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Prayerline Online :: May 2018

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May 1, Tuesday
‘Prodigal Hindu’ Gets Church-Planting Vision

SOUTH ASIA. A Hindu teenager, Devnand*, ran away from his village in Nepal to the capital city, Kathmandu, where he gave himself over to gambling and drinking. He had to admit he wasn’t a very good Hindu. Devnand had a Hindu friend who told him how his sister had been completely healed of demon possession by prayer at a secret worship gathering of Christians. Devnand was intrigued. He began researching Christianity, visiting the secret church and receiving healing prayer for his own illness, and Devnand accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. It was 1988. He prayed for years for his mother to come to saving knowledge of Jesus. After 11 years, she put her faith in Christ, and 94 of his Hindu relatives have also become Christians. Pursuing theological studies in the United States, he ended up planting scores of churches among Nepalis in various U.S. cities. In 2014 God called him to begin congregations and training centers in Nepal, and his ministry has since planted 40 churches there. “Some radical Hindus called me and said, ‘Stop this movement,’” he said. “I said, ‘Who am I to stop this movement? If God is working, no one can stop this Jesus movement.” From self-proclaimed “Prodigal Hindu” to a pioneer in Nepalese church planting, one man has received a larger vision. His ministry plans to establish 100 congregations in Nepal over the next three years through Church-Planting Centers in seven regions. Twice a year, each CPC would train 12 church planters over a five-month period if funding is available. The ministry seeks 10 donors to give $165 per month to prepare 24 church planters per year. Pray that this Jesus movement arising out of one man’s journey will bring greater fruit.

May 2, Wednesday
Native Missionaries’ Living Costs

TOGO. Foreign funds from Islamist governments are flowing into this West African country, now 20 percent Islamic, in a campaign to turn the continent into a stronghold for Islam. Native missionaries report God has continued to bring Christ’s salvation in spite of limited resources, and they will appreciate any amount to cover living costs. Pray they will persevere even as Islamic resources flow in.

May 3, Thursday
Mosquito Nets for Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. The kindness of Christ in simple acts of compassion such as providing mosquito nets for sweltering summer months draws grateful families to know Jesus. Without netting ($25 each), babies and children have no escape even in sleep from disease-bearing pests. Pray that each net would open the door to the gospel.

May 4, Friday
Gospel MP3 Players

CHINA. Arabia Bible School’s Kazakh missionary team travels to the north and northwest regions of Xinjiang Province to share the gospel among nomads who migrate seasonally. They share God’s Word through an MP3 player loaded with songs, preaching and Kazakh-language Scripture. The ministry seeks assistance for 200 players at $39 each. Pray His Word fills the hearts of the Kazakhs.

May 5, Saturday
Items for Disabled People

UKRAINE. People with cerebral palsy and children with mental and central nervous system disabilities are grateful that native missionaries are providing help, opening hearts to the gospel. Needing dishes, specialized cutlery and beds and nightstands to replace Soviet-era items for the aid center, the workers seek 45 donors to give $100 each. Pray God’s love would flow through the workers.

May 6, Sunday
Motorcycle for Missionary

SOUTH ASIA. A native missionary has 10 new Christians ready for baptism at the church he pastors. Proclaiming Christ and supervising other missionaries nearly 15 miles away has worn down his bicycle, which is now beyond repair, and actually he needs a second-hand motorcycle. He seeks 10 people to provide $88 each for one. Pray for spiritual growth among the new Christians.

May 7, Monday
Provide Meals for Needy Children in Peru

PERU. Churches of Ayacucho cares for and provides weekday meals for about 70 poor children who live in vulnerable circumstances with the goal of telling them about the kingdom of God. Native missionaries ministering to them seek 10 donors to give $79 each to cover their monthly costs. Please pray children become leaders of hope and change in the Andes.

May 8, Tuesday
Preschools as Gospel Bridges

BURMA. Providing preschool for impoverished children is an effective way to reach villages with the gospel in 75-percent Buddhist Burma (Myanmar), as it opens the way for native missionaries to share Christ with their families. For each of the ministry’s eight preschools it seeks 10 people to give $30 per month. Pray for a new, robust generation of Christians.

May 9, Wednesday
Relocating Persecuted Christians

MIDDLE EAST. Many former Muslims lose family and belongings and are threatened with harm for their faith in Christ. Native ministries provide assistance toward temporary housing for their first six months after relocation; several families often share a crowded flat ($350 per family). Pray that these new Christians form vital churches.

May 10, Thursday
Discipleship Training Program

MAHARASHTRA. An indigenous ministry is praising God that it has 59 students from various people groups and remote villages in its discipleship training program. The ministry seeks $60 per student for the program. Pray that students adjust to a classroom environment, apply what they learn and are empowered from on high to reach their people groups for Christ.

May 11, Friday
Motorcycles for Missionaries

VIETNAM. Native missionaries must travel by foot or bicycle in harsh terrain to share Christ with 22 remote, unreached tribes. Praying to replace three broken motorcycles and secure five others, for each vehicle they seek 11 people to give $100 each to bring the message of eternal life to hungry hearts. Pray God will protect the missionaries and prepare listeners’ hearts.

May 12, Saturday
Care Packages for Immigrants

ISRAEL. Many immigrants fleeing oppression arrive with their only possessions in one suitcase. Some 80 Jewish families benefit from native missionaries providing new immigrants a care package ($60 each) containing electric appliances, bedding and kitchen essentials, among other items. Pray the Lord will soften their hearts to the gospel.

May 13, Sunday
Bibles for Non-Christians

INDONESIA. In addition to making audio gospel recordings in native dialects, native missionaries with Gospel in Every Language distribute Bibles in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. They are praying for 1,000 Bibles ($3 each) to help draw people to Christ and transform lives. Pray the Word bring the joy of eternal life.

May 14, Monday
Micro-Enterprise for the Poor

EGYPT. An impoverished village is being transformed through evangelistic outreaches, medical care, jobs training and microenterprise loans, among other services. More than 200 families received loans to start small businesses for sources of income last year. The indigenous ministry appreciates any amount to sustain it. Pray for Christ’s name to continue to be glorified in it.

May 15, Tuesday
Assistance for Church-Planters

BRAZIL. Providing desperately needed medical care and education to tribal people in isolated jungle villages, workers with Caiua Evangelical Mission have planted churches in 30 communities in several states. They need monthly assistance of $110 per month each for their living costs. Pray that God will protect and anoint them.

May 16, Wednesday
Centers of Refuge for New Christians

CHAD. Terrorism by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has exposed the true face of Islam in 55.7-percent Muslim Chad, and Muslims are turning to Christ but need centers of refuge for safety and growth in Christ. Native missionaries welcome any amount to help reap a spiritual harvest in this historic moment; pray they will be wise and faithful.

May 17, Thursday
Foundational Discipleship Classes

CHINA. New Christians are discipled with a solid biblical foundation in 300 classes a native ministry provides. Rapid expansion to meet demand, however, has increased its annual budget, and the ministry seeks 10 people to give $55 each to help start a new Bible class. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s anointing on teachers and students.

May 18, Friday
Protective Wall for Persecuted Church

BIHAR. A church grew to 100 people attending services from eight villages thanks to the leadership of a native missionary pastor. After losing their building to a Hindu extremist attack, the church has received about half the amount needed to build a boundary wall for protection; they seek 15 donors to give $100 each to complete it. Pray for safety as they baptize new believers and worship.

May 19, Saturday
Culturally Crucial Church Building

SRI LANKA. A Hindu in 70-percent Buddhist Sri Lanka put his faith in Christ after an indigenous missionary told him of the self-sacrifice of the Son of God for his sins, and now the new Christian is continually sharing the gospel with others and praying with them. His church lacks a building to which he can bring seekers for preaching and worship and seeks 25 donors to give $100. Pray all obstacles to the gospel would be removed.

May 20, Sunday
Facility for Disadvantaged Kids

UKRAINE. As social and economic conditions take a dive, more children are removed from life-threatening conditions in their homes and are brought to Father’s House. The native missionaries there plan to move to a larger facility to accommodate more kids, an outlay requiring 146 donors to give $100 each. Pray this ministry will help safeguard the futures of many children.

May 21, Monday
Evangelistic Camps

BURMA. Summer brings opportunity to sow God’s Word in four largely Buddhist tribal areas of Burma (Myanmar) in week-long evangelistic camps. A native missionary remains after each event to follow up and establish a church. The ministry seeks 14 people to give $100 for each camp. Pray that those who respond to God’s call will take root.

May 22, Tuesday
Wheels to Spread Gospel

DELHI. Nine native missionaries travel 20 to 30 miles per day to proclaim eternal life in Christ and disciple those who have come to know Him, but they urgently need motorcycles to continue their ministry; 10 donors giving $100 each will provide one motorcycle. Pray they will fulfill the vision God has given them to bring hope to the hopeless.

May 23, Wednesday
Bibles for Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. A newly discovered refugee camp of 9,000 people in Turkey offers new opportunities to share Christ, but a native ministry desperately needs Arabic Bibles ($6 each) and Children’s Bible story coloring books. The ministry has seen God’s Word transform lives, but they have distributed all the Bibles they had. Pray the new tent settlement would turn to Jesus.

May 24, Thursday
Cover Missionary Expenses

TANZANIA. At recent evangelistic events, native missionaries saw more than 30 people who put their trust in Christ freed from illness and oppression, and 90 others testified how Jesus had delivered them from evil spirits. They joined the throngs praising the Lord Jesus Christ. The workers will appreciate any amount to cover their monthly costs. Pray they will continue zealously in their calling.

May 25, Friday
Food, Tutoring for Schoolchildren

SRI LANKA. Impoverished children are often denied education because of lack of resources, and those that do attend school have little chance to succeed if they are hungry. A native ministry provides them lunch, as well as tutoring and Bible studies, leading both children and grateful parents to come to Christ. Ten donors giving $66 per month are sought to cover food costs. Pray that families will be spiritually nourished.

May 26, Saturday
Evangelistic Retreat

SPAIN. A native missionary in a hostile Muslim area held a secret gathering at her home, resulting in an entire family putting their faith in Jesus. Likewise, many relatives of 50 new Christians are expected to receive Christ at a retreat; to cover costs of the event, the ministry seeks 55 people to give $100 each. Pray God will prepare hearts to receive Christ as Lord.

May 27, Sunday
Medical and Dental Care

PHILIPPINES. In a predominantly Muslim part of the Philippines, native missionaries offer medical and dental clinics. Villagers grateful for the care hear the gospel and come to Christ. The missionaries seek 25 people to give $100 each in order to care for 300 people. Pray that praise for Christ would be heard following the outreaches.

May 28, Monday
Gospel Proclamation Events

BIHAR. A terrorist responsible for multiple killings was one of many people to accept Christ at a native ministry’s evangelistic meetings. He turned himself in, led a ministry in prison and after serving time now works with the indigenous ministry. Thousands of people come to Christ through such meetings; the cost of one can be covered if 10 donors give $100 each. Pray for workers to effectively disciple the many new converts.

May 29, Tuesday
Food, Clothing for Poor Children

KENYA. Poor children are receiving food, clothing, shoes and more, including the good news of Christ’s love, through a native ministry. Parents observing their children are coming to the Lord through this program and other community projects, for which the native ministry appreciates assistance in any amount. Pray that the gospel proclamation in all community programs will find good soil.

May 30, Wednesday
Church Buildings for New Christians

BANGLADESH. Buddhists whose animist tendencies led them to worship trees and sacrifice animals have come to Christ through the preaching of native missionaries and formed two churches. One congregation still needs a church building, and the other’s building was destroyed by a cyclone. They seek 24 people to give $100 each to build two houses for worship. Pray the Lord will provide shelter for their worship.

May 31, Thursday
Worldwide Ministries of Christian Aid Mission

CHRISTIAN AID. They wake up each morning eager to connect with people and connect them to the Lord Jesus Christ. They are poor but seeking first God’s kingdom. They are not looking for income but trusting God to keep them alive, and when a Christian Aid Mission representative discovers them and offers them assistance, they thank and praise the Lord. Please consider a gift to help Christian Aid Mission find and assist these devoted native missionaries, and pray for their protection and provision.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.