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Prayerline Online :: February 2017

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February 1, Wednesday
Help Rehabilitate a Sex-Trade Survivor

INDIA. When her mother died, Nidhi often received beatings from her two older brothers, who considered her a burden, an extra mouth to feed. Instead of protecting her, they left her vulnerable in their unsafe neighborhood. One night an intruder broke into the house, gagged sleeping Nidhi and raped her. If she’d screamed, she’d have been badly beaten. Her brothers threw her out because, in Hindu culture, rape brings humiliation upon the family. No one would marry the girl. So to survive—to have even a little bread to eat—Nidhi entered a life of prostitution, selling her body for food and shelter. Soon she discovered she was pregnant. Filled with shame and bound to silence, Nidhi chose adoption. The Lord saw Nidhi and brought her to a place of refuge through Life Foundation, an indigenous ministry in India that works to rehabilitate and restore broken lives. “I was full of shame, but now I have the opportunity to complete my studies and do a vocational training course,” Nidhi said. The ministry offers job readiness, life skills, education, vocational training, counseling and housing to high-risk girls and women rescued from prostitution and the sex trade. More than 90 percent of the women and children trapped in prostitution are from rural Maharashtra areas. Rural families often lack knowledge of the law and job availability in urban areas, and traffickers use this to their advantage. Each day about 200 girls and women in India enter prostitution, 80 percent of them against their will. At the current rate, by 2025 one in five Indian girls could be a child prostitute. To help rehabilitate one survivor costs $250 per year for four years (for meals and training). That’s about $20 monthly, or one lavish cup of coffee per week—to transform a life with the simple gospel of redemption in action. Pray for a powerful release of poor, abandoned women and girls from the dark prison of trafficking. “He hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted” (Is. 61:1). Father, You see the broken and bind up their wounds. We ask for restoration for girls and women who have suffered abuse, abandonment, hunger, violence, addiction, humiliation, slavery, poverty, rejection and more. We pray for deep inner healing. We ask for deliverance, rescue and emotional and physical healing. We ask for spiritual awakening. Bring salvation. Deliver them from evil. We ask for divine insight and steadfastness for those ministering. Have Your way—on earth as in heaven. In Christ, Amen.

February 2, Thursday
40-Seat Bus Needed for Children, Elderly

UKRAINE. Good Samaritan Mission L’viv uplifts 50 fatherless children and 30 abandoned elderly at its mission homes through discipleship and outreach activities. Native missionaries give them a lift—literally—by transporting children, seniors and sick people to church, summer camps, medical appointments, and other places. They need a 40-seat bus for effective ministry ($45,000). Would several people pray about sharing in the cost? Pray the needy deeply experience God’s love. “I will not leave you comfortless” (Jn. 14:18). Father, thank You for a safe haven for these children and elderly. Fold them into Your love. Strengthen and refresh those who are uplifting them. We ask for their every need. Let these young ones experience Your heart through their caregivers. Let these elderly feel the safety of Your protection. Bless this ministry. In Christ, Amen.

February 3, Friday
Newly-Reached Villages Seek Shepherds

TOGO. Army of Christ in Mission has seen thousands of souls come to Christ through evangelistic outreaches. The ministry’s radio broadcast reaches five million listeners in three countries. As the light of the gospel shines, newly-reached communities need trained shepherds. While 228 trained workers faithfully proclaim the gospel in unreached areas, many more seek training and need support ($100 monthly each). Pray for gospel advance among every community. “The harvest truly is plenteous” (Matt. 9:37). Father, budding fellowships seek trained shepherds to tend the flock. Raise up pastors in villages across Togo. Many seek training. Many prepare to go and serve. Many say, “Here I am, send me.” To disciple, they need discipleship. Anoint them, train them, and send them. In Christ, Amen.

February 4, Saturday
Radio Broadcast Makes Powerful Impact

PERU. Nearly five years ago, New Life Evangelistic Ministry started an evangelistic radio station broadcasting gospel messages and Christian music for 15 hours a day. “Thank you,” said a listener in a remote village, “for sharing the Word of God with me. Now I know I need Jesus, so I am receiving Him as my Savior.” NLEM needs $500 monthly to keep the broadcast on the air. Pray many come to know the Lord. “I have heard of thee…but now mine eye seeth thee” (Job 42:5). Father, all the glory is Yours. We praise You for the radio station which broadcasts gospel messages and leads many in worship for 15 hours every day. From the rising of the sun, to the setting of the same, Your name is to be praised. We ask for the miracle of provision to keep this life-saving broadcast on the air. Many hear and believe. Many receive. Increase Your presence and reach. Be glorified. May many more find life. In Christ, Amen.

February 5, Sunday
Christians Find Open Door in Muslim Area

CHINA. For years, when Brother Ma and his team visited a small, remote Muslim village in northwest China, they went as “social workers.” But in September 2016, the team went openly as Christians to this area—one of the poorest in China due to persistent drought. The people welcomed the workers, who brought winter clothes, and then asked them to “Come again!” The team plans to help 20 Muslim families ($350 each). Praise God for this open door despite increasing restrictions. “To him that knocketh it shall be opened” (Lk. 11:10) Father, what victory! In a season of increased persecution, this ministry no longer must hide its identity! No longer going as “social workers,” they are accepted as Christians. May many in this Muslim village come to know You. May a witness and church arise here—where there was none before! We ask for more open doors. In Christ, Amen.

February 6, Monday
Help Keep Refugees Warm in Frigid Winter

MIDDLE EAST. New refugees daily arrive at unofficial camps, desperate for survival amid frigid winter weather. Native missionaries respond with life-saving supplies such as heaters and wood for warmth and cooking, and blankets and hot water bottles to keep refugees from freezing at night. A gift of any size helps. Traumatized hearts melt with the tangible mercy of the Lord Jesus as workers share the gospel of hope. Pray for salvation. “I the LORD do keep it” (Is. 27:3). Father, they need warmth to survive this cold winter. They need wood for fires so they can cook and have a little heat. And hot water bottles tucked into blankets save their lives at night, keeping them from literally freezing. Have mercy, oh Lord, according to Your lovingkindness. Let them melt in the warmth of Your love. In Christ, Amen.

February 7, Tuesday
Lepers Count as India’s ‘Least of These’

INDIA. In 1984 the director of Good News Society Hospital created a leper colony and began caring for lepers and their families, providing food and medical care every week. The 50 homes now have electricity, and residents receive spiritual care as a worker lives among them, leads Sunday worship, and helps with farming, children’s education, and elder care. For $20 monthly, one leper can have food and medical attention. Pray lepers would rejoice in the Lord. “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers…freely give” (Matt. 10:8). Father, what we do for the “least of these,” we do for You. Bless this ministry serving poor lepers. Provide every need as they treat the weeping wounds of lepers, care for their families, educate their children, help them with farming, and pour Your love into their lives. In Christ, Amen.

February 8, Wednesday
Missionaries Seek Bibles for Outreaches

PHILIPPINES. Imagine Bible study with no Bible. Many in the Philippines lack Bibles. Theos Doulos, an indigenous ministry, receives numerous testimonies from pastors sharing how the Word of God impacts their churches. Native missionaries seek 200 Bibles ($8.50 each) to distribute during outreaches. Pray this “seed for the sower” would reach many hungry souls. Pray each Bible would represent a new church plant in an unreached village. “Behold, a sower went forth to sow” (Matt. 13:3). Father, in our world today, many have technology and can access the Bible on handheld phones. But there’s nothing like holding the Holy Scriptures—and placing them into the hands of those who would not otherwise read. May these communities, churches and pastors have Bibles! May they grow in wisdom through the Word. May those who have not known You also have a Bible, that they would read and be transformed by the renewing of their minds. Let the seed go forth into the soil of ready hearts. In Christ, Amen.

February 9, Thursday
Workers Witness Miracles through Prayers

TANZANIA. An epileptic woman found freedom when native missionaries prayed for her deliverance. “Look at my hands, my nose, and my face, how the devil made me fall into the fire,” she told her pastor. “This caused many wounds on my body, but now I am healed and set free, in Jesus’ name, and I’m a saved Christian now.” Native missionaries need support ($100 monthly each). Pray for a mighty move of God. “And by the hand of the apostles were many signs” (Acts 5:12). Father, have Your way in Tanzania. Let every eye behold, let every heart encounter the beauty of the Lord. Let Your redeeming love chase away every fear and let darkness flee at the name of Jesus Christ. May every native missionary receive needed support. Fill them with power and send them. In Christ, Amen.

February 10, Friday
Unreached Hear Gospel in Open-Air Events

NORTH INDIA. Despite persecution and opposition, hundreds of people hear the Good News and receive Christ when native missionaries preach in open-air gospel campaigns in villages across north India. It’s harvest time, and millions of people still need the Lord. Workers are ready to go and share the gospel in open-air settings among thousands of unreached villages ($550 per meeting). Pray for the light of the gospel to shine in the darkness. “And the light shineth in darkness” (Jn. 1:5). Father, let Your light shine in unreached villages in north India. Let the glory of the Lord fall upon believer fellowships that many would know You as the One True Living God. Let Your Word run swiftly as gospel workers preach in the open air. Open ears and hearts to receive the Lord and find freedom for their souls. In Christ, Amen.

February 11, Saturday
Media Message Reaches Persian Children

IRAN. Persian Multimedia Children’s Ministry reaches Persian children for Christ through magazines and other productions. In 2017 the ministry plans to produce a second season of 13 animated gospel stories designed to reach Persian children in closed countries, such as Iran, through satellite TV, websites, Facebook and SD cards. A gift of $200 covers the cost of writing, research, songs, and script development for one episode. Pray Persian children and families in closed countries would hear the gospel and receive Christ. “Declare His glory” (Ps. 96:3). Father, be exalted among the nations, let Your glory be over all the earth. May a people living in darkness see Your great light. We ask for Persian children in countries like Iran. Quicken their hearts to know You. Use these multimedia programs to reveal the Lord Jesus. And may countless Persian children and their families receive new life. In Christ, Amen.

February 12, Sunday
Abandoned Civil War Orphans Find Home

MYANMAR (BURMA). Evangelistic open-air campaigns draw hundreds of children in an area, and Harvester Mission has discovered many abandoned, helpless and homeless children who are victims of regional civil wars. In response, the ministry opened several homes for orphans. The children receive care, the gospel, and an education ($100 per student, annually). Pray these fatherless ones grow up to reach their people with the Father’s love through Christ. “A little child shall lead them” (Is. 11:6). Father, many children suffer because their parents died in war. Thank You for raising up this ministry in Myanmar. May orphaned and homeless children have a home and family. May they grow in education and in the knowledge of the Lord. May they carry the secret of the Father’s heart and share with many in their generation. In Christ, Amen.

February 13, Monday
Believers Seek Help to Build Prayer Hall

UTTAR PRADESH. In the heartland of north India, a believer donated land for a church building for a growing fellowship of Christ-followers. Now they need building supplies to construct a prayer hall in this 81.8-percent Hindu state. The cost is $2,000. Who would help provide even a portion for a foundation, walls, roof, windows, or door? Pray these believers grow and that their lives would shine amid the shadows of idolatry. “For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand” (Ps. 84:10). Father, You are the cornerstone, and Your house is full of abundance. We ask for this beautiful fellowship of believers in Uttar Pradesh, that they would know Your presence and be filled with joy. Add to their land a foundation for a building. You are their spiritual foundation. Add to their foundation, walls. You are their strong tower. Add to their walls: windows, door and roof. And let them build with wisdom. In Christ, Amen.

February 14, Tuesday
Pray for Gospel Advance in Hostile Areas

INDONESIA. Kezia Ministries trains pastors and leaders in effective evangelism and outreach among specific religious groups. One such leader, from a Muslim background, shares his faith with those in sensitive areas. For $50 per month towards the support of a native missionary, many who have no knowledge of the Lord can hear the gospel. Pray for protection and favor for native missionaries in hostile areas. “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matt. 4:19). Father, You are worthy of all praise and adoration. There is no one like You in all the earth. All the earth shall sing Your praise and glory in Your holy name. We ask for boldness, courage and power for native missionaries. Surround them with protection; fill them with Your love. Embolden them to proclaim the gospel to those who have never heard. And may a new song arise in Indonesia. In Christ, Amen.

February 15, Wednesday
Unreached Villages Await Gospel Message

TOGO. Believers in northern Togo welcome ministry training to help them stand firm in the face of persecution. “We must reach people waiting for us in the north,” a native ministry leader said. “Christians need training. Without preparation, how will they stand before the fanatic movements arising everywhere?” The cost is $660 per person for a one-year ministry training program, including travel, materials and worker support. Pray believers will stand strong amid persecution. “Let none that wait on thee be ashamed” (Ps. 25:3). Father, the people eagerly await the message of hope in our Lord Jesus. Send these workers with fire. Prepare them with training and discipleship. Fill them with wisdom. Encourage, embolden and protect them. Be glorified in Togo. In Christ, Amen.

February 16, Thursday
United Prayer Mobilizes Churches to Act

INDIA. In a country of 1.3 billion people, only 2.3 percent are Christian. United Christian Prayer for India seeks to mobilize churches in India to reach the nation with the gospel through united prayer and action. State volunteers from diverse denominations follow up with local church leaders to share vision and support strategic steps. Fifty volunteers need training ($200 each for travel, accommodations, and materials for three sessions). Pray for a witness among every people group. “A witness unto all nations” (Matt. 24:14) Father, we wait for You. Come. Open a way for these workers to receive needed training. Their hearts burn with love for You and their people. Light up the world with their humble lives full of Your light and life. In Christ, Amen.

February 17, Friday
Eight Radiators Needed to Warm Believers

KYRGYZSTAN. Frigid winter temperatures in the mountainous regions of Kyrgyzstan can reach 30 degrees below zero. A local church fellowship installed heating, but they need eight more radiators ($250 each) for the general hall and children’s study rooms. “Our church consists of former Muslims,” a leader said. “Many were disappointed with their religion. We want their hearts to melt in Jesus Christ, and we want them to be warm inside the building.” “The goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance” (Ro. 2:4). Father, warm these new believers in the warmth of Your goodness. Fill the church building with a sense of Your warm presence and just keep drawing these hearts closer and closer to You. Fill them with Your immeasurable love. Let them overflow to their people. In Christ, Amen.

February 18, Saturday
Gospel Radio Broadcast reaches Thousands

PHILIPPINES. A new year unfolds with testimonies from 2016 of how precious souls received the Lord Jesus through radio in the Philippines. Each Sunday, Redeemed by the Blood Ministries reaches thousands of people through a 30-minute gospel radio program ($150 per month). Listeners even in remote barangays and villages and in areas hostile to the gospel hear the message of salvation. Pray many more would receive the Lord Jesus. “The Lord is…not willing that any should perish” (2 Pet. 3:9). Father, may the radio program continue to save lives and reach the unreachable ones in distant villages who have not yet heard of the saving mercy through Christ. Open the airways and open ears to hear the glorious message of Life. In Christ, Amen.

February 19, Sunday
Starving Refugee Infants Need Formula

MIDDLE EAST. Refugee needs intensify during winter, and babies are most vulnerable. Infants die in their parents’ arms, their mothers too malnourished to nurse them. They need formula ($33 per packet). One ministry in Turkey reports a camp with 40 newborns and 140 babies needing formula. Pray for this generation of refugee children, who could likely fall prey to trafficking and radicalization; pray they would know the Lord. “The living, the living, he shall praise thee” (Is. 38:19). Father, send help to these desperate ones. Mothers cry out along with their hungry babies. Their longing and their tears are their food. Come, Lord! You are always enough. Multiply the supply of formula packets for these helpless newborns. Let them grow in Your care. Place Your hands upon these whom You fearfully and wonderfully made. May they grow to praise You. How excellent is Your name in all the earth. In Christ, Amen.

February 20, Monday
Churches Desire Discipleship Materials

ARGENTINA. Fruit abounds as native missionaries with Grace Mission of Argentina proclaim the gospel from neighborhood to neighborhood and follow up with discipleship. Gonzalo, a young man, received the Lord Jesus, grew in discipleship and now serves as an elder at his local fellowship. Workers want to provide Christian materials for the Sunday schools and home groups of three congregations ($250 per church). Pray many more hearts open to the gospel. “Did not our heart burn within us?” (Lk. 24:32) Father, with gospel materials and literature, these new believers can grow in discipleship, be strengthened in their faith, and find their hearts full of the knowledge of the Lord. Fill them and use them for Your glory. In Christ, Amen.

February 21, Tuesday
Destitute Women Seek to Start Businesses

LIBERIA. How have destitute women survived 14 years of civil war and a more recent Ebola outbreak? “We all are only surviving by the mercy of God,” a native ministry leader said. He plans to start a small business for women to help sustain them amid a standstill economy ($500 per woman for vocational training and start-up costs). Pray they would be filled with joy in the Lord. “For the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Neh. 8:10). Father, these survivors want to work to sustain themselves. Help them learn a skill and start an income-generating project for their livelihood. Fill them with joy in Your presence. Change their lives. In Christ, Amen.

February 22, Wednesday
Impoverished Children Hope for Education

NORTH INDIA. The Lord has opened a door among hard-to-reach Muslim groups in North India through education projects for needy children. An indigenous ministry in north India hopes to reach 500 neighbors by placing schools in impoverished, marginalized areas where children, with little hope for education, are easily swept into child labor. For $11, a child can go to school, hear the gospel and see the love of Christ in action. Pray many come to faith and share with their neighbors. “The knowledge of the holy is understanding” (Prov. 9:10). Father, thank You for this open door in hard-to-reach areas through education. Let the children truly come to You and encounter Your awesome, wondrous kindness and generosity. Let them grow to know You and walk with You all their days. In Christ, Amen.

February 23, Thursday
Team Translates Devotionals for Churches

CHINA. Praise the Lord that Yunnan Evangelical Mission has successfully completed translating the Bible into four ethnic languages: Miao, Li, Lahu, and Jingpo. Last year the ministry distributed 4,000 copies of devotional books to 20 Miao house churches—fellowships that are not administrated by the government. In 2017, the team plans to translate, print and distribute other devotional books, including “The Pilgrim's Progress,” by John Bunyan ($6 per copy). Pray for God’s living Word to quicken their hearts. “The entrance of thy words giveth light” ( Ps. 119:130). Father, You know and speak every language. Help Your glorious Word reach the hands of people in all nations. Bless these translators and let many churches have access to these Scriptures and devotionals in their own ethnic languages. May Your people grow deep in Your Word and carry the truth of God to their own people. In Christ, Amen.

February 24, Friday
Church Makes Room for Abandoned Girls

NEPAL. When abused, abandoned young Tibetan girls and single moms needed a home, a pastor and his wife made room in a prayer hall and gave them safe shelter, meals, and education. Homeless girls and women now fill the church, and many more need refuge ($150 each, monthly). Some were persecuted for their faith in Christ. They now continue to grow in discipleship. Pray the hopeless can hope in the Lord. “O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock” (Song 2:14). Father, free Tibetan girls and single moms from the shame of abuse. May many find refuge and a new beginning through this ministry. Bless them and make a way where there seems to be no way. May they hope in You. In Christ, Amen.

February 25, Saturday
Future Church Planters Seek Training

SPAIN. As local Spaniards and refugees receive the Lord through Gospel Multiplication Ministry, many enter intense discipleship training and become church planters and leaders. From a central training center, these workers journey to plant churches throughout Spain and North Africa. Training materials for 100 church planters cost $300 per month. Pray for the move of God in this region, where 80 percent of Spanish villages have no evangelical churches. “And I give unto them eternal life” (Jn. 10:28). Father, supply all their need according to Your riches in glory in Christ. Let these church planters prepare their hearts and lives to move into unreached areas with the marvelous gospel of life. Let their preaching be not with eloquent words but with a demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power. We exalt You, oh Lord. Let Your name be lifted high. In Christ, Amen.

February 26, Sunday
Displaced Families to Build Hut Houses

NIGERIA. Go International works to meet the spiritual and physical needs of Internally Displaced People in northeast Nigeria and to hasten evangelism among the Boko Haram-battered Muslim Karaikarai people, who lost more than 32,000 people to war. Displaced families seek help building small huts where they can live ($100 per hut). Acts of mercy spur church planting among the unreached. Pray for the rescue of souls from darkness. “I sought the Lord” (Ps. 34:4). Father, we seek You with all of our heart. You are worthy of our lives given completely for Your glory. You paid the price for our freedom and deliverance. We worship You. We cry out for these displaced families. May they have a little hut, a simple shelter. They ask not for mansions. But let them know the key to eternal life in Christ—that forever they may live with You, and know You abide with them even now. In Christ, Amen.

February 27, Monday
Help Believers Rebuild Demolished Homes

INDIA. Recent flooding overwhelmed 40 impoverished families—a mix of Hindus and Christ-followers—and demolished their humble homes. Each family needs $2,000 to construct a tin roof building with a pillar, so in the future these houses won’t collapse. As winter settles in, Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Centre also plans to provide warm clothes and household necessities. Believers seek to plant a church in this Hindu stronghold. Pray for God’s kingdom to come. “Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom” (Ps. 145:13). Father, bring restoration to these impoverished families, and let them know it is by Your hand. We ask for sturdy dwelling places for these who suffered great loss in recent floods. Clothe them with compassion; keep them warm with winter supplies, and let them wonder at Your ways. Your ways are higher than our ways. Great are You, Lord. In Christ, Amen.

February 28, Tuesday
With Training, Disciples Boldly Proclaim

PAKISTAN. In 99-percent Islamic Pakistan—where just 0.7 percent of the population of 191 million people worships the Lord Jesus—a fellowship of Christ-followers makes a dynamic impact. Through training camps, seminars and a growing Bible School, many receive discipleship, are baptized and commit their lives to serving the Lord. “Training changes lives,” a native leader said. Traveling from many cities and villages, workers need help with training costs ($4,500 for travel and multiple three-day seminars). The ministry has planned several training events this year—to prepare leaders to go and share the Good News to those who have never heard. Pray disciples would boldly proclaim Christ in Pakistan. “That therein I may speak boldly” (Eph. 6:20). Father, fill the mouths of these workers, that they may proclaim Your glory to the far reaches of their country. Train them in Your ways. Equip them with Your strategy. Make a way for these hungry ones to feast on Your abundance. May these workers have access to all the training they need, and may every provision be covered—so your servants will shine among the peoples and draw many into Your fold. Come and have Your inheritance and harvest. In Christ, Amen.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.