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Prayerline Online :: January 2017

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January 1, Sunday
Workers tell Refugees: ‘Christ Sent Us’

MIDDLE EAST. A joyful, young refugee girl ran to greet native missionaries as they entered her compound in trucks that were full of supplies. She pleaded with them to come and see the pictures she had colored using paper and crayons they had given her on their last visit, along with a New Testament picture storybook in Arabic. Finally, they had a moment. “I saw her picture of the Lord Jesus feeding the 5,000 bread and fish,” the native ministry leader said. “I’m not sure whether she tied that together with the trucks that had just arrived with food. The second picture was of Christ Jesus being crucified with people dying of starvation.” The leader asked the girl: “I understood the first picture, but why are there people dying of starvation in the second picture?” She replied: “When Jesus Christ died there was no one to feed the people.” “Christ Jesus did die on the cross,” the leader said, “and He has sent us to come feed you because we are His disciples.” She smiled and then ran back to her tent as the leader shouted, “Go and explain this to everyone.” Refugees struggle to survive. Physical relief helps, but when they encounter the love of the Lord Jesus, they experience His blessings forever. Your generous gift of any amount can help sustain refugee families in the Middle East. But more, your gifts draw hearts to Christ. Pray many would receive the Living Hope of the Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of the refugee crisis. “I am the bread of life” (Jn. 6:35). Father, may their broken hearts mend by the power of Your unrelenting love. Pour through the lives of native missionaries, that they would bring needed supplies, but more: love for desperate souls. In Christ, Amen.

January 2, Monday
Ministry Blesses 300 Believers in Prison

ECUADOR. Prison Outreach of Ecuador gives thanks for hundreds of prisoners who have received Christ as Savior. These new believers live peacefully, without fighting or drug use, and shine as a witness to other inmates, guards and government officials. POE wants to provide toiletry kits (soap, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, and toilet paper) for 300 believers in prison at $12 each. Pray for the gospel to spread among all prisoners. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace” (Is. 26:3). Father, reach them behind the physical bars of prison and break through every spiritual hindrance in their hearts—that they might know you deeply and experience true freedom. In Christ, Amen.

January 3, Tuesday
Income-Generating Project Fuels Ministry

CHINA. Native missionaries go as far as they can on their limited resources. With financial backing, they can carry the gospel farther. Brother Moses no longer has support for his Truth Life Road Youth Ministry, and due to the lack of funding, he recently had to let several co-workers go. The native leader hopes to start an income-generating project requiring initial funding of $22,000. Would 11 people give $2,000? Pray for more-than-enough to sustain him and his team. “The harvest truly is plenteous” (Mt. 9:37). Father, with income these native workers can fuel their ministry. Inspire gifts that would keep giving as an income-generating project begins. We join Your heart in asking for souls. May many know You through this ministry. In Christ, Amen.

January 4, Wednesday
Needy People Benefit from Local Outreach

KAZAKHSTAN. In central Kazakhstan, churches impact local communities through various outreach events so the poor and needy can see the love of God in action as their needs for food, clothing and shelter are met. The needs, however, far exceed the means of local Christians. These outreach events cost $500 per month. As the bitter cold months arrive, pray the neediest people will experience Christ’s love. “I will show you my faith by my works” (Js. 2:18). Father, pour out Your Spirit in Kazakhstan. Provide every need through Your ministries, and let the needy see the power of Your outstretched hand blessing their lives. In Christ, Amen.

January 5, Thursday
Young Students Excel to Higher Learning

GHANA. A school in Ghana inspires excellence in young students, who read, write, sing, act and recite the Holy Scriptures. As the children excel and reach a higher level of learning, the school needs one new classroom. They have purchased the wood and now need $550 for iron sheets and the carpenter’s fee. Pray children can grow, learn and discover the Lord’s purpose for their lives. “And there is hope in thine end” (Jer. 31:17). Father, expand the borders of their learning and this building. Stretch out the tent pegs of their hearts to know You even as they learn. Fill them with knowledge and open the doors to their bright future. In Christ, Amen.

January 6, Friday
Motorcars Would Help Support Rohingyas

INDIA. Ethnic Rohingya refugees who love the Lord Jesus in North India seek a way to support their families while sharing the gospel among other refugees in India. These impoverished believers hope to generate income for their lives while also uplifting their community with a viable business. Rohingya Christian Assembly needs 20 Tom Tom Carriers (motorcars) for 20 families ($1,600 each). Pray these believers can thrive as they work and share Christ. “He raiseth up the poor out of the dust” (1 Sam. 2:8). Father, increase the earning capacity of these poor believers. Lift them from poverty and, as they earn a sustaining income, let the gospel go forth through their godly lives. In Christ, Amen.

January 7, Saturday
Ministry Helps Relocate At-Risk Families

MIDDLE EAST. Muslim Background Believers from Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia face persecution and often must flee their countries for safety. Native ministries throughout the Middle East help relocate, shelter, and hide these new believers. One native ministry helped 82 MBB families reach safety in a new country last year, and they anticipate even more needing help in 2017 ($1,200 per family). Pray Christ-followers would shine in a dark place. “The LORD make his face shine upon thee” (Nu. 6:25). Father, prepare a place for these persecuted believers, who are fleeing their homes and countries for refuge. Cause them to shine Your glory as You hide them in the shadow of Your wings. In Christ, Amen.

January 8, Sunday
Water Filtration Saves Villagers’ Lives

RAJASTHAN. Safe drinking water eludes the 98.53-percent Hindu Bheel (or Bhil) tribe living in villages throughout Rajasthan. These farmers drink water from the river in the valley and from wells with no filter, and many die from water-borne diseases. To save lives and bring the Bheel people to Christ, an indigenous ministry seeks to provide water filtration ($28,600), which also would help generate income for native missionaries. Pray many respond to God’s mercy. “Come ye to the waters” (Is. 55:1). Father, purify the hearts of these people as they drink life-saving, filtered water. Let them come to the waters and drink without cost; let them drink from the Living Waters and tell everyone of Your wonders. May they always have a testimony of Your goodness in their village. In Christ, Amen.

January 9, Monday
Students Need Books for Training Program

VIETNAM. Vietnamese Evangelical Churches develops Christian leaders through a strategic discipleship training program. These leaders could plant hundreds of house churches in the next decade. Some 3,000 students need the first three books for level two. The cost per book is $2, and the ministry seeks assistance to print 9,000 books to subsidize the cost for poor students. Pray for a harvest in this 52-percent Buddhist country where communism casts a dark shadow. “Study to shew thyself approved unto God” (2 Tim. 2:15). Father, You provide for the poor and weary. You lift the lowly to new heights in You. You make a way in the wilderness. You multiply bread for the needy. Take these 3,000 students; fill them with the deep knowledge of God and send them across Vietnam to plant churches and bring many sons and daughters into Your kingdom. In Christ, Amen.

January 10, Tuesday
Persecuted Women Need Place of Refuge

NEPAL. Christian Tibetan women in Nepal face persecution, and they often must leave home if they admit to worshipping Christ. A native ministry rescues girls and single mothers who have had to flee their homes for safety. Many young girls and women in rural villages live at risk. For $1,600 per woman annually, they can have shelter and care at a refuge home. Pray for five women who need help today. “Hide me under the shadow of thy wings” (Ps. 17:8). Father, where can they go? Be their refuge and strong tower. Hide them in the cleft of the rock, shelter them in Your nearness, and through this native ministry, take them off the streets and into the safety of loving Christians. We ask that every abandoned woman may find a safe haven. In Christ, Amen.

January 11, Wednesday
Villagers Grateful for Life-Saving Wells

PHILIPPINES. When Redeemed by the Blood Ministries provides a fresh-water well ($600), the new source of life opens the way for salvation among villagers. The gospel flows in, and a new church forms. The local church then becomes a source for both physical and spiritual water. Pray that as these native church planters provide clean water, the local people would drink deeply from the wells of salvation. “Therefore with joy shall ye draw from the wells of salvation” (Is. 12:3). Father, bless these communities with safe, fresh, drinking water so they can live. As they drink clean water, let them also receive the Word of Life and find salvation for their souls. May they come to the waters, though they have little, and find fresh, Living Water flowing freely and bringing life. In Christ, Amen.

January 12, Thursday
Hurricane-Hit Haitians Still Need Homes

HAITI. Hundreds of thousands of people live in harsh and unhealthy conditions in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, which, after arriving on Oct. 5, left most Haitians in hard-hit areas without shelter. How can you help? For $1,100, a family can have a small shelter of wood covered with a sheet metal roof. And just $5 provides a piece of sheet metal to cover a roofless house. Pray for relief. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for” (Heb. 11:1). Father, You alone sustain the weary. Uphold these who are suffering in hard-hit Haiti. As many receive supply through Your people, may they come to know You. Show them Your glory, and let them experience Your matchless love. In Christ, Amen.

January 13, Friday
Heated Blankets Protect Refugee Families

JORDAN. Middle East Outreach provides warming packages ($35 each) containing two hot water bottles and a large, high quality blanket to help keep refugee families warm at night. Hot water bottles, tucked into blankets, can ward off hypothermia during bitter winter months for families fleeing war. Those who receive these warming packages eagerly listen to the message of the gospel. Pray hearts grow warm in the love of Christ. “He shall cover thee with his feathers” (Ps. 91:4). Father, warm them in Your love. Let these who are left in the cold have the comfort of blankets and hot water bottles for their families. In a world where refugees struggle to survive, we ask that Your Word would run swiftly through Your people, and that countless souls would come to know You. In their weakness, be their strength. In Christ, Amen.

January 14, Saturday
Fellowship Needs 200 Bibles for Outreach

PARAGUAY. When a native missionary and the church he planted organized two evangelistic campaigns, 50 people surrendered their lives to Christ in this impoverished country. Serving with New Life in Jesus, the native missionary now disciples these new believers, who could someday fill the need for evangelical church leaders in Paraguay. Their fellowship needs 200 Bibles ($11 each) to distribute during various outreaches. Praise God that many desire His Word. “The seed is the word of God” (Lk. 8:11). Father, plant deeply the seed of Your Word in the good soil of desiring hearts. Let Your living, active Word transform their lives and communities. Let these who receive You grow strong in faith as disciples. Send them to minister life and plant churches among unreached peoples for Your glory. In Christ, Amen.

January 15, Sunday
Worshippers Seek to Build Prayer Hall

North India. A fellowship of Christ-followers in an 81.8-percent Hindu state in North India has grown, and homes no longer can accommodate the numbers of families gathering. Since a believer donated land, they just need building supplies ($1,800). Together they’ll build a prayer hall, marking the presence of Christ in a world of idolatry. They long to raise a banner of God’s love among the poor. Pray the light of Christ shines in North India. “Blessed are they that dwell in thy house” (Psalm 84:4). Father, may Your name be glorified in North India through these worshippers who love You. May a banner be lifted high through this house of praise. Let all the poor come into Your house, for Your Word says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matt. 5:3). Oh may they realize Your kingdom and presence in this region. In Christ, Amen.

January 16, Monday
Tibetan Orphanage Raising 11 Children

CHINA. In the 1990s Brother Young adopted abandoned children in Tibet and trained them in the ways of Christ so they might win the Tibetan people for Christ. Today Grace Tibetan Orphanage Home cares for 11 children ages 6-15, teaching them to live faithful lives among Tibetan Buddhist communities. The orphanage requires $150 per child monthly. Pray for wisdom as workers educate and guide children and struggling teenagers. “Train up a child in the way he should go” (Pr. 22:6). Father, let these fatherless children know You as their Father. Let them know You as provider, healer, deliverer, and their home. We ask for wisdom for their caregivers, and that this family of children from different families would grow in unity and love. In Christ, Amen.

January 17, Tuesday
Damaged 1,000-Seat Tent Needs Replacing

UKRAINE. In the last 15-plus years, thousands of people have heard the gospel under Good Samaritan Mission’s 1,000-seat tent. Hundreds have come to Christ. But rain, wind and sun have taken a toll on the tent. Hail and hurricane caused the greatest damage this past summer. The ministry needs $22,000 for a new, 1,000-seat tent in this country whose economy is reeling from war. Pray for a fruitful harvest. “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men” (Rev. 21:3). Father, expand their territory. Stretch out the tent pegs. May more and more people enter Your traveling tabernacle, hear of Your wonders and salvation, and come to saving faith. In Christ, Amen.

January 18, Wednesday
Tribal Believers Desire Own Prayer House

MYANMAR (BURMA). More than 98 tribal La Hu believers worship temporarily in a village center. They desire to build their own church building and have dug the foundation, but they lack funds for materials. For $6,000 these tribal believers can acquire the needed roof, cement, sand, water, shingles and bricks so they can build. Pray for a strong church to emerge among the La Hu and other tribal groups in Myanmar. “Let us go into the house of the LORD” (Ps. 122:1). Father, let all the peoples praise You. We ask for a house of worship for these beautiful, tribal believers. Thank you for the beginnings and the foundation. May they build on You, their solid rock. In Christ, Amen.

January 19, Thursday
100 Needy Children Need School Uniforms

INDIA. As 100 children prepare for school, they need clothes. A native ministry wants to provide uniforms for each child ($15 each). Impoverished children cherish their school uniforms, which are required in India school systems. In the morning they proudly put them on to walk to school, and these clothes signal their learning. Pray they grow strong in their studies and in the Lord, and walk in their calling. “I press toward the mark” (Phil. 3:14). Father, may these young ones grow in the knowledge of the Living God and every day embrace their identity as children of their loving Father, the Creator of All. Clothe them in kindness, compassion and … In Christ, Amen.

January 20, Friday
Pastor Wants His Church to Have Bibles

KENYA. An indigenous ministry says one hindrance to the gospel is the presence of cults, which lure poor villagers with promises of financial gain. Many needy people have no access to a Bible. The native pastor of a growing church says only a quarter of his congregation has a Bible. He seeks 60 Bibles ($23 each) for his congregants so they will know the truth and recognize lies. Pray for open hearts. “The truth shall make you free” (Jn. 8:32). Father, set them free by the power of Your Word. May every believer to have access to Your Word in their own language? Let them rejoice to hold Your precious Scriptures in their hands, allow the truth of the gospel renew their minds, and the knowledge of Your love transform their hearts. In Christ, Amen.

January 21, Saturday
Wheelchairs Often Needed Among Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. Two refugee children, unable to walk, need wheelchairs ($275 each), and a church planter wants to provide them so the children can attend church and hear the Word of God. Wheelchairs provide a sense of dignity and mobility, helping children engage in life and avoid isolation. Many more need wheelchairs. Pray that those who feel invisible because of their disability would know the Lord Jesus who calls them beautiful. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps. 139:14). Father, let the weak experience Your strength. Let the disabled find freedom in Your presence. And may more and more children who need wheelchairs have them, along with the ability to move and engage in life’s activities. Mostly, bring them into Your awesome love and let them know Your marvelous power. In Christ, Amen.

January 22, Sunday
Church Planters to Start Income Projects

INDONESIA. Yesus Kristus Indonesia has 20 church planters on the frontlines of evangelism that need a means for self-sustaining mission work. Native missionaries seek to start microenterprise projects such as a tree-cutting service, a frozen treat business, and many more opportunities that require start-up loans ranging from $235 to $800. Gospel workers build relational bridges through their businesses to share the gospel. Pray for provision and fruitful ministry in 82-percent Islamic Indonesia. “Not by might, nor by power” (Zech. 4:6). Father, You alone are worthy of all our praise and prayers. We ask for every provision for these 20 church planters in Indonesia. Open the doors for self-sustaining income that would advance the gospel in their region. In Christ, Amen.

January 23, Monday
Two Dorms Requested for Ebola Orphans

SIERRA LEONE. An indigenous ministry plans to open an orphanage for 60 Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone. Eleven years of rebel war and the Ebola tragedy have worked to draw people to their knees, repenting of their sins and seeking the Lord for His ways. Orphans need care. The ministry seeks assistance to complete two dorms ($50,000) so the orphanage can open. Would several people sow into this need? Pray for mercy. “To love mercy” (Micah 6:8). Father, these young ones have seen the horror of dying parents. Bring them into a loving home where fathers care for the fatherless. Have mercy according to Your lovingkindness. In Christ, Amen.

January 24, Tuesday
Rural Fellowship Desires Church Building

PAKISTAN. A Christian fellowship in a rural area in 96-percent Muslim Pakistan praises God for providing supplies through Christian Aid to help them complete their church building. Now they’re worshiping the Lord in this country of only 0.7-percent evangelical believers. Another fellowship now seeks help to complete its building ($4,500). Pray the kingdom of God continues to expand in unreached areas of Pakistan. “And build the house of the LORD thy God” (1 Chr. 22:11). Father, Your love endures forever. Overwhelm these believers in Pakistan with provision for Your house. Let them freely worship You. Let this house of prayer be a refuge of salvation for all who enter. In Christ, Amen.

January 25, Wednesday
Centers Key for Preventing Trafficking

WEST BENGAL. Three Muslim villages welcomed Christian development centers that educate children and parents on the traps of human trafficking in India’s most popular state for child labor and the sex trade. These centers impact communities and help prevent trafficking. Sixty Muslim children attend classes five days a week ($55 per month). Parent courses may soon form. Pray that these preventative centers in unreached villages draw families to the Lord. “The name of the LORD is a strong tower” (Pr. 18:10). Father, shut down every plan of the enemy to kill, steal and destroy these young lives. Save these children from trafficking and fill them with abundant life as they grow in the knowledge of the Lord. In Christ, Amen.

January 26, Thursday
Drug-Addicts Experience Lasting Freedom

MYANMAR (BURMA). Thirty-plus men find freedom from drug-addiction through an intense residential discipleship program ($20 per man monthly) run by an indigenous ministry in Burma (Myanmar), the world’s second-largest producer of illicit opium after Afghanistan. With salvation and rehabilitation as primary goals, the ministry brings the transformational love of God to addicts and their families in this impoverished, predominantly Buddhist country. Those who persevere come out clean. Pray men would find freedom in Christ. “Deliver them that are drawn unto death…” (Pr. 24:11). Father, free these addicts by the power of the cross; let them never return to old habits but instead press on to take hold of all You have for them. Strengthen each man to persevere. In Christ, Amen.

January 27, Friday
Youth Gather for Equipping for Revival

GAMBIA. An indigenous ministry holds an annual Youth Empowerment Summit ($3,000) that gathers young people from different denominations to encourage, equip and inspire them toward revival. In this majority-Muslim country, where Christian discipleship and evangelical leaders are in short supply, youth are the key to the future in Gambia, as well as to reaching the unreached tribes of today’s generation. Pray for a powerful move of God among young people in this country. “Many shall see it” (Ps. 40:3). Father, pour into these youth and give them a holy vision of You. Propel them to carry the gospel to reach unreached tribes in Gambia, that every tribe and tongue would have a witness for Your name. In Christ, Amen.

January 28, Saturday
Workers Seek to Restore 700 Family Homes

BANGLADESH. Some 3.2 million people across 16 districts of Bangladesh suffered intense losses as monsoon-induced floods engulfed the country last August; 42 deaths were recorded, and nearly 7,400 people sought refuge in 69 flood shelters. Some 250,000 houses were destroyed or damaged. Several native ministries are working to help 700 families rebuild their homes following the historic flooding ($300 per home). Pray for restoration and that these families would know the love of Christ. “He brought me through the waters” (Ez. 47:3). Father, You lift the lowly, carry the weak, and raise up the humble. Let Your glory fall on these who are yet to know You in Bangladesh. As they find shelter, as their homes are restored, as their lives again take shape, Father, mercifully draw them to Your heart and change the course of their lives forever. In this devastation, work Your wondrous good. In Christ, Amen.

January 29, Sunday
Weathered Leper Churches Need New Roofs

INDIA. Pounding rains recently destroyed the roofs of two church buildings in leprosy colony villages. The buildings need repairs so these lepers, who love the Lord, can continue to worship together in a dry space. As rains continue, these poor believers are gathering in small family houses for fellowship. To replace the roofs costs $1,700. Ask the Lord how He would meet their need for His glory. “The glory of this latter house shall be greater…” (Hg. 2:9). Father, these humble, faithful believers long to see their churches restored. We ask for the simple supplies needed for refurbishing their roofs, that these who love You may come together in a dry space that’s big enough to accommodate them as they worship You. Bless them. In Christ, Amen.

January 30, Monday
Vehicle Would Help Take Gospel Farther

SOUTH ASIA. Native missionaries in South Asia walk miles along rugged-terrains to reach remote, unreached regions with the saving message of Christ. Nothing can stop the gospel, but a vehicle would enable more efficient travel for those compelled to preach. Several indigenous ministries seek a second-hand vehicle ($25,000 each). Who would invest in these sold-out, frontline workers to reach the unreached? Pray every village hears the gospel. “How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?” (Ro. 10:14). Father, let Your Word run swiftly in South Asia. We lift up the 3,000-plus unreached people groups in this region and ask: Let Your kingdom come, let Your will be done on earth, in South Asia, as it is in heaven. Use these native missionaries to bring the living gospel to their people. Bring them transportation so they may reach farther and more efficiently. In Christ, Amen.

January 31, Tuesday
Pray for Great Commission Fulfillment

CHRISTIAN AID. Christian Aid Mission assists the expansion of God’s kingdom among the unreached, impoverished and persecuted through independent, indigenous ministries in more than 100 countries. We are their communications headquarters, and people like you—sold out for the gospel and driven to your knees in prayer—overflow in offerings to help them reach the unreached in the most difficult regions. Together we can witness the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Let us pray! “The kingdom of God is at hand” (Mark 1:15). Father, use Your kingdom mission to assist native ministries across the globe so that every tribe, tongue and nation may have a witness among them, to hasten the Day our Lord Jesus returns. Be glorified in all the earth. In Christ, Amen.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.