts provided the funds to produce food for mission work. Pray that people both in Chad and in your hometown will not make do with false ideas about God, but will receive the good news of Jesus.

Thank You Letter Received
INDIA, South Asia—Have you praised God for clean water today? A Christian leader in Rajasthan, India wrote a thank you letter to Christian Aid. “We are very grateful for your financial help to provide three bore wells (bored deep down to tap clean water underground) in areas where new churches have been planted. Hundreds will be helped in the name of Christ.” Pray that villagers will receive the “living water” of salvation.

The Beautiful Words of Life
HONDURAS, Central America—Honduras is a beautiful country boasting tropical coastline beaches and cooler, drier mountains in the interior. But the most beautiful thing by far is the way God is working through missionaries at Prince of Peace Mission to bring people to Jesus Christ. New church congregations are growing as dedicated missionaries evangelize remote villages. Praise the Lord for the gifts that will provide the beautiful Words of Life. Funds given will provide154 Bibles to encourage new believers. Now pray for new believers to share the gospel.

Great Outpouring Of 62 Gifts
CAMBODIA, Southeast Asia—Soup is on the menu. You will not hear any complaints from these boys. The alternative would be living on dangerous streets and eating out of garbage dumps. Do not feel sad for these kids; they are blessed to have caring Christians raising them in the ways of the Lord. Kampuchea for Christ is helping 300 kids. They are praying for a dormitory to better house the children. Hooray! There was a great outpouring of 62 gifts—a good beginning to help build a new dormitory to house the needy kids.

Freedom With the Lord’s Power
BELARUS, Eastern Europe People may claim to be Christians but feel no daily need to think of Christ until a big problem comes. In Belarus Light of Truth Mission has been successful in reaching hurting people with big addiction problems. With funds from Christian Aid they started a rehab Christian center to help people find freedom with the Lord’s power. Recently 13 new people moved there for help. Mission workers are thankful for the seven gifts received. Please continue to pray that many troubled people in Belarus will turn to Christ and away from alcohol and drugs.

Mosquito Nets Useful
LIBERIA, Africa—James Cuffee travels through jungles and rivers to reach remote communities with God’s Word. Frequently, he and co-workers sleep on the ground amidst mosquitoes. He has contracted malaria several times, a disease from mosquito bites that causes fever, chills, headaches and severe muscle pain. Thank you for providing the missionaries who travel with the needed mosquito nets for protection.

Imagine Living with No Books
BURMA (Myanmar), Southeast Asia—Because we have an alphabet to form a written language, we can read. Imagine living with no books to learn with. The Laydu, a primitive tribe in remote Burma, didn’t have any books. In fact they didn’t even have a written language. All they had were spoken words to use until Myanmar Free Mission worked to develop an alphabet in their language. Now they plan to reach out to five Laydu villages to teach them how to read and write their language. Lessons will be combined with teachings from the Bible in the hope of winning them for Christ. Thank you for the gifts to help missionaries create reading lessons and also teach them about Jesus Christ.

May 2013

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What grade are you in?
ALBANIA, Eastern Europe—In Albania village children often attend school only through the fourth grade. They must then go to work to earn money to help their families. Doing something fun in the summer would be a real treat. Thanks to Prayerline gifts Peace of Christ Mission held a five-day summer Bible camp for 40 children. At camp, caring counselors shared God’s love with Bible stories, crafts, and fun games. Afterwards the Christians met with the families to teach the parents about God’s plan of salvation.

Bicycles for Good News Club Teachers
BURMA (Myanmar), Southeast Asia—The leader of Biblical Faith Mission asked for 20 bicycles for teachers wanting to teach Good News Clubs for the children in the villages of Burma. Many read about this need and sent in enough money to buy 17 bicycles so missionaries can travel farther, reaching more children with the Good News Clubs. Please continue to pray for three more bicycles for these faithful workers.

Christian School Teacher Hired
SRI LANKA, South Asia—Abraham, a mission leader, wanted school children to learn about Jesus. He met with one of the school principals. During their conversation, it was agreed that a Christian teacher could present Christian truth in the school if her pay was supplied by the Christian ministry. Pastor Abraham sent an urgent plea for help in providing the teacher’s monthly support and Prayerline gifts came to pay for her salary for the entire school year. This was a great answer to prayer.

Saddle Up Your Horses
COLOMBIA, South America—Horses are slower than motor vehicles but in some places horses are preferred over vehicles. Native missionaries who travel rough jungle terrain find a horse more reliable. With generous gifts for horses and saddles, eight rural evangelists can now saddle up their horses. They are on the great adventure of taking the gospel to remote villages of Colombia. Please pray for the missionaries’ safety as they travel through dangerous areas.

Gun Shots on the Street
EGYPT, Middle East—How would you feel if you heard gun shots on the streets in your neighborhood? In recent times this kind of threat has become all too common on Egyptian streets. The good news is that troubles have caused many Egyptians who don’t know Jesus to think about where they will go when they die. Christians face threats to their lives by gunfire, but they have problems buying food and other important needs because of the fighting. Thanks to 29 Prayerline supporters who gave to help the missionaries with the high cost of food and housing, mission workers are able to continue to help Egyptians find true peace in knowing Jesus.

Nepal’s Extreme Mountain Biking Pastor
NEPAL, South AsiaExtreme mountain biking is a sport in America. But if you really want extreme mountain biking, go to Nepal! Nepal boasts the highest mountains in the world. Pastor Rai, who preaches in the mountain villages, saw his prayers answered for a mountain motorbike through Prayerline gifts. Pastor Rai didn’t want the motorbike for sport, but to travel to mountain villages bringing the gospel of Jesus to the Kirati Rai people, scattered throughout eight provinces in Nepal. It used to take Pastor Rai many days to reach each church, but thanks to generous gifts sent to Christian Aid, he can zip on his motor bike to visit all the churches in much quicker time.

Crowds Hear Good News at Wake
PHILIPPINES, Pacific Asia—Recently a godly Filipino lady went to be with Jesus. Large crowds came and heard the good news of Jesus at her wake—a time for family and friends to remember their loved one who died. Hundreds of people come to family wakes to honor the deceased. Customarily, Filipino families serve guests meals during the day and in the wee hours coffee or tea and snacks. A Christian ministry has discovered that people at wakes are more willing to listen to gospel films and preaching. However, the mission workers need newer film equipment to show the movies at more wakes. This is a need that still lacks the funds.

April 2013

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How Albanians Say “Thank You”
KOSOVO, Eastern Europe — When an Albanian woman in Kosovo says “thank you,” she places her hand on her chest to show that you have touched her heart. Violeta, a missionary wife with Open Doors Church, receives many warm “Thank Yous.” Twice a month she plans activities to encourage the local ladies, including helping them understand the Bible. If Violeta rubs a lady’s shoulder lightly, she would be saying “Good blessings to you.” Pray that many ladies will walk with Jesus. Violeta places her hand on her chest to say thank you from her heart for your prayers and to the 14 donors that sent in a gift to help pay for the ladies activities.

Jesus is Not a Bad Spirit Tribal God
PERU, South America — When missionaries carry the gospel truth to the Ashaninka tribal people, some people claim they want to rob the tribes of their beliefs. While many outsiders do go to the jungle lands for selfish reasons, true missionaries share hope, faith and courage. For centuries the Ashaninka tribes have feared spirit gods. Jesus wants them to be set free to trust him. Missionaries will be able to supply 196 poor kids with shoes and clothing due to the Prayerline gifts. This kindness shows that Jesus is not a bad spirit tribal god.

Five Living in One Room
NORTH KOREA, East Asia — If you are playing around instead of doing your class work, your teacher may confiscate (take) what you are playing with until it is time to go home. When Pastor E* was sent to prison for doing good, the government confiscated his house for keeps. Upon release he moved into a one-room house with five others. Twenty-one prayer partners gave gifts to build Pastor E. a new house with room for Christian meetings. At this point he has almost half of the price for a simple house. Continue to pray for Pastor E. *Name withheld for security

Off on a Mission Adventure
GUINEA BISSAU, Africa— Often young people join the navy for adventure. To escape poverty, Andre traveled to Senegal to join the navy, but God sent him on a better adventure. He married Vero and together they journeyed to a village to share the gospel. That adventure ended with the entire village believing in Jesus. Here is more good news. Encouraged by the Lord, they are ready to start a new missionary adventure to take the gospel back to their home in Guinea Bissau. Many Prayerline friends wanted to help Andre and Vero. Gifts came in to provide their living expenses for the next two years.

Longing to See Refugees Running to Jesus
IRAQ, Middle East — Running can be fun if it is a game, but running from a war is no game. To escape the fighting in Syria, many Syrians have fled to Jordan, Lebanon and even Northern Iraq. Believers with Shinar Mission wish to provide food, blankets, medicine, health care and Bibles. Believers, who see the poor refugees on the news, gave 87 gifts to Christian Aid for the refugee’s relief. This will allow the missionary to also bring the gospel to hurting people. Missionaries are longing to see refugees run to Jesus and then start strong Syrian churches.

Bible Quiz Kids
SRI LANKA, South Asia— Have you ever been in a Bible quiz? Sri Lanka is a large island south of India, and every year believers hold an Annual All Island Bible Quiz for kids. Children travel from all parts of the island to the capital city to compete in several rounds of challenging biblical questions and scriptural memory. This means many days of study in the Bible which will help these kids know God’s truth. The children in the Bible quiz want to thank you for the gifts to help cover the travel cost to the Bible Quiz event.

In Business to Share Jesus
TOGO, Africa — The apostle Paul helped finance his missionary trips by working as a tent maker. Today mission workers start a business as a way to pay their bills, but it also provides a way to share the gospel with people they do business with. We have nicknamed these missionaries “tent makers.” A gift given to start a business in a non-church community, is a wonderful way to move Christians into neighborhoods to plant a new church where there is no church. From the April Prayerline, enough money was sent in to help three missionary couples start a business in places that need to hear about Jesus.

March 2013

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Vero Brings Change to Her Village
SENEGAL, Africa— In Vero’s village, her father must pay a dowry to set up a marriage. Vero’s father had promised her to a man who she didn’t want to marry. Sadio, a Christian missionary, used $100 to pay the man’s family to stop the marriage deal. Vero became a Christian. Even though Vero is illiterate, (she can’t read) she was trained to understand the Bible. Vero taught the Bible in her village, and 45 people placed their faith in Christ. Sadio thanks you for praying for his ministry.

Rain Will Not Spoil Sunday School
PHILIPPINES, Pacific Asia — On a nice day, does your Sunday school teacher ever take the class outside? Every Sunday, regardless of weather, a group of Filipino children must have class outside. Missionary Max started the church out in the rural countryside with just a simple meeting hall. Many children enjoy coming, but there is no Sunday school meeting room. We asked you to pray for 50,000 pesos (Filipino money) for this building project for the kids. We are very pleased to tell you that gifts received paid for the entire project. Now rain will not spoil the children’s Sunday school lesson.

Carmen is a New Woman
BOLIVIA, South America— There is no telling how the Lord will reach people. Carmen ran a bar where people got drunk. God had a church next door. She would play her bar music so loud it would disturb the meetings. Carmen became gravely ill and called for the pastor to pray for her. Carmen listened and received Jesus as her Savior. She got well, closed her bar, and now holds Bible studies in her home. We received four gifts to continue the gospel mission work in Bolivia. They will be used to support missionaries and their families.

Warmed By Kindness
LEBANON, Middle East — Whether you are young or old, there’s nothing like a warm blanket on a cold day. For poor Syrian refugees escaping the fighting at home, a gift of a blanket ($10 each) from Lebanese Christians warms the body and soul. Muslim families appreciate the kindness shown by the followers of Jesus. Warmed by the kindness of Christians they are attending Christian meetings where they hear the gospel and willingly receive New Testaments ($2 each). We received 57 generous gifts that will allow the mission workers to help 30 Muslim families for the next year.

Pray For the Last One
CHINA, Asia — Even though the water in your faucet should be safe to drink, people often use a water filter to ensure clean, fresh drinking water. Due to serious water pollution in Henan and Yunnan provinces in China, two Bible schools needed water filters so students wouldn’t become sick from drinking the water. The funds were given to buy seven water filters, leaving only one building still in need of a filter.

Under The Big Tent
SIBERIA, Russia — Have you ever been in a large circus tent with hundreds of people? We call it being under the big tent. Christian Aid Mission bought a large tent, but it is not for a circus. Russian believers working among the Khakassian, Tuvian and Mongolian people groups use it for traveling evangelism. In a recent meeting 300 people went forward to receive Christ. However, everywhere they go the mission team has to find seating for the people coming to the big tent. Often the only seating they can create is made from hard wooden boards set on top of sawhorses. This type of seating is both hard and unstable. That is why the missionaries ask Christian Aid to help them buy 500 travel chairs ($4 each). Funds came in to buy 78 chairs. Please continue to pray for chairs for under the big tent.

Joyful Tea Party
SRI LANKA, South Asia — While sipping a cup of tea, most Americans don’t give a thought to the hard work of agriculture laborers on the tea plantations. One man called tea laborers a “neglected lot.” But God has not forgotten them. Faithful mission workers in Sri Lanka have invested years in caring for them and leading them to Christ. The believers had land in a tea plantation area but not enough money to build a church building. Prayerline partners reached out to help and sent the money for a building. The tea laborers must be having a joyful tea party to celebrate.

February 2013

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A Double Blessing
SRI LANKA, South Asia — Movie stars want many fans but “Missionary Mark” was praying for just six. No, he wasn’t looking for fans to idolize him. Mark was asking for six ceiling fans to cool the top floor of the local church so groups can use the “hot-prone” upstairs for Sunday school classes. Christians don’t look for fans to applaud their work; they just want to have the real fun of serving the Lord. Mark’s prayers and your prayers were answered. Not only did the donors supply the need for six fans, but double that amount. That means the extra will be used for other needs to advance the Lord’s work.

Repairs Made on Time
INDIA, South Asia — Much of the Jammu and Kashmir region is located around the Himalayan Mountains where the weather is brutal in the winter time. If you visited the ministry located there, James, the group’s leader, would likely show you the discipleship training center built two years ago. The winter weather had caused the new building to deteriorate. Because of gifts, needed repairs were made before the rainy season so discipleship training could continue. Praise the Lord! This need was met on time.

Cell Phones Useful in God’s Work
NORTH KOREA, East Asia Technology has opened up possibilities for evangelism even in difficult places. God is using cell phone technology to assist Christians living in North Korea. Cell phones that use Chinese cell towers are the fastest and safest way for “underground believers” to keep in touch to encourage each other in the good work and prevent problems. Our donors were so generous. Leadership partners will now be able to stay in touch using their new cell phones.

Joyful Baptisms
MALI, Africa — Keita went off to Bible school. As he studied, Keita realized that he wasn’t even a real Christian. Many people in church believe they are Christians but haven’t actually met the Lord. Keita was baptized and studied to be a missionary. Recently four of his family members were also baptized. Now Keita is ready to travel out on Mali’s bumpy “back roads” to preach the gospel. Donors gave a good portion of money needed to provide Keita a motorcycle to reach more people.

You Will Meet in Heaven
PALESTINE (GAZA), Middle East — The name Gaza, meaning “prized city,” was given by the ancient Egyptians. Today Palestinians in Gaza don’t feel very prized. The population, while youthful, doesn’t have much hope, largely due to ongoing conflict. There is only one small “visible church” in Gaza but God is mighty. The pastor must work another job because the small church cannot provide for his full salary. Thanks for caring. Eleven months of support was given. This will take the heavy burden off this hard-working pastor. For his protection we cannot tell you his name, but you will meet him in Heaven. Please, continue to pray for this pastor’s need and that the church will be a Light to many Palestinians who have no hope.

School Days Bring Joy
VIETNAM, Southeast Asia — What would happen to your future if you couldn’t finish school? Many tribal Vietnamese teens have given their lives to Christ. They have dreams to go to Bible school, but to do so they must first finish high school. Missionaries need education too. Sadly, many come from poor families who can’t afford the fees for high school. Prayerline partners supplied the fees for 24 worthy students. These school days will bring joy. Pray for good study habits for these young Christians.

The Word Finds a Home
ECUADOR, South America — Wherever you have missionaries working, you are likely to find church congregations—like in a prison. Gospel workers with Prison Outreach of Ecuador (POE) visit the prisons every day distributing literature, sharing the gospel, and leading Bible studies. POE has several congregations inside the prisons. Last year more than 300 inmates accepted Christ as Savior! The key to the ministry’s success is their commitment to provide free Bibles and study resources. Gifts to purchase 937 Bibles will mean that more than ever, the Word of the Lord will find a home in the hearts of prisoners.

January 2013

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Clean Water for Persecuted Believers
BANGLADESH, South Asia—In rural Bangladesh the village pump is the only safe water source. When a family turns to Christ, they are often forbidden to take water from the pump by the villagers. A local ministry team led by Pastor Das has plans to dig wells in villages where new believers are having problems. Prayerline donors did not turn their backs on these new believers who needed help. We received 71 gifts which will allow Pastor Das to dig 58 new wells. Pray that God will protect these new Christians and bring other villagers around to listen to the gospel.

Peruvian Kids Outfitted for School
PERU, South AmericaPeruvian village children who live in the cool Andes Mountains air are thankful for their warm traditional clothing. Their Mamas spin warm llama or goat wool into yarn to weave sweaters and blankets. However, gifts from mission workers also bring joy to poor mountain children. Christian Aid was able to send funds to outfit 177 children with shoes and school supplies. Many of their parents give a listening ear to the gospel preached by the missionaries due to the love showered on their children.

Christian Thinking is Taboo
NORTH KOREA, Asia—What difference does it make where a person is born? What is the difference between a free and repressive country? North Korea is one of the most repressive lands in the world. Christian thinking is taboo which means it is not allowed. We couldn’t show you the faces of North Korean Christians in Prayerline for Kids because believers would be arrested. But that didn’t stop you from sending in gifts to encourage these persecuted believers. Pray for God’s power to change hearts as these brave believers quietly share the gospel.

Food is Not Enough
CONGO BRAZZAVILLE, Africa—You would be grinning if you were hungry and someone handed you a big bowl of food. Not only do the missionaries provide nutritious food for orphan children, they have learning materials and teachers who are ready to teach school because of gifts received. The Christian teachers also see that the kids understand the ways of Christ.

Cherished Wedding Bands Sacrificed
NEPAL, South AsiaWedding bands are kept as a treasure by those in love. But in order to buy a piece of land to build a church, a dear pastor and his sweet wife felt that the Lord wanted them to sell their cherished bands. Things seemed to go from bad to worse. Due to troubles, they were forced to spend the money for other needs. Thank the Lord another plot of land was donated so all they need is a building. Close to 1/3 of the funds needed have been sent to begin the building. Continue to pray for the remaining amount to be added.

The Gift of Hope
JORDAN, Middle East—Thousands of “war refugees” were uprooted from their homes in Syria and now crowd into any housing they can find in neighboring Jordan. Praise the Lord for the 65 financial gifts that brought relief to despairing refugees. Last winter gospel mission workers visited the needy distributing warm blankets, winter jackets, and sweaters. During their visit they often found hopeless people open to hear about the gift of hope that Christ offers. Christian love makes a difference.

The Change is Obvious!
SIBERIA, Russia—People might argue over whether the Bible is true or not. But when longtime alcoholics or drug addicts are changed by Christ, what is there to argue about? The change is obvious! Through Blessing Mission, many former drug addicts and drunks in the Irtkutsk region of Siberia have been transformed by the power of Christ. When they sing and speak about how Christ saved them from their hopeless life, people listen and believe. In response to the request for repairs of the future housing facilities, seven kind Prayerline gifts were received. The needs for this ministry are ongoing so thank you for your ongoing prayers.

December 2012

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Great Opportunity Awaits Answer
LEBANON, Middle East—Fleeing war, thousands of Syrian families crowd Lebanese towns. If thousands of refugee families crowded your home town, would there be room in your school for the children? Cedar of Lebanon’s school is making room for 200 refugee children. This is a great opportunity but with nine gifts given more funds are needed for teachers and textbooks. Pray that these children will experience new life in Christ.

Hooray Half Way
NIGERIA, Africa—We live in a mobile culture. We are on the move in cars, buses, trains and airplanes. Fulani nomad children are also mobile. They trek the fields and valleys, spending their days herding cattle in Nigeria—home to 7 million Fulani people. Missionary Crusaders Ministries are leading many tribal people to Christ. Often this brings threats from their Muslim landlords. Christian Aid has provided money to purchase land. Praise God we have reached the half way mark toward the building goal. Pray for the remaining funds to build a mission base.

Nations within Nations
BHUTAN, South Asia—Countries on a map are labeled nations, but within each country there can be different people groups, also called nations. For example, the different Native American tribes in the United States are called Indian Nations. Bhutan has 34 people groups with their own language and culture. Only six of the 34 groups have a Christian witness. Your gifts received for Bibles will supply 839 Bibles to give out. Please pray that the Bhutanese Christians will be able to reach these lost nations with the gospel.

A Caring Touch
GUATEMALA, Central America—Visitors explore Guatemala’s mountains, beaches, jungles, rivers, and volcanoes. Not too many visit the slums. Jorge Gonzalez knows slum living. At an early age he had to fend for himself—living in abandoned cars and eating garbage—until a Christian aunt took him in. Today Jorge and his loving wife Noemi run an after school program for 150 children in Gaujitos, a slum in Guatemala City. Because you care, Christian Aid Mission was able to send money to meet their needs for three months.

Christmas for Poor Palestinian Christians
PALESTINE, Middle East—In battles between street gangs, innocent bystanders can be shot, and even killed. We call this being “caught in the crossfire.” Sometimes we say people are caught in the crossfire, but we may not be talking about a real gun battle. Palestinian Christians are caught in the middle of trouble between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims. The Christian Palestinians are persecuted by both sides. Bethlehem Bible College encourages forgiveness and gives aid towards needs. We received 29 generous gifts over the Christmas season for helping poor Palestinian Christians.

Future Greetings in Heaven
CHINA, Asia—When you see a handicapped person, it is an opportunity to treat those with limitations as respectfully as the most popular or talented people. Our kindness speaks of the worth of every person in God’s eyes. Joseph and his father, who is a well-respected doctor, oversee the care of 44 children in the Ark Handicapped Orphanage. They grow their own vegetables to provide nutritious meals. Their soil is hard and the growing season is short, which means the orphanage must buy food grown elsewhere. We received 36 gifts for additional food supplies. These precious kids will one day run to greet the big-hearted givers in Heaven.

DVDs Effective Evangelism
TURKEY, Eurasia—Lydia*, an elderly lady who couldn’t even read, started a new church. She received a gospel DVD from her son. She watched it and believed in Christ. She invited friends to watch with her, who also received the truth of Jesus. They contacted the Christian mission that distributed the DVD asking for a Bible teacher for their group. Prayerline gifts provided 818 additional DVDs to share Christ inside Turkey. * name changed for security

November 2012

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Sewing More than Clothes
PAKISTAN, South AsiaPoliticians make lofty promises when they want our vote, but they seldom are able to bring their words to real action. Pakistani Christians are bringing God’s instruction to help the poor into real action. In one city they have opened three sewing schools to help poor, uneducated women learn a job skill. They share God’s truth as they teach. Christian leaders requested funds to open two more sewing centers in villages. Not only are the ladies taught to sew clothing, the believers are sewing God’s word into their hearts through their loving concern. While only three gifts came in to open two more sewing centers, the Pakistani believers are so grateful for your kindness. Your prayers and gifts have made a big difference through the years.

A Good Shot in the Arm
BURMA, Southeast Asia——Getting a shot at the doctor’s office is not pleasant, but you’re old enough to realize that it’s for your benefit. Many little Burmese children lack needed medicine. At Evangelical Believers Children’s Homes children receive loving care, including medical attention. The mission workers also go out and provide medical care to the poor as they preach the gospel in impoverished communities. Gifts receive from our November Prayerline provided funds to supply 2,027 children with life-saving medicine. This is like a “good shot in the arm” in supplying the need for their medical ministry.

Prayerline Friends Build a Bridge to People’s Hearts!
TURKEY, Eurasia—Bridges bring people together. The location of Turkey makes it a natural land bridge between two continents—Europe and Asia. Christians in Turkey want to be a bridge to bring the unsaved to Christ. Satan wants to scare people away. Sometimes the police spy on any Muslim who attends a Christian church. Muslims are fearful of facing family problems if they go to church. Wise missionaries go to them, giving free DVDs ($5 each) that explain the gospel. Prayerline friends came through with funds to purchase exactly 288 gospel DVDs.

Growing Sunday Schools have Growing Needs
HONDURAS, Central America—Winter might not be the time of year that you would want to be baptized outside, but in Honduras the climate is hot to mild all year long. Also it’s easy to find an outdoor spot for baptism since Honduras is a water-rich country. This is good because Prince of Peace Mission is seeing many people received Christ. Sunday schools are growing. We received 9 gifts that supplied material for 4 churches. Please continue to pray for the remaining 16 churches in need of teaching materials for the new believers.

Building and Heart Repairs Needed
BELARUS, Eastern EuropeBelarusians often welcome visitors into their homes with a warm slice of rye bread. Likewise, Christians are called to warmly welcome people to Christ, even those who are making bad choices. Many troubled people in Belarus have turned to drugs and alcohol instead of seeking God. Christians have purchased an old building to bring these addicts out of the cold and into a new way of life with Christ. At this stage, they have received a little more than 1/3 of the funds needed to make vital building repairs. Continue your prayers for building repairs and for heart repairs by Jesus in the lives of people addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Seven Sent to Bring Heaven’s Blessings
IVORY COAST (also known as Côte d'Ivoire), West Africa—If you enjoy a warm cup of cocoa, you might find it interesting to know that the Ivory Coast is the world’s largest exporter of cocoa beans. The Ivoirian people share their cocoa with us, and we can share something even more valuable with them. Seven Ivoirian Christians studied at the African School of Missions. They want to share the gospel in the Ivory Coast with unreached people groups. We received 9 gifts to help these seven missionaries. Pray for Heaven’s blessings on these seven.

Persecuted but not Forsaken
EGYPT, Middle East—The pyramids might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Egypt. But lately, the TV cameras have recorded trouble in Egypt. The Christian community is hurting. Church buildings have been attacked and Christians mistreated. In these troubled times, fear is present for Christians and Muslims alike. Native missionaries use the terrible events to show God’s love through acts of kindness, which opens hearts for the gospel. They are persecuted but not forsaken. Financial help poured in which is very encouraging to these persecuted believers. The need is ongoing which means there is still need for prayer and support for faithful Egyptian believers.

October 2012

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A Vision Still to Become Real
KAZAKHSTAN, Central Asia—For centuries Kazakhstan was inhabited by free roaming nomads caring for their sheep, goats and, yaks. “Kazakh” (a Turkic word, meaning free spirit) was combined with “stan” (a Persian word for land). Kazakhs and other local ethnic groups love freedom yet most have never heard of the real freedom Jesus brings. How can they when there are so few churches? A Kazakh Christian ministry wants to start 1000 new churches in Central Asia. We received five kind gifts to encourage the Kazakh believers. Continue to pray for the additional funds to assist the missionary church planters.

Why is Freddy Wearing a Big Grin?
CHINA, Asia—At least that is how we all picture Freddie Sun up in Heaven. He must see multitudes of Chinese even today entering the kingdom because he was faithful to the Lord. The Communist government sent Freddie to prison but God eventually moved Freddie and his lovely wife, Dorothy to America to work with Christian Aid. The Suns rallied many Western Christians to help Chinese believers spread the gospel. In August Freddie entered his greatest adventure—he traveled to Heaven. Freddie would not want you to cry for him but to pray for Dorothy and the needs of Chinese Christians. Praise the Lord! Multitudes of donors sent in memorial gifts to carry the gospel to the far corners of China.

Music to Moses’ Ear
MALI, Africa—Moses, in the Bible, is famous the world over. Today, a Mali Christian goes by the name of Moses, but he has no desire to be famous. Moses used to be an Imam, (leader) in Islam. It’s wise for him to quietly share the gospel since Muslims who turn to Christ are persecuted. Moses wants to lead people to faith in Christ. Pray for Moses’ safety. Almost five months of support funds came in through Prayerline gifts to help Moses spread the gospel in Mali. That is music to his ear.

Keep Up the Good Work of Prayer
PHILIPPINES, Pacific Asia—Not all neighbors are neighborly. The family who ran a business in a neighborhood house often caused trouble for Public Preaching Ministry (PPM). For three years the believers prayed and fasted for these troublesome neighbors. Recently they witnessed a miraculous change of heart. The disagreeable family came and asked forgiveness which shows you what prayer can do. These repentant neighbors now want to sell their home to PPM to help the ministry. It’s a good price and location. So far we received five gifts but have a long way to go. Let’s join with them to keep up the good work of prayer.

Jesus Party
BOLIVIA, South America—The Quechua tribal people are decedents of the ancient Inca Empire that you may have studied in school. They are a tight-knit community where family is important. Quechua Evangelistic Outreach planed an annual Christmas party for the local Quechua Tribal community. Both parents and children gladly attended. Because 31 donors gave, workers were able to distribute free shoes and clothing to all the children invited to the “Jesus Party.” Pray that many will receive Christ and attend church.

Sadio Must Be Dancing!
West Africia (Country not disclosed for security.)—As a homeless boy, Sadio was living in a garbage dump. Rescued by a Christian, Sadio soon took the gospel to other street children, sharing food and clothing. Sadly, the only home they had was the streets. Today, Sadio is a grown man—married with four children of his own. He works as a missionary. Through support from Christian Aid, a Christian orphanage now cares for hundreds of children. Celebrate! Sadio is. In fact he must be dancing. The 49 recent Prayerline gifts from caring Christians will keep the orphanage operating during this season.

We Waited for Word Back
LAOS, Southeast Asia—Sometimes people misbehave at parties and end up being arrested. The Laotian Christians in 2011 threw a Christmas party celebrating the birth of Christ. The entire villages showed up to hear the wonderful Christmas story. There was no bad behavior but authorities hostile to the gospel became angry at the huge turn out. The Christians leaders who hosted the party were arrested. That is why we asked you to pray this year before hand. We waited to post these answers until we received word back. The Christmas party in 2012 was peaceful. The angels in Heaven are celebrating because many have received the message of Christ. Now that’s a real party! Thanks for praying.

September 2012

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Time To Hit the Books
GUINEA CONAKRY, West AfricaGuinean children in West Africa are proud to have new school books provided by friends at Christian Aid. Native missionaries are helping poor children receive a Christian education; however their building rent is too expensive. Praise the Lord, Prayerline donors gave the money to purchase the land needed. Continue to pray for the final amount to build a sturdy building.

Taking Care of Our Father’s Business
UKRAINE, Eastern Europe—At age six Vladislav was sent to live with his ill grandmother in a damp basement with no windows. Sadly, his grandmother died. Good Samaritan Mission took him into their loving care facility. Because of his family’s problems, Vladislav got behind in his school work. Upon hearing of Vladislav’s need to catch up with his class, nine supporters saw this need as a way to be about the Father’s business of caring for a child in need. They gave the funds to pay for 23 weeks of tutoring. Continue to pray for the well being of the orphan children and the mission workers caring for needy children.

The Need for Speed
BANGLADESH, South Asia—A bicycle definitely allows for faster travel than walking, or even running. Missionaries who start who churches among unreached people in the Bangladesh countryside—where there is little public transportation—can’t make much progress visiting people by walking from village to village. This will soon change. Funds have been provided to give 27 bicycles to cut travel time significantly, so they reach more villagers. When it comes to bringing the gospel to those dying without Christ—there is a need for speed.

We’re Not Kidding
JORDAN, Middle EastBedouins, who can be leery of outsiders, need to experience God’s love through friendships. Native ministry leaders run a Goat Project to provide free goats and veterinary services as a way to build relationships and share the gospel. Because you prayed and gave, Bedouins will see Christians are not kidding when they say they care about the poor Bedouin community. Recent Prayerline gifts toward this project will allow missionaries to assist by supplying 66 goats to needy families. The Bedouin children help care for the goats. The milk is sold in the market and the goat hair used for tent-making. Pray that the Bedouins will open their hearts to the best friendship—with Jesus.

Prayer Warrior Victory
COLUMBIA, South AmericaGuerillas make the jungles of Columbia a dangerous place. We are not talking about large apes called gorillas, but guerrilla fighters in warfare with the government. They often see mission workers who preach the truth of God in remote jungle villages as a threat. But that does not stop indigenous believers who do battle in prayer from working among the poor villagers. Prayerline prayer warriors can rejoice. Due to the gifts received missionaries will be able to give a pair of shoes and new clothing to 150 needy children this Christmas. Continue to pray for safety and that many villagers will trust Christ.

The Wheels on the Bus Will Go Round and Round
THAILAND, Southeast Asia—Nearly 1000 underprivileged students from Buddhist families attend a wonderful Christian school. Their poor parents don’t complain about the children studying the Bible since the school is free. Pray that many students will receive Christ. The mission also provides a bus so no child will be hindered from getting to school. The wheels on the bus will go round and round, picking students up, because the gifts sent in will cover the entire transportation need for this school year.

Let God’s Light Pour Out!
BURMA (Myanmar), Southeast Asia—Mission workers walk countless miles to bring the gospel to the Burmese Hill Tribes. Since few villages have electricity, they need a light source for preaching at night gatherings. Gas generators are too heavy to carry—plus gasoline is expensive. Solar panels are lightweight. They collect the energy of the sun and store it in attached batteries for nighttime use. Because the Prayerline gifts poured in to buy 22 solar panels, God’s light will pour out to unreached tribal people.

August 2012

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Arab Christians’ Bold Endeavors
Syrian Refugees, Middle East—The so-called “Arab Spring” has not been friendly to Christians. It has made it even more dangerous to preach Christ. Yet Arab Christians are bold to share Christ as they help Syrian refugees with emergency aid. These dire circumstances touched the hearts of our supporters who reached out generously to help hurting families. Pray for the fighting to cease. Remember the Christians and pray for their persecutors to trust Christ.

Creating a Better Future for Kids
SRI LANKA, South Asia—Did you ever wonder where salt comes from? Salt is a mineral. While some salt is mined deep underground, in Sri Lanka they also harvest salt in salt-beds through solar evaporation from seawater. Poor day laborers in the salt-beds of Sri Lanka are often mothers who, while working, have no one to care for their children. Christians started a safe daycare center teaching the ways of Jesus. Prayerline gifts from our donors in August will cover the entire cost for a three and one half month period—creating a better future for kids. Pray that through these efforts kids and family members will also come to Christ.

Always the Right Time
SIBERIA, Subarctic Russia—Siberia is in the subarctic region right below the Arctic Circle. The climate is not as cold as the North Pole but the summer growing season is short. Regardless of what season we are in, it is always the right time to study the Bible and grow in Christian faith. Eager Siberian students, far from a school, can learn without leaving their village through a Video Bible School. This keeps tuition costs low but even so, low income students still need assistance. The funds given will help but the need is still great. Please remain in prayer for this unmet need.

Tribal People Waiting to Hear
NIGERIA, Africa—What if no one in your community had the faintest idea of who Jesus was? For years John and Ruth practiced ancestor worship (praying to dead relatives for help) since they knew no better. Today John and Ruth are radiant Christians thrilled that their baby, Michael, will grow up knowing the ways of God because American Christians gave to send a mission worker to their village. Your prayers and generous gifts given for this cause will help native believers to bring the gospel to tribal people waiting to hear.

366 Bibles
INDONESIA, Southeast Asia—Are you working hard in school? Antiokhia Ministry provides schooling for missionaries. They want serious students. Before a student pastor can graduate from the missionary training, he must establish a new church with at least 21 new Christians. Missionaries are supplied with free Bibles for each person they lead to Christ. Praise the Lord, we received enough funds to buy 366 Bibles. Pray for these pastors in training and the new believers.

A Cheerful Gang
ARGENTINA, South America—The Wichi, a tribal people, traditionally survived by hunting and fishing, but outsiders have taken over lands once used for hunting. Associated Ministries, a Christian mission, has helped them adjust by teaching them adult job skills such as brick-making and masonry. They set up free medical clinics and a daily nutritious meal center for 110 poor Wichi children. When it is supper time at the center, the children are a cheerful gang. Many Wichi have become Christians. The cost for nourishing meals was donated through Prayerline gifts for an entire month.

Giving the Encouragement of Song
LAOS, Southeast Asia—Does your church use song books called hymnals as you sing, or do they project the lyrics to praise songs on a screen for worshipers to see? Most churches in Laos have no such high-tech equipment. They requested the money to purchase hymnals to use in their worship services. So far, gifts to provide 51 hymnals have arrived. Thank you! Singing praise to the Lord is encouraging to Laotian believers who often live among neighbors who discriminate against Christians.

July 2012

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Making Progress after Accident
INDIA, South Asia—Samuel and his wife Chandrika are dedicated to bringing unreached people groups to saving faith. Recently Chandrika was in a car accident and suffered a serious head injury. She is recovering and making progress in physical therapy but the medical expenses are great. They are thankful for the 21 gifts sent by generous donors. Pray for Chandrika’s healing and for additional funds still needed to pay off the medical bills.

Internet Ministry in Jeopardy
PERSIAN GULF STATES, Middle East—Because computer use has increased in recent years, Middle Eastern people are willing to view new ideas. The Internet allows more “free-flow-of-information.” Sadly, recent Middle East events resulted in unrest that has caused some countries to even shut down some types of internet use. The need for funds to develop more Gospel Web Pages is still unmet. Pray for peace so the Internet Ministry can reach people in the Middle East.

Gift for New Believers
PARAGUAY, South America—Does your church pass an offering plate during the service? Often instead of taking a collection in church services, Paraguay Missionary Churches distribute aid to needy people. That does not mean that poor believers do not do their part in sharing the gospel. PMC workers have plans for several evangelistic outreaches involving the new churches they have started. Donors responded warmly for the request for funds to buy Bibles. Soon PMC can purchase 218 Bibles to be given to new believers who the church members bring to Christ.

Smiles Galore
JORDAN, Middle East—Do your parents prompt you to smile when posing for a picture? Bringing a smile to the face of another is better than posing. We wrote that there will be no happy first day of school for poor Bedouin and Gypsy children who lack school supplies. Today there are many happy faces. We received funds to supply school materials for 69 poor Bedouin and Gypsy children. Thank the Lord for the good response.

Vocational School is not a Vacation
CONGO BRAZZAVILLE, Africa—Some people go to vocational school where they learn a trade—job skill. Elijah’s ministry provides shelter, discipline and vocational schooling for 35 orphans. Three of the oldest students are in studies for careers in tailoring, baking and healthcare. Nine more students are ready to start but lack tuition for job training. At this point the funds have come in for six additional students. Please continue to pray for the remaining money needed.

Happy to Report
NEPAL, South Asia—Pastor Bir saw the need to provide a school for uneducated children. The children come from the remote mountains of Nepal where they were used to cooler temperatures than exist in the two-story school dorm. We are happy to report gifts poured in to purchase the needed ceiling fans to create a healthier sleeping environment. Thank you! The children can now get the rest they need for proper learning.

In Time for Winter
THE UKRAINE, Eastern Europe—Growing children do best in loving families. This principle caused Emmanuel Mission to provide for orphans in family-style living. A large home is divided into separate apartments with surrogate parents—married Christian couples caring for each small group of orphans. The children’s home in Krasnoarmeisk houses 27 children in different family units. They requested a new boiler for steam heat to provide warmth in time for winter. Proof of God’s grace: The entire amount has been supplied by our generous donors.

June 2012

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Middle East Audience Growing
PERSIAN GULF STATES, Middle East—Study a map to locate the the Persian Gulf States: Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Even though responses in these Muslim lands can be hostile towards the gospel, Christian radio and gospel internet websites find their audience growing in the Middle East. Christian media ministries contact Christian Arabs to quietly follow-up each inquiry and pass out gospel packets. Prayerline donors responded with 29 generous gifts since June. This outpouring of support will provide 446 packets. Pray that many Arabs will trust Christ.

Chandima and Rebecca Encouraged
SRI LANKA, South AsiaMotorized three-wheel bikes are popular in Sri Lanka where cars are too expensive for the average person. As a husband and wife team, Chandima and Rebecca, travel to churches doing ministry together. Often they find themselves stranded far from home because public transportation is undependable. They need a vehicle of their own. Chandima and Rebecca are encouraged by gifts sent to Christian Aid for their need. Pray that soon the rest of the funds needed to buy a reliable motorize three-wheel bike will be given.

Building Back after Tragic Fire
NIGER (pronunciation: nezhair), Africa—Have you ever visited a farmer’s market with many outdoor booths selling farm fresh food? Outdoor booths are typical in African shopping markets. In order for poor Christians in Niger to support themselves and their mission work, many run a family business at the Central market. A tragic fire burnt an entire market to the ground. There is no insurance, so Christian Aid was pleased to receive 19 generous Prayerline gifts to help Christians rebuild. Pray that the mission-minded families will be financially stable so they can continue their good work for Christ.

Pray for Open Hearts
BHUTAN, South Asia—Bhutan is a Buddhist Kingdom, tucked in the eastern end of the Himalaya Mountains. Only a few Christians live there. Years ago a Bhutanese pastor fled his home country due to threats on his life. Because of your caring gifts, the Lord has open a way for him to do “underground work” traveling among village people. For security reasons we can’t disclose the pastor’s name but please pray for his safety and for open hearts as he shares Christ.

Nearly 90 and Still Leading
INNER MONGOLIA, CHINA, Asia—Mongolia’s landscape is mostly steppes—prairie grasslands. Outer Mongolia is outside of China, while Inner Mongolia is part of China. Gao (Gow) was a committed communist in Inner Mongolia and did not believe in God. One day he saw a bright light and heard a voice from God that caused him to trust Christ. Pray for Elder Gao, now nearly 90, yet still busy training young Christians. Praise the Lord! Gifts continue to come in to help his schools train Christian leaders.

Pray for Prayer Partners
PERU, South America—Julio, a poor Peruvian villager did not have a cheerful life like he desired. He was addicted to drugs and had no hope. Gratefully Julio escaped the “drug world” when he received Christ and was discipled by mission workers from New Life Evangelistic Ministry. While we received 11 loving donations to support native mission workers, please continue to pray for prayer partners who will commit to monthly support for work among the rural villages.

Avid Radio Listeners
RUSSIA, Eurasia—Americans often tune into radio while in their cars but Russian are avid listeners in their homes. Via (by) satellite, 103 million families can be reached with Christian Radio for Russia—helping many to come to Christ. Recently, we received an urgent plea for help. An important piece of equipment—an audio compressor—has broken down which is needed to produce good quality gospel broadcast. So far, half of the funds have been given. Please pray for the remaining amount need to replace the audio compressor so that many listeners can hear the gospel.

May 2012

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BENIN, Africa—Benin is the birthplace of voodoo, a religion where witch doctors control people’s lives through worship of evil spirits and idols. Gaston, a well educated Christian, wants to free people from these false beliefs. He quit his high-paying job to start New Birth Mission. Following the pattern of Jesus, Gaston trained 12 missionary disciples to carry the gospel to three people groups immersed in voodoo and idolatry. The new believers are growing in Christ and needed Bibles. Joining together with Gaston, 30 Prayerline donors gave to provide 138 Bibles for these new believers.

ECUADOR, South America—Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and toilet paper may not seem like a big deal to you or I, but to prisoners who lack these “necessaries,” a gift of a toiletry kit ($10 each) is a big deal. Because you prayed and gave 140 prisoners in Ecuador will receive a kit. Prison Outreach has seen hundreds of prisoners receive Christ through showing kindness and sharing God’s word with inmates. Prison officials notice the difference Christ makes in lives—among the Christian prisoners there is little or no fighting or drug use.

TURKEY, EurasiaThe Bosphourus Bridge in Istanbul—Turkey’s largest city—connects Europe with Asia. Turkey is categorized as Eurasia (Europe +Asia). Turkey is an important crossroads for spreading the gospel on both continents. Generous gifts from 24 donors will allow bold Turkish Christians to share the gospel with people from many backgrounds this month. Continue to pray for the believers to be reinforced with evangelistic pamphlets and follow-up New Testaments for future months. Pray for open hearts to God’s truth

VIETNAM, Southeast AsiaLeprosy can be a crippling disease that damages nerves and causes numbness in the arms and legs. Without proper care, victims can loose limbs. Last year 430 Christian lepers in the Central Highland region were encouraged by Vietnamese Evangelical Churches help in time of their need. Gifts of livestock (baby chicks and goats) provide the lepers with a means of support, and care packages help them tend to their physical needs. This need so captured the hearts of our prayer partners that the mission workers will be able to care for 1000 villagers with leprosy this year.

BOLIVIA, South America—Is your family making plans to travel this summer? Bolivian missionaries also have to plan and pack carefully, but not for a vacation. They travel to remote riverside communities in Bolivia to plant new churches. After years of work in villages, they are finally seeing good results. In one local church, 17 new believers were baptized. Growing congregations in 12 villages were praying for more Bibles and Sunday school material. All twelve churches will soon have new teaching materials since this need was completely covered by gifts from caring friends.

SENEGAL, West Africa—Do you love to play at a local playground? Missionaries were praying for funds to help care workers build a playground for little Senegalese orphans. Christians have built an orphanage and taken in homeless children. House parents lovingly nurture children in Christian living, but the kids lacked a safe play area. But that will not last long. Enough funds were supplied to erect three swing sets and one jungle gym, with $60 left over for nets, soccer balls and volleyballs.

SYRIA, Middle East—Most people prefer to stay in the land where they were born. When things are in turmoil from civil war—as in Syria today—many people are forced to flee their homes. Refugees are on the run, seeking a safer place, and looking for a helping hand. Four different mission groups in Syria are assisting hurting people: providing practical care and spiritual direction. A sum of 48 gifts were received so that a total of 451 New Testaments and 351 Children’s story Bibles can be purchased for distribution. Syrians are looking for answers in the midst of the confusion they face.

March 2012

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Providing a Christian Upbringing
West Africa—Many “street children” in African are not orphans, it’s just that their poor parents find it hard to provide even food and clothes so paying school fees would be out of the question. Christian mission workers, sent by God, offer help with food, clothing, medicine and Christian education so poor children will have a Christian upbringing, saving them from those who would mistreat them on the street. Prayerline partners gave to provide for 32 needy children for the next three months. (country not identified for security reasons)

A Flood of Love
BURMA (Myanmar), South East Asia—Rice, a staple food in Asia, is grown in shallow water-filled paddies. Rain is good as long as you don’t receive too much. Recent destructive flooding ruined all the rice fields in a region where an indigenous missionary has worked for two years to explain the gospel to the villagers. Due to the floods, there will be no crops for the villagers for several months. The flood supplies a great opportunity to show them God’s love through Christians. Emergency food help is being supplied to 600 Burmese families affected. Instead of a destructive flood, this is a flood of love. Pray that they will trust Jesus.

Captured on Camera
Andaman Islands, South Asia—Imagine a primitive place with no electricity, telephones, toilets, schools, or even a written language. Some spots among Andaman’s 572 islands would qualify as primitive. Indian missionaries must travel 750 miles off the coast of India, in the Bay of Bengal, to evangelize unreached tribes using gospel films. Mission workers need digital cameras to capture the work in photos to show supporters how God is working. Two generous givers gave enough for one digital camera. Four more missionaries are waiting for a digital camera.

Teens Winning Teens
JORDAN, Middle East—You don’t have to be an adult to be a missionary. You can share Jesus with your friends. A ministry in Jordan trains Christian Bedouin teens to be missionaries. Young people in the Bedouin community are more willing to take gospel materials and Bibles given by someone their own age. Prayerline contributions will allow these Jordanian believers to acquire 418 Bible to distribute. Pray that these young gospel workers will be bold in sharing Jesus and lead many Bedouins of their generation to Christ.

Read and Heed
HONDURAS, Central America—Little Honduran children enjoy parties. Día del Niño is a children’s day celebrated in homes, schools and churches with piñatas full of treats. Did you know that in Heaven there are also great celebrations? When people repent and trust Jesus—Heaven throws a party! Prince of Peace Ministries rejoices too, as they preach in remote villages, and see people trust Jesus. Praise the Lord, gifts came in to Christian Aid to provide 132 new Christians with a Bible of their own. Pray that they will be faithful to read and heed (obey) God’s Word.

For Year to Come
KYRGYZSTAN, Central Asia—Computer games and TV tend to cause many American kids to skip doing healthy, physical activities. Even Kyrgyzstani youth fail to be active because of modern gadgets. A gospel ministry has a camping program. When teens are out hiking and camping, they enjoy the beautiful world that God created. They are refreshed in their spirit, and more receptive to hear the teachings of Christ. Funds were supplied for 14 new tents. For years to come, many Kyrgyzstani youngsters will reflect on God’s truth while on Christian retreats.

Travel to Tribal People
CHINA, East Asia—Do you enjoy eating olives? Jesus often visited an olive grove on the slopes of a mountain near Jerusalem to pray. Some Christians in Beijing, the capital city of China, named their Bible training school after this famous place. Each year students from the Mount of Olives Bible Seminary take a mission trip to far places in China—bringing the gospel to Muslins, Tibetans, and tribal people. Pray for the funds for this year’s trip.

February 2012

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Goat’s Milk with Meals
NEPAL, South Asia—Winter is hard for people living in the Himalayan Mountains near the Tibetan border so they are glad that spring has come. While strong Buddhist beliefs are an obstacle to the gospel, Christians have found villagers willing to listen as they provide for urgent needs of poor families. Recent Prayerline gifts came in to provide 106 village families with a pair of goats to providing nutritious milk and wool for clothing—creating a better livelihood for each poor family. Pray that many will listen with open hearts as the missionaries share the gospel.

Discipled in Christian Living
ISLAMIC AFRICA—Thanks to loving gifts from Christian Aid donors, a Christian school has opened it doors to 300 children in their Islamic country. They are now being educated and discipled in Christian living by native missionaries who love the Lord. Praise the Lord, 14 more gifts came in toward school furnishings and equipment. Continue to pray for the rest of the needs for the school.

In Spite of Danger
COLOMBIA, South America—Colombia can boast of having beautiful Andes Mountain ranges and gorgeous Pacific beaches, but few American tourists venture there due to a travel advisory from the State Department. Guerrilla fighters sometimes bully people to gain control over the government. Colombian Christians bravely spread the gospel in remote jungle villages in spite of danger from the guerrillas. Thanks to 20 gifts toward the Bible fund, 113 Bibles can be distributed among the growing number of new believers.

Medical Camps Save Lives and Souls
INDIA, South AsiaBangalore, the modern capital city of the state of Karnataka, is a leader in the rapid increase of technology in India. Yet many villages there are so “backward” that they have few schools, hospitals, or even electricity. Indian Christian workers provide free medical camps to treat poor villagers and give them the good news of new life in knowing Christ. Because friends of Christian Aid cared there is now adequate funding for 18 medical camps in the coming months. Pray that many villagers will receive Christ through this ministry.

Billions Spent—Peace Still Missing without Jesus
IRAQ, Middle East—Money can buy things like a toy, DVD, or book—but money cannot buy everything. One thing the people in Iraq know is that money cannot buy peace. Governments have spent billions of dollars fighting to bring peace to Iraq, but only Jesus can bring true peace by changing people’s hearts. Christian Aid Mission donors generously sent 47 gifts to buy gospel DVDs ($1 each) and New Testaments ($2 each) so that many Iraqi people will have a chance to find peace by trusting Christ.

Lights, Camera and Gospel Action!
UKRAIN, EuropePrayerline friends have given to put a Ukrainian evangelist, Slavik Radchuk in front of a TV camera. Recently Slavik spent two months traveling in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Siberia. He was able to preach in 18 mass meetings and make 52 TV and 13 radio Christian programs to broadcast the gospel to millions of people. These broadcasts do not come free so continue to pray for more gifts needed to buy broadcast time.

Still Waiting for Green Light
UZBEKISTAN, Central Asia—What do Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan have in common? All end with “stan” which means “land.” Uzbekistan means “land of Uzbeks.” Uzbekistan is a hub—meaning it is in the center—sharing a border with all other “stan” countries except Pakistan. Despite persecution, Uzbekistan has a vibrant Christian community capable of offering Christian training to believers from all these “stan” nations. So far, Christian Aid Mission received three gifts to help poor students with financial needs for travel, lodging and books but others are still waiting for “the green light,” meaning the needed money to pay for schooling. Pray for this need to be met soon.

January 2012

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Prayerline Family Meets the Need
SIBERIA, North Asia—When the temperature drops below 32°, we think it is freezing outside. For people living in Siberia that would be a heat wave where the winter temperatures range between -10° and -50°. Recently a new church group in the Siberian village of Troitsk received the gift of an older wooden house on a few acres of land for a worship center. However, it lacked a heating system so vital in winter weather. The complete need was quickly collected through the Prayerline family donors. Praise the Lord!

Creative Way to Bring Hope
CHAD, Africa—Can you imagine travel without paved roads and bridges? With a vast desert and little infrastructure—few paved roads, bridges and phone lines throughout the country—Chad has been called the “Dead Heart of Africa.” Bible believing natives bring hope by finding creative ways to deliver the Christian message of life. English classes are popular and provide a “friendly atmosphere” so even Muslims are receptive to Christian ideas. Christian Aid wants to provide audio-visual teaching materials for these classes. Five generous gifts were received but the need is still unmet. Please continue to pray for the funds needed to start these classes.

Love Instead of Rejection
BULGARIA, Europe—How does it feel to be an outsider? Gypsies know. For years Gypsies have been stigmatized—treated with shame, leaving most “jobless and hopeless.” Instead of rejection, Bulgarian Christians are sending a new message of hope and God’s love to the Gypsies in their vicinity by providing 70 Gypsy children with free meals and Bible lessons. The support was overwhelming, amounting to provision for the next 10 months. Please continue to pray that their parents will be receptive to the gospel.

Hope Beyond Disaster
JAPAN, Asia—While the powerful earthquake and deadly tsunami last March is seldom in our news anymore, recovery is still “everyday news” in Japan. Your contributions through Christian Aid were a great comfort to people who lost everything in a few moments. Indigenous mission workers share Jesus with the hurting. Recent Prayerline gifts will provide for the cost of printing gospel literature to give everlasting hope that can’t be destroyed in an earthly disaster. Thank You!

A Pair of Pigs is a Practical Gift
BANGLADESH, South AsiaEarning a livelihood differs depending on your culture and where you live—city or rural. Mission workers take a personal interest in poor villager’s hopes for a better future. Giving poor families a “mama and daddy pig” is a huge improvement in their livelihood. Gifts sent for this project exceeded the requested amount so that 59 families can be provided a pair of pigs. This will create an improvement both in their earning capacity and their personal interest in the gospel message.

Fighting Evil with Truth
URUGUAY, South America—A different type of army has been in operation for the past 50 years. The Bible Army of Uruguay mission has been fighting evil with God’s truth. They know God’s Word can transform hearts. While they show love by providing free medical services, eyeglasses and wheel chairs to the poor, they focus mostly on distributing Bibles to all who show an interest. Christian Aid received 21 kind gifts and lacks only $888 more to provide for all 300 Bibles. Please continue to pray.

Large Print Version
JORDAN, Middle East—School books written for children learning to read must have large print. The same is true for elderly folks—their aging eyes need larger print in order to read the words. Maybe you have seen a grandparent reading a large print Bible. In Jordan many devote Christians were sad because they could no longer see well enough to read the words in their Bibles. In January, Prayerline for Kids informed you that for just $2 each you could subsidize the cost of a large print Bible for these poor senior citizens. Christian Aid received exactly $2.12 per Bible. Wow, how perfect is that answer from God!

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