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Horrified. That’s how he felt as he realized the refugees in the camp where he ministers were burning plastic in their tents. Black residue from the toxic smoke clung to their faces. His eyes landed on a baby’s smudged nose, as he thought about those little lungs breathing in the poisonous fumes.

“They are so desperate to cook their food, heat water, and get warm,” he said. A native ministry leader in Turkey, he regularly visits tent settlements where destitute Syrian refugees fight to survive.

Gifts from Christian Aid Mission supporters like you enabled him to provide refugees with bags of firewood…and a little dignity in the unforgiving world they find themselves in.

Because you gave, they are eating food that doesn’t taste and smell of burned plastic. They are heating water for long overdue baths. Mothers are throwing an extra log on the fire in the evening as their children drift off to sleep.

“It has warmed the hearts of the refugees and encouraged them so much,” he said.

His loving care has created a platform for him to share the gospel with those who have lost hope.

“We feel like the Israelites fleeing Egypt from that wicked Pharaoh,” a retired Syrian teacher said to him. “In front of us is the Red Sea, and behind us is Pharaoh with his army chasing us. There’s no way we can return home.”

The ministry leader opened his Bible and read the end of the story to the Syrian and his young nephew. “God does away with the wicked Pharaoh and brings those who are trapped to a place of peace,” he said.

Others nearby heard the leader’s words and asked him for prayer. Could he enter their tent? Could he become their friend?

“They are seeing God’s love through our lives and helpful actions,” he said. “You have given us the chance to be like big brothers and sisters to these hurting folks.”

Do not wait. Do not forget. Please pray now.
Keep refugees’ feet warm and protected; Middle East
Equip native pastors to teach God’s truth; Middle East
Feed a family of four for one week; Middle East
Provide a family with a water filtration system; Middle East
Rescue a Syrian Christian family from certain death
Provide temporary apartment shared by 4 refugee families; Middle East
Provide mosquito nets to protect families in tents

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Mar. 2016 Syrian Refugees Mailing
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