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Prayerline Online :: February 2018

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February 1, Thursday
Prayer Conference to Empower Worldwide Witness

INDIA. Mahinder Pal* was doing quite well for himself as a professional in northern India before he heard a peculiar call from God. The Lord didn’t call him to start a mega-ministry. He didn’t call Mahinder to proclaim Christ to India’s millions of unreached tribal people or to feed millions of hungry children. God called one man to do one thing: build a community of prayer warriors. Mahinder felt he needed to leave his profession in order to earnestly entreat God to give him faithful co-laborers in prayer. Initially, the Lord gave him one other person to pray with. Mahinder discipled him to obey the call to prayer, and this resulted in the growth of a team of praying Christians. With this group, God did something amazing – He brought together leaders of churches that once eyed each other with doubt, disapproval and distrust, and they prayed together. From this miracle the Holy Spirit began a movement of church leaders forming groups to pray. On Nov. 30, 2012, the United Christian Prayer for India movement was born when 9,000 Christians prayed in the capital, Delhi, while hundreds of thousands prayed in 1,200 other sites. Since then, annual prayer gatherings have been held with leaders representing over 250,000 churches in India. This unity in prayer came at a critical time, just as churches in India began to experience the greatest persecution in their history. As the Holy Spirit began to move in their hearts, it didn’t take long before the evangelization of the nation became the main focus of the prayers. The movement is key to mobilizing India’s indigenous church to help complete the worldwide task of a witness for Jesus among every tribe and tongue. Please consider sending one of the 3,000 Christian leaders hoping to make it to the next prayer conference ($250 person).
*Name changed for security reason

February 2, Friday
Medicine for Refugee Children

MIDDLE EAST. Imagine you’re a refugee parent of a child burning with fever or a sick stomach and have no access to medicines. Native missionaries provide medicines ($6 per person) to grateful parents who wonder why Christians help them when others shun them. Workers sharing the gospel see many respond in faith. Pray the Lord will clear all obstacles to refugees receiving His call to discipleship.

February 3, Saturday
Schooling for Poor Young People

NIGER. Christian Aid Mission donors are enabling new children and young adults to come to Christ through a native ministry’s educational programs – all the more crucial as the country’s limited school options dwindle. Workers seek assistance in any amount to provide educational opportunities to more children. Pray for more kids to get a chance to learn critical subjects and life skills.

February 4, Sunday
Gospel Radio Broadcasts

PERU. A native ministry’s radio station broadcasts Christian messages across a wide area where the gospel is largely unknown. A listener in a remote village with no evangelical church thanked the station, saying it enabled her family to learn about God, and that she was sharing about Jesus with neighbors. The ministry seeks 10 people to give $44 monthly to sustain it. Pray many more churches will spring up from these broadcasts.

February 5, Monday
Bring Christ to Unreached People

AZERBAIJAN. Immigrants who came to northern Azerbaijan from Iran, ethnically Jewish but religiously converts to Shia Islam, are known as the Tat group. Almost nothing is known about these unreached people. A native missionary seeks 44 donors to provide $100 each in order to learn about the Tat and start outreach among them. Pray God will lead the way to reaching this group.

February 6, Tuesday
Vehicle for Children's Home

WEST BENGAL. A children’s home in a remote area not only saves kids from lives of hopeless poverty but prepares them to build God’s kingdom. Workers hope to buy a vehicle to enable them to go uphill to town for the children’s basic living items. Any amount is welcome for this crucial tool. Pray for a vehicle to get supplies, widen the children’s experiences and increase the areas for sharing the gospel.

February 7, Wednesday
Learning Center for Special Needs Kids

PHILIPPINES. Through their learning centers for special needs children, indigenous missionaries see the kids’ lives transformed in Christ and their families drawn to Bible studies. The workers are planning a new learning center in each of the 21 areas of their city and seek 45 people to give $100 each for one center. Pray that God would bring about big impact through these little ones.

February 8, Thursday
Bible Training for Missionaries

MALI. Celebrating a graduation ceremony in spite of dangers from hostile Islamists, a native ministry’s Bible Training Institute is committed to training the next generation of leaders. Ministry workers who saw six people put their faith in Christ at a recent university campus event seek any amount to train more missionaries. Please pray for bold faith in the midst of opposition.

February 9, Friday
Outreach to Muslim Refugees

SPAIN. An indigenous ministry invites hundreds of Muslim refugees from the Middle East and Africa to weekly events ($480 each) to learn about Spanish culture while enjoying a Spanish meal. Over the course of the year, refugees make friendships with believers and hear the gospel, and many put their faith in the Lord Jesus. Pray that families will receive Christ and share their hope with others.

February 10, Saturday
Bibles for Displaced Muslims

MIDDLE EAST. Bible distribution leads to talks about Jesus in refugee tents and slum flats, and Muslims once closed to the gospel become part of the family of God. Native missionaries often speak of Muslims who receive, secretly read and are transformed by the Word of God. Bibles ($6 each) are urgently needed.

February 11, Sunday
Secure Worship Places

SOUTH ASIA. A building is central for worship in the cultural context of people in the region, and with persecution increasing, homes and rented facilities for worship provide no protection. Several congregations seek assistance in any amount for buildings to provide a secure worship space for baptisms, Bible study and discipleship. Pray for the strengthening of new churches.

February 12, Monday
Christian Radio Reaching Muslims

GHANA. A native ministry’s radio station reaches 1 million people, 95 percent of them Muslim, and sees many people putting their faith in Christ. But paying staff members’ salaries has been difficult as electricity rates have risen, and the ministry seeks five donors to give $100 per month to cover costs. Pray for protection as broadcast success endangers converts and workers.

February 13, Tuesday
Motorbike for Church Planters

BANGLADESH. Sharing the gospel with people one-on-one and then meeting with their families in their homes to pray for them, a humble ministry has started 148 house churches. Workers would like to reach more villages and seek 24 donors to give $100 for a motorbike to reach them with the gospel. Pray many would believe and have everlasting life.

February 14, Wednesday
Biblical Leadership Training

LAOS. God’s kingdom is growing in spite of persecution. A native ministry provides biblical leadership training six times a year in seminars to pastors, elders and emerging leaders ($85 per leader, per seminar), which helps to create vibrant churches in a closed country. Pray that Christians would become equipped to bring about much fruit.

February 15, Thursday
Blankets for Refugees

MIDDLE EAST. Native missionaries provide aid to refugees as part of a mission to see people come to know the Lord Jesus. Every warm blanket ($39 each) distributed to those who have lost everything opens the door to receive Bibles and the gospel. Workers have seen thousands of refugees receive Christ; pray many more would know the true comfort in Jesus.

February 16, Friday
Missionaries' Living Expenses

CHINA. For Chinese Lunar New Year (Feb. 16), nearly everyone goes back to their hometown for the week-long, “Spring Festival” national holiday, but indigenous missionaries remain in remote areas to grow churches among unreached peoples. Pray for peace while they are away from loved ones, and for opportunities to share Christ with returned migrants. They welcome any amount to cover monthly living costs of $550.

February 17, Saturday
Water Wells for the Destitute

RAJASTHAN. Having planted 100 churches, native missionaries plan to bring Christ to 500 new villages this year. Disease runs rampant as destitute villagers drink from muddy rivers, but Christian workers who provide bore wells share Christ with villagers as they draw fresh water. The ministry seeks 25 donors to give $66 for one well. Pray salvation abounds.

February 18, Sunday
Assist Missionary Headquarters

EGYPT. A native ministry provides food to Syrian refugees who have nothing. The ministry workers are also studying about Christ with these Muslims, including five families who have put their faith in Him for salvation. Without their modest headquarters they can do nothing, however, and they seek five donors to provide $110 each per month for office rent. Pray for protection for the workers and Muslims coming to Christ.

February 19, Monday
Bibles for the Spiritually Hungry

SOUTH ASIA. Hindus, Buddhists and others seek hope in false gods and idols, while native missionaries want to provide them with the living Word that has the power to set them free from bondage to sin and idolatry. Christian workers seek to distribute 2,000 Bibles ($6 each) to people seeking truth. Pray that their lives will be transformed.

February 20, Tuesday
Outreach to Imprisoned Women

UKRAINE. Women imprisoned in Kiev Province bring their children along with them, but the state provides no basic living supplies. Indigenous missionaries providing clothes, hygiene products and other items also bring them the good news and are overjoyed at how His Word changes their hearts and lives. Workers seek 38 people to give $100 each to sustain the outreach. Pray that the hopeless would find hope in Jesus.

February 21, Wednesday
Income-Generating Sewing Projects

MYANMAR (BURMA). A native ministry’s sewing projects train 20 new Christians to be tailors, providing them a livelihood and a way to build relationships with Buddhists and others for sharing Christ. The ministry seeks 10 donors to provide $46 per month to cover costs of the sewing projects. Pray those coming to Christ would form strong churches.

February 22, Thursday
Living Costs of Church Planters

SOUTH ASIA. Trusting in God, native ministry leaders have depleted their savings in order to pay the living costs of the increasing number of indigenous missionaries ($60 each per month) needed to plant churches in an expanding territory – nine states in India, as well as work in Sri Lanka and Burma and Nepal. Pray for God to lead, guide, and direct their paths.

February 23, Friday
Vehicle for Gospel Outreach

MEXICO. Unreached people groups treat outsiders with suspicion and hostility, but indigenous missionaries in Oaxaca state have the local knowledge and contacts to overcome barriers. They seek 50 donors to give $100 each to buy a vehicle that would provide safer means for reaching more communities. Pray every village would hear the call of Christ.

February 24, Saturday
Training for Gospel Outreach

SYRIA. An unprecedented window to expand gospel work has opened in new areas of Syria, including in schools. Gospel workers ($325 each) need to be trained for a ministry that draws 1,000 children a week – with their parents bringing them, receiving Christ and becoming disciples. Pray workers will be supported and the gospel go forth.

February 25, Sunday
Leadership, Income-Generation Seminars

INDONESIA. A native ministry travels to different areas to offer week-long trainings in discipleship, spiritual leadership and income-generation projects for 50 pastors. The seminars strengthen pastors to reach Muslims, Hindus and others for Christ while helping them provide for their families and ministries, and the ministry seeks 20 donors to give $36 per month to cover costs. Pray that each native pastor will be strengthened to establish a strong witness in their areas.

February 26, Monday
Bible School Effectiveness

CHINA. Religion regulations took effect on Feb. 1 targeting unregistered religious activities, unofficial religious schools, unauthorized religious instruction, and believers going abroad for training, conferences, or other activities. Religious information services on the Internet must now be registered. Pray that institutions like Handan Christian Bible School will find a way to continue God’s work.

February 27, Tuesday
Assistance for Widows

TANZANIA. Spending their lives caring for others, many widows have no marketable skills they can use to support themselves. Native missionaries who see tribal people respond well to the gospel are thankful for assistance donors have provided to church widows, including that of the former pastor, and they seek any amount for their continued daily sustenance. Pray for God to touch these women as they co-labor with Him.

February 28, Wednesday
Help Find, Assist Missionaries

CHRISTIAN AID. Face-to-face with pressing needs and limited resources, indigenous missionaries in lands of poverty and persecution have a deep need for encouragement. They find their eyes welling up with tears of joy when they are encouraged through donations and prayers from the global body of Christ. Please help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate and assist these missionaries who depend on God to survive and succeed.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.