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    Hurricane in Haiti

    Damages to crops and infrastructure in Haiti by Hurricane Matthew have left hundreds of thousands of people on the impoverished Caribbean island without food and clean water. The 125 miles-per-hour winds and flooding from the hurricane's Oct. 4 landfall, which killed at least 546 people and damaged about 200,000 homes, swept away cattle and knocked out electricity. Organizations on the ground say cash is more helpful than donations of clothing and food, which can obstruct coordination of relief aid, and an indigenous ministry that Christian Aid Mission assists seeks such funding in order to provide clean water, rice, sugar and oil.

  • People praying for Bible school graduates in south India.


    Opposition in India Forces Shift in Evangelism

    October 20, 2016 - Foreign missionaries and public preaching are meeting with increased opposition in India, forcing a greater emphasis on one-on-one evangelism that indigenous missionaries are best suited to carry out.

  • Makeshift structure.


    Battle for Mosul Portends Humanitarian Disaster

    October 13, 2016 - A long-awaited battle to retake Mosul, Iraq from Islamic State terrorists appears imminent - along with the attendant humanitarian crisis.

  • A village woman is baptized in Bali, Indonesia.


    Expanding Christ's Kingdom on 'the Island of Gods'

    October 6, 2016 - Islam is growing on Indonesia's island of Bali, but for most inhabitants, Hindu/Buddhist belief mixed with animism, magic and mythology permeates their lives. Local missionaries are well suited to the gospel challenge.

  • Pakistani villagers wading thru floodwater.


    Flooding in Pakistan

    Residents of five villages in an area of Punjab Province, Pakistan that has received no flood relief assistance have no way to earn a living a month after rains inundated their fields and homes. The area in Jhang District is populated mostly by farm laborers whose fields are still four to five feet under water. "The survivors of the flooding are very worried about their families, especially for the children, women and elderly people to escape from hardships of the season, as the weather has been changing here in Pakistan,".

  • Syrian refugee child sleeping on dirt floor.


    Syrians Find Light amid Dark Nightmare

    September 29, 2016 - Fierce fighting has resumed in Aleppo, Syria after a failed cease-fire, but people are coming to Christ amid civilian casualties and shortages of basic survival items.

  • Venezuelan child.


    Crisis in Venezuela

    People in Venezuela, a country in economic crisis hit hard by falling oil prices, are arriving at points along the border with Colombia to keep from starving to death. Some of the desperate Venezuelans have managed to get through after Colombia temporarily re-opened some crossings since closing the border in 2015, while others arrived before last year's closure. An indigenous ministry that Christian Aid Mission assists on the Colombian side of the border is providing food and sharing the news of eternal life in Christ with these desperate families.

Take Back the Territory You've Given to the Enemy

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In these days when people are making up their own definitions of truth and living in false realities, let us be those who worship the Father in spirit and truth (John 4:23). Let us take back any territory we've surrendered to the Enemy. Let us be vigilant.

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CHRISTIAN AID assists more than 500 ministries with tens of thousands of indigenous or native missionaries serving in the field. These ministries are currently engaging more than 1,000 unreached people groups in more than 100 countries around the world, especially in places where American missionaries are no longer allowed to go. These ministries work:

  • in lands of great poverty
  • where Christians are a persecuted minority
  • to plant churches among unreached people

They operate Bible institutes and missionary training centers where thousands of Christian workers are being trained for missionary service. They also spread the gospel through crusades, radio and TV broadcasting, literature distribution, Bible translation, and by providing care for needy children, the disabled, the elderly, and victims of diseases and disasters.

Contributions by God's people to Christian Aid help to make these ministries possible.

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UTTAR PRADESH. Hundreds of native ministry leaders gathered in eastern India to pray for persecuted believers and healing for their nation. Inspired by a young man who did a prayer cycling journey with his father, leaders organized a Pray-for-India cycling rally. They visited churches to share vision and pray for the nation. Ano ...