Prayerline For Kids

Thank you so much for all that you do, your ministry has been such a blessing to our family in growing awareness of worldwide missions and needs and being able to assist!

— Amy D., IN

My early elementary Sunday School class had the privilege of receiving Prayerline for Kids as a gift from Janet Hardy (donor). In the “Change for Making a Change” program, the children, on their own, all five children have collected $10 in pennies and chosen to support the Thanksgiving Dinner in Peru! God bless you.

— Sandy L., VT

God bless everyone involved in Christian Aid.

— Sheila B., CA

Praise God that He is opening hearts and preparing us for the return of His Son Jesus our Lord.

— Matt and Teri G., IA

Thanks for all you do.

— Joyce M., UT

I love the daily calendar of needs [Prayerline] that Christian Aid encloses. In this world of sadness and troubles I see God is at work in these examples of different countries and it lifts my spirits. How I wish I had funds to send to each one! I do pray for them and thank God for such willing soldiers of the gospel!

— Illinois

I so appreciate all that you do to spread the gospel message. I pray daily for your ministry and praise God that you are being used by Him.

— Joy F., FL

Prayerline for Kids

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Answers to Prayer from Prayerline For Kids.


Prayerline For Kids

Welcome!   Prayerline For Kids is to help children to pray every day, and to inspire them to be a part of advancing the kingdom of God here on earth. When their hearts are concerned about the needs of others they learn to focus their attention away from themselves. And when they pray for others, they are taking part in helping God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Kids in prayer for the advancement of God’s kingdom

When is 7 + 70 greater than 70 + 7 ?

Here’s a hint: This is a riddle based on the life expectancy of the average American.

Here’s the answer: The current life expectancy for the United States has been calculated to be 77.8 years. Therefore, when a child of 7 comes to Christ, he has the opportunity to live a life and witness for Christ for 70 years. That is greater in length than when an adult of 70 comes to Christ with statistically only 7 years to live for Christ.

The American culture has significantly changed in the last 50 years. I am not talking about technology, but the seismic culture shift away from a Christian standard and Biblical worldview. Alarmingly, the proportion of Christians in the United States is shrinking with each generation. The implications of a shrinking Christian populous are sobering!

How can we turn the tide, even in our own Christian homes? During the years when I was home educating my own children, I came across some thought provoking research that inspired me. When young people from Christian homes went off to college, one factor made a marked difference as to whether they would still be walking with Christ when they graduated. The key was not their biblical knowledge but a vibrant prayer life. Those who learned to faithfully pray daily for the needs of others and experienced God answering their prayers in tangible ways had a faith that was alive and sustainable when tested.

Why would prayer make such a difference? Prayer is expressing your heart’s desire to God as well as being still and waiting in humble dependence on God. A humble spirit is key to being open to allow God to change attitudes, actions and habits. Even biblical truth will not affect the will of an individual unless it is received with a humble attitude. If we wish to see our youth walking with Christ in this culture, it will not come about by wishful thinking or our own ingenuity. First off, our youth need to see Christianity in us as an adult that is transforming our character. Furthermore, they need to experience a God who is real, a God who answers the prayers of those who want to do the will of our Father. Scripture commands us to pray not so we can change God’s heart, but because a habit of intercessory prayer changes our heart attitude to one of humble dependence on our Heavenly Father.

Passing the baton of faith to the next generation is essential!

Investing our energy in prayer and care for the needs of others is God’s way of changing our character, whether we are 7 or 77. Prayerline For Kids is a free resource to inspire children to lift their eyes beyond their own concerns and treasure the kingdom of God. We are looking for adults who are willing to step up to the plate and mentor children in consistent prayer for the kingdom and to help them grow in faith and character. Whether you lead a group of kids at church, you have a tribe of children who hang out at your house, or you are a caring grandparent, God has given you influence. The next generation is a responsibility that rests on our shoulders, whether we have children in our direct care or not. Jesus commands adults to “Suffer (make provision for) the children to come unto me” (Mt. 19: 14). We know you are concerned for the next generation, and that’s why we want to provide Prayerline for Kids to assist you personally in passing the baton of faith.

For the furtherance of His kingdom,

Jackie Peake, Writer
Prayerline for Kids

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