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Welcome to Christian Aid Mission

Founded in 1953, Christian Aid Mission seeks to establish a witness for Christ for every nation by assisting indigenous ministries in lands of poverty, where Christians are a persecuted minority, and where foreign missionaries are not allowed.

We evaluate every indigenous ministry we assist to verify their faith, financial integrity and fruitfulness. Then we help them sustain and grow their work by making their needs known to believers in developed nations who supply them with prayer and financial support.

The ministries we assist are fully independent and not affiliates of Christian Aid Mission. They are led by evangelical Christians who live and work inside of their own countries.

Christian Aid Mission works with hundreds of indigenous ministries that share the gospel of Christ with more than 1,700 unreached people groups in eight regions of the world: Africa, China, Europe, former Soviet Union, Latin America, Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia.


No Formulas for 'Success' in Evangelism

An indigenous missionary with a far-reaching radio ministry in Laos was on the last day of a week-long medical outreach on the Thai side of the border when he met a villager who wanted to talk with him about Jesus. The ministry leader, Pastor Keoki, took the man to the back of church building to talk about Jesus, but then he noticed more than 30 people waiting to see doctors had come over to listen. He saw this as a great opportunity to lead many to Jesus just from talking to one man. After he finished his message, he asked those who wanted to accept Christ as Lord and Savior to raise their hand. No one raised their hand. Read more...