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Prayerline Online :: June 2017

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June 1, Thursday
Gospel Message Soars on Internet Program

TURKEY. Intending to mock the gospel, a young Muslim woman tuned into a weekly internet sermon on her computer. She hated Christians and thought she would enjoy making fun of a Turkish media ministry’s outreach programs. “But the things I was hearing spoke to me of the love I was seeking, and the words of faith and courage were taking away my fears,” she later told the ministry leader. “I was impressed by these things, and they even entered my dreams. But I was afraid to come to church, though I wanted to give my life to the Lord and become a Christian. Finally I took the step and gave my heart to Jesus Christ.” Now the young woman constantly shares the gospel message through her Facebook page. How could she not—though there is great risk? “I saw the gospel of Jesus Christ in my dream,” she said. “It was one month before I came to the church. In my dream, my Lord Jesus led me to the church, telling me, ‘What are you still waiting for? Follow my way.’ And I saw all of you in there waiting for me, smiling at me. Before I met you I saw you in my dream.” Internet gospel messages reach into homes and hearts. When people cannot attend church services, or don’t yet know the Lord, they can download life-changing sermons. This native ministry in Turkey is seeing an expansion of its reach for God’s kingdom through internet ministry. They need a camera, microphones, sound mixer and special lighting to produce programs that reach Muslims and Turks with the gospel. With half the cost already raised, the ministry seeks an additional $1,750 to obtain the equipment. Pray for the powerful extension of God’s reach through internet preaching.

June 2, Friday
Children, Teens Slide into Summer Camps

UKRAINE. Summer camps reach more than 2,000 children and teens with the love of God each year in Ukraine. Through creative skits, stories, and hands-on activities, children build relationships with each other and the Lord. This summer leaders seek to purchase inflatable slides because they draw children to the camp. Would 10 people consider a $500 gift? Pray for the salvation of every child who attends these camps.

June 3, Saturday
Formerly Trafficked Girls Find Refuge

INDIA. Rescued from the red light district, four girls have found a home with Life Foundation. In critical condition, the four join 23 other previously trafficked young women in receiving protection, housing, food, healthcare, a job, counseling, prayer, devotional time, and a family. “These four new girls are in bad shape,” the leader said. The foundation needs funds to support them for one year ($250 each). Pray for restoration.

June 4, Sunday
Rural Areas Suffer from Food Shortages

NIGER. Hosanna Institute of the Sahel ministers to prisoners, the disabled, and the destitute in Niger. Several areas in Niger did not receive enough rain last year, and the rural population is suffering from food shortages and higher food prices. A gift of any amount will help this ministry share Christ’s love and provision with the needy.

June 5, Monday
Evangelists Train to Reach Tribal Areas

PHILIPPINES. Nationals for Tribal Missions in the Philippines trains hundreds of church planters to reach tribal people, who are typically more receptive to the gospel if they have not been exposed to modern culture through television and smart phones. For only $300, the ministry can train a worker for a year in one of its nine training centers in northern Luzon to reach unreached people before modern culture influences them.

June 6, Tuesday
School Supplies Bless Refugee Children

MIDDLE EAST. Thousands of refugee children need school supplies for the upcoming school year, but their destitute parents are unable to provide for them. Native missionaries in the Middle East gather school supplies during the summer to provide children with backpacks ($30 per backpack) filled with school supplies. The hearts of Muslim parents soften to the gospel as they see how Christians love and care for their children. Pray whole families would know the saving grace of Christ Jesus.

June 7, Wednesday
Gospel Extends to Hidden Nomadic Tribes

CHINA. During the past six years, Green Pastures Ministries established five Bible study groups in Inner Mongolia. Today, three missionary families who speak Mongolian share the gospel with Mongolia’s unreached, nomadic tribes. They need financial support ($330/month per family). Pray for a thriving witness for the Lord among every tribe in this region.

June 8, Thursday
320 Needy Families Await Food Staples

KENYA. A native ministry hopes to seize an opportunity to bring desperately needed food to poor families in remote areas of Kenya. Along with the gospel, native missionaries want to provide rice, milk, corn flour, sugar, corn, beans and cabbage to 320 households. The cost to procure and deliver these items is $11 per household. Pray for changed lives.

June 9, Friday
Christian School Launches Skillful Grads

ANDHRA PRADESH. Christian education transforms nations as young people learn necessary skills while gaining a deep knowledge of the Lord. For three years, graduates of a Christian school have concluded their education with a ceremony in an unfinished church building. The native ministry seeks to complete the ground floor of the building. Pray for many more graduates to take their place in India.

June 10, Saturday
Ministry Steers Children from Gang Life

GUATEMALA. Living Stones Ministry faithfully steers children away from gangs and violence by bringing them into a Christ-centered community. “We often see bloody killings of children and teenagers due to gang wars,” the ministry leader said. “Gangs recruit children into a life of delinquency and drugs.” Pray as this ministry reaches whole families with the love of Christ. To feed 120 children, they need $13 per child per month.

June 11, Sunday
Missionary Family Spared as House Burns

UKRAINE. Many rejoiced that a missionary family was away from home the day a fire engulfed their house. The house also served as a church for the village. While they work to rebuild their house of prayer, the missionaries are living with a family who became Christians through their ministry. Pray for provision for a living space. Twenty gifts of $250 would allow them to build two bedrooms and a kitchen.

June 12, Monday
Village Strongholds Broken by God’s Word

INDIA. Vast numbers of people in India lack a copy of God’s Word. A native ministry seeks to combat biblical illiteracy by distributing Bibles ($8) and New Testaments ($5). “Join with us in prayer that the enemy of the gospel will be defeated,” said the ministry leader. “The strongholds in the villages will be broken. Prejudices, fear and shyness will be overcome with the boldness of witnessing and preaching of the biblical content of the eternal gospel.”

June 13, Tuesday
Ministry Supports Families of Prisoners

VIETNAM. When persecuted pastors are imprisoned, their families lose the breadwinner. Mission Vietnam supports the families of imprisoned pastors ($600/year), enabling them to buy food, clothing and medicine. The families can then provide nourishment for the pastors. Pray strong testimonies arise and open the hearts of the persecutors. Pray the wives and children of these pastors stand firm in the Lord.

June 14, Wednesday
Events Spur Gospel Expansion in Villages

LIBERIA. People in many villages in Liberia practice witchcraft and syncretism. The leader of a native ministry in this West African country envisions these same people exalting the name of Jesus Christ. Join him in praying for 50 new village churches in the next 18 months. His missionary coworkers are selling vegetables, oil, rice, chickens, and cattle for their daily needs, but they still need help for gospel outreach events and church planting ($60 per event).

June 15, Thursday
50 Muslim Children Hope to Attend Camp

ALBANIA. In this 57-percent Muslim country, summer outreach camps are an effective, non-threatening way for native missionaries to share the gospel with whole families. Children are free to ask questions and receive answers about the gospel, and they often bring the message of Christ home to their families. Peace of Christ Mission leaders desire to take 50 children to a six-day summer camp, costing $15 per child per day. Pray students grow strong in faith.

June 16, Friday
Prayer House Opens Door for Discipleship

BANGLADESH. Many people in the Hill districts of Bangladesh accept the Lord Jesus but continue worshipping idols. “It is the lack of true teaching and service,” a native ministry leader said. He wants to build a house of prayer for discipleship ($1,700, including travel to transport supplies). Pray this worship house would transform the lives of new believers as they grow in their understanding of God’s Word.

June 17, Saturday
Ministry Relocates Persecuted Believers

MIDDLE EAST. When Muslims receive the Lord Jesus, they often face life-threatening persecution. Indigenous ministries have two choices: see them face physical harm and/or death; or relocate them to a safer area. With relocation comes loss of employment. Would their extended family of faith help provide for their needs? Any gift helps. Pray that these vulnerable new followers of Christ in the Middle East grow in faith to become strong missionaries to their own people.

June 18, Sunday
Correspondence Courses Allow Privacy

INDONESIA. Kezia Ministries has developed basic discipleship correspondence courses that Muslims in Indonesia can study in the privacy of their own homes. The ministry needs $700/month to publish and distribute the Bible courses. Pray these students meet Christ in the Holy Scriptures and receive God’s love and forgiveness.

June 19, Monday
MP3 Players Loaded with Gospel Messages

IRAQ. Often Shinar Mission is allowed only minimal contact with those who have fled from Mosul, where Iraqi coalition forces are fighting to dislodge Islamic State militants. In these situations, they give a displaced person a gospel MP3 player ($11 each) loaded with the New Testament and gospel messages designed for Iraqis. Then Shinar Mission follows up with them. Pray for the gospel to take root in thousands of lives.

June 20, Tuesday
Children Uplifted with Literacy, Love

UTTAR PRADESH. An effective program reaching 140 children in India suddenly closed due to lack of funds. Many children from impoverished Hindu families improved in their studies and sports while encountering God’s love. The ministry needs funds to restart the program, which uplifts children from poverty, gives the gift of literacy and opens a door for their families to come to Christ. The cost is $57 per child. Pray children would know the Lord.

June 21, Wednesday
Wells Draw Villagers to Living Water

MYANMAR (BURMA). When Myanmar Free Mission sends a church planter to a village and digs a well for the community ($800), a body of believers soon arises. Why? The villagers gratefully receive the gift of clean water; they daily draw water and linger to talk to the evangelist; they taste this living example of Christ’s love. Pray the gospel will come to thousands of villages in Myanmar.

June 22, Thursday
Solar Panels Shine Light on Scriptures

PERU. A native missionary serving with Segadores Ministry shares the gospel with Ashaninka tribal people in a rural jungle village. “Despite the lack of electricity and the danger of lighting up with burners, the people are pressing on to faithfully learn God’s Word,” the native leader said. The ministry hopes to install solar panels ($1,400) to hold Bible studies at night. Pray for God’s Word to transform the entire village.

June 23, Friday
Persecuted Leader Opens School Elsewhere

CHINA. In a new wave of persecution, authorities closed Handan Christian Bible School and dismissed the ministry’s faithful leader, Sister Priscila. She now plans to begin God’s work in another province: training disciples to minister in their tribal communities, build up their churches, and reach the unreached in this communist country. Pray for strength. Gifts of $20 will help her restart this indigenous Bible institute.

June 24, Saturday
Gospel DVDs Reveal Christ to Muslims

PAKISTAN. Gospel films go where people can’t go; they hold the potential to reach deep into people’s hearts, quickening them to eternal life. A native ministry seeks to distribute 5,000 DVDs about Jesus Christ ($1.50 each) to reach the people of Muslim-majority Pakistan and give them everlasting hope. Pray every DVD would represent a family coming into God’s kingdom.

June 25, Sunday
Self-Supporting School Needs Land

MANIPUR. Education changes lives and transforms nations. A native ministry in Manipur would like to purchase a piece of land on which to open a self-supporting school to serve the surrounding community and as a platform to share the gospel. Would 80 people send a gift of $150? Pray for this generation to grow strong in the Lord and arise as leaders in India.

June 26, Monday
Discipleship Multiplies Missionary Work

BURUNDI. A gospel worker won two souls to Christ and diligently discipled them before sending them to an unreached village where they led a group of people to the Lord. These new believers are building a worship hall where they can gather. “There are seven missionaries among them now,” said the gospel worker. They need $100 per month per missionary. Pray for multiplication.

June 27, Tuesday
Important Gathering Draws 4,000 Leaders

ODISHA. India is a difficult and often dangerous mission field. To encourage and strengthen the local Body of Christ, an indigenous ministry hosts an annual convention. This year’s theme is building God’s kingdom in India. The ministry anticipates 4,000 leaders and believers at this carefully planned event who will return to their villages equipped with fresh insight and passion to share the gospel. Only $21 will cover the cost of 20 attendees. Pray for a mighty move of God.

June 28, Wednesday
Ministry Needs New Computer for Outreach

SRI LANKA. After a ministry’s computer and monitor were destroyed by high-voltage electricity, the ministry leader borrowed a laptop from a friend to continue communicating with mission teams and church planters throughout Sri Lanka. The ministry is praying for a new computer ($1,500) to carry on its effective outreach. Pray that God uses this ministry to build His kingdom in Sri Lanka.

June 29, Thursday
Medical Missionaries Visit Poor Villages

EGYPT. An indigenous ministry in Egypt sends teams of medical professionals to remote, poverty-stricken villages where people are unable to afford medical treatment. An evangelistic team accompanies the medical professionals, who provide free examinations and medicines for up to 400 patients per outreach. As they hear about our loving Savior, villagers receive much-needed care from Christ followers. The cost of one of these outreaches is $1,200 to send doctors with supplies. Pray many place their hope in the Lord.

June 30, Friday
Your Gifts Impact Communities, Nations

CHRISTIAN AID. When the gospel takes root in a community, families thrive as they relinquish fear and take hold of life in Christ. Christian Aid Mission creates opportunities for people like you—sold out for the gospel and driven to your knees in prayer—to impact whole communities and nations with your offerings. Because of your gifts to indigenous ministries, families experience true transformation. Pray for a witness for Christ in every nation.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.