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Prayerline Online :: April 2018

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April 1, Sunday
Birth from Above Creates New Man

KAZAKHSTAN. A 15-year-old boy in Kazakhstan, Ravil, could put on a confident front, but within he was riddled with insecurities magnified by an absent father and a complete lack of any personal identity. His Russian Orthodox family rarely attended services, and he had no knowledge of the Bible or God, much less of who he was as a person. He found himself withdrawing from his siblings and mother. He was often angry and didn’t know why. Besides his increasing disgust with his family, he saw the rigid political hierarchy, the traditional church and the majority Muslim religion of his country as creating an oppressive atmosphere. Ravil was increasingly drawn to the rebel vibe of underworld drug culture when an indigenous missionary approached him and his friends on the street and invited them to a youth meeting. At that meeting and several that followed, Ravil found a space where he felt free to ask questions about freedom, fears and relationships. The missionary worked with the youths to answer their questions and gave them a solid foundation of faith in God. Recently Ravil put his faith in Christ. After his baptism, he thanked God for saving him and giving him a new life. “I came to church, and I could really feel His grace,” he said. “Now I attend church not only on holidays – I realized I need to be a part of the church. Now I have experienced the birth from above, and every day I thank God for the church and for the family He gave me.” At the youth meetings, the young people learn to be strong, resist temptation and encourage each other to follow the Lord. The ministry seeks 55 people to give $100 to sustain the program for a year. Pray that unstable souls will find firm foundation.

April 2, Monday
Help Infant Refugees Survive

MIDDLE EAST. Refugees find their efforts to reach safety a lonely trek, with their families facing apathy and even hostility as they leave home behind. Christian workers often offer the first help they receive, leading stunned parents to ask why they care. An explanation of Christ’s love then accompanies the provision of baby formula and pablum ($37 for a two-week supply). Pray they will know Jesus as Lord.

April 3, Tuesday
Encourage and Nourish Pastors

BANGLADESH. About 150 pastors with an indigenous ministry work in remote, impoverished outposts where they serve their hungry flocks, but their own needs for spiritual feeding and encouragement are met at a yearly conference of worship, prayer and training. The ministry seeks seven donors to provide $100 each to put on the conference. Pray that pastors will gain strength and strategies for success.

April 4, Wednesday
Farming Cooperatives for Christ

NIGER. Animists who used to routinely get drunk now serve their communities after indigenous missionaries led them to Christ. The ministry would like to help them and other new Christians form farming cooperatives to support their families; they seek assistance of any amount. Pray the project will defeat poverty, hunger and youths’ temptation to become terrorists.

April 5, Thursday
Hygiene, Eternal Life for Prisoners

ECUADOR. Prison Outreach of Ecuador missionaries give thanks for hundreds of prisoners who have received Christ as Savior. Among the believers there is no fighting or drug use, and their new lives in Christ have impressed other inmates, guards and government officials. POE seeks to provide toiletry kits for 300 believers in prison at $12 each.

April 6, Friday
Help Care for and Guide Orphans in China

CHINA. The leader of Grace Tibetan Orphanage Home knows the cost of discipleship. He has high-altitude sickness from serving 30 years in Tibet, and rarely is he able to visit his distant hometown. He seeks 15 people to give $100 monthly for the expenses to raise the orphans as Christians. Please pray for God’s provision and healing.

April 7, Saturday
Motorcycle for Missionaries

PHILIPPINES. People who were once headhunters, animists and communist guerrillas are instead worshipping Christ in more than 200 churches among 19 tribal groups, and evangelists also are working now with another 10 tribes. Indigenous missionaries needing a way to visit them seek 17 people to give $100 each for one motorcycle. Pray for the Holy Spirit to go before them.

April 8, Sunday
Fans for Sweltering Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. As higher temperatures approach, electric fans for weak and vulnerable refugees are far more than a mere convenience, especially for infants and the elderly. A tent or a slum flat can quickly turn into an oven. Indigenous missionaries provide fans ($30 each) that help people with little access to water from becoming dehydrated. Pray they will welcome the word of hope in Christ.

April 9, Monday
Train Missionaries Reaching Muslims

WEST BENGAL. Indigenous missionaries recently distributed 500 children’s Bibles to Muslims kids and their parents and began 20 new Child Education and Development Centers, where Muslim children will have the opportunity to know Christ. They are trained at the ministry’s missions institute, but more are needed at a cost of $60 per trainee. Pray for God’s provision for the ministry’s overall expenses.

April 10, Tuesday
Empower Missionaries Working amid Danger

CHAD. Indigenous missionaries risk their lives to share Christ with those in violent desert areas. People are coming to saving faith as the workers offer emotional and spiritual support along with practical aid, and they are also caring for orphans and widows. They need assistance in any amount for the expansion of God’s kingdom. Pray the Lord will daily confirm their vision.

April 11, Wednesday
Christian Camps for Kids

BURMA (MYANMAR). Native missionaries are preparing for evangelistic camps for children in 75-percent Buddhist Burma (Myanmar). Teams see gospel harvests among children and their parents as workers share Christ, the Bible and Christian literature in youth camps in four areas of Burma; they seek 30 people to give $100 each to put on four camps. Pray the new believers will form strong churches.

April 12, Thursday
Bikes for Indigenous Missionaries

UZBEKISTAN. Bicycles are an economical way for indigenous missionaries to reach remote villages and for regional overseers to visit their churches. The missionaries are grateful for how God’s kingdom has expanded in 79-percent Muslim Uzbekistan, but their efforts are slowed by lack of transportation; the ministry needs 80 bicycles ($95 each). Pray personal connections made possible by bikes will bear fruit.

April 13, Friday
Food for Refugee Families

GREECE. Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and elsewhere see a native ministry as a family where they can share their hearts and find comfort – with many of them coming to Christ and serving in the ministry. Their first contact often begins with receiving a food bag ($65 each), though the ministry has to turn away more families than it can serve due to lack of funds. Pray its outreach would abound.

April 14, Saturday
Small Businesses to Build Kingdom

INDONESIA. In a village where Christianity is forbidden, a native missionary sells frozen treats, enabling him to support himself, build relationships and share the gospel. This strategy has opened the way for unreached people to come to Christ in restricted areas, and church planters in 82-percent Islamic Indonesia need assistance (from $260 to $880) for such microenterprise start-ups. Pray the Lord would grant them favor.

April 15, Sunday
Send Missionaries to Difficult Areas

UTTAR PRADESH. There are remote areas of India where few go because of the difficulties and dangers of reaching the unsaved there. An indigenous ministry has 20 missionaries serving in these areas but is struggling to support them ($110 to $130 each per month). Pray for their provision, protection, and proclamation of Christ’s love.

April 16, Monday
Relocate Imperiled Christians

MIDDLE EAST. Muslims coming to faith in Christ can face physical violence and even death, and they often lose family, jobs and housing. Some must go outside their country ($1,000 per family for transportation) before they’re safe. A ministry in Syria has 70 to 80 former Muslims needing immediate rescue and relocation. Pray for these new Christians to be protected and fruitful.

April 17, Tuesday
Provide for Indigenous Missionaries

GAMBIA. Recently more than 10 new people began attending a church of about 40, and two Muslim women gave their lives to Christ. This encouraged indigenous missionaries that their work would be long-term, but they lack consistent support and seek monthly giving of $110 each. Pray that new Christians will take root and flourish.

April 18, Wednesday
Help Imprisoned Pastors and Their Families

VIETNAM. Pastors are imprisoned in Vietnam for preaching in spite of orders to cease, leaving their wives and children barely able to survive. An indigenous ministry helps 60 families to buy food, medicine and clothing for themselves and food for the imprisoned pastors. The ministry seeks five people for each family to give $100 each. Pray God would draw close to persecuted pastors and their families.

April 19, Thursday
Bibles for Gospel Outreach

PARAGUAY. A New Life in Jesus missionary in a remote area reports that 50 people came to Christ at two evangelistic outreaches he and his church undertook, and he is now discipling them. He seeks 200 Bibles ($10 each) to distribute during other outreaches planned for this year. Praise God that people are responding to His Word, and pray for strength and endurance for the missionaries.

April 20, Friday
Complete Church Building

NEPAL. An indigenous pastor admired by people throughout the region for his character and tireless labor for God’s kingdom proclaims Christ in an area of virtually no Christian witness. If 55 donors provide $100 each, he will be able to arrange completion of a sorely needed church building. Pray that the unreached will receive his message as the Word of God.

April 21, Saturday
Leadership Training for New Christians

CHINA. Leadership training for an indigenous ministry’s younger co-workers has resulted in more young, new Christians deciding to serve their remote mountain churches rather than leave for cities. The five-day training programs take place six times per year, with the cost to train one co-worker $30 per program. Please pray God will be their provision and a light to their path.

April 22, Sunday
Materials for Discipleship Training

SOUTH ASIA. An indigenous ministry provides discipleship training to help new Christians become rooted and strong, and it also offers training for established Christians to learn the biblical bases for leadership, finance and self-administration. Assistance is needed for materials and related costs ($60 per trainee). Pray that every member will be fully equipped to serve.

April 23, Monday
Send Church Planters

SIERRA LEONE. Two chiefdoms once rife with occult practices are beginning to see the light of Christ after less than two years of evangelism by indigenous missionaries, as 34 villages now have churches and disciples who are being trained to further advance God’s kingdom. The ministry plans to establish at least 10 more churches this year, each one requiring five donors to give $100 each. Pray for signs and wonders from God to defeat forces of darkness.

April 24, Tuesday
Church Building as Evangelism Tool

SRI LANKA. In a country where more than 70 percent of the population is Buddhist, people view thoughtfully constructed buildings as fundamental for worship. An indigenous ministry seeks to construct a church building as a crucial tool for encouraging people to visit services, return and grow in Christ. It seeks 25 donors giving $100 each. Pray the church would find a home for ministry.

April 25, Wednesday
Sweaters for Poor Children

PAKISTAN. A ministry providing education, food, Bible teaching, and fun for needy children of brick kiln workers is praying for assistance to provide sweaters ($8 each) for 70 of them. Please pray the children will come to have strong faith in the Lord and share His name with others.

April 26, Thursday
Bible School Training

UKRAINE. After graduating from Bible school last year, 28 new missionaries are moving to different places throughout Ukraine and planting nine churches. To further build where there are few evangelical churches, two branches of the school have opened. The indigenous ministry seeks 90 people to provide $100 each to meet the operational costs of the schools, which will each train 30 students every three months.

April 27, Friday
Evangelism through Service

PHILIPPINES. Feeding centers, medical care and dental services show the love of Christ to villagers in evangelistic outreaches, with indigenous missionaries making friends and sharing the gospel. Many churches have been planted in this way over the years, as a single campaign may reach thousands of lives ($6 per person). Pray for God’s kingdom to reign in people’s hearts.

April 28, Saturday
Bibles and Parenting Booklets

KENYA. Indigenous missionaries show how knowing Christ can cure harmful addictions, incest and toxic behaviors that destroy relationships, and many people are saved. Needing to print resources for their evangelism and outreaches, missionaries seek 10 donors to provide $105 each for Bible and parenting booklets. Pray for the kingdom to break into dark places.

April 29, Sunday
Education for Orphans

SOUTH ASIA. Education can change poor children’s lives, opening the door to employment, breaking the cycle of poverty and shielding them from evil on the streets when their parents are absent. School admission fees for kids at an indigenous ministry’s orphanage are due soon ($35 per child). Pray that they may grow in Christ’s love.

April 30, Monday
Honoring the Faith of Missionaries

CHRISTIAN AID. The indigenous missionaries that Christian Aid Mission assists were pouring their lives and meager financial resources into fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission before they had any assurance that their ministries would survive. They began by faith, and God has met them every step of the way – with your help often providing the break-through that allowed their ministries to take root and flourish. Pray that God would continue to honor their faith to His glory.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.