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    Small Business Capital in Indonesia Yields Saved Souls

    February 26, 2015 - Just as chainsaws help clear away trees in Indonesia, a chainsaw rental and several other small businesses clear the way for indigenous missionaries, pastors and other Christians to share the good news of Christ with Hindus and Muslims.

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    Veteran Pastor´s Gentle Answers Turn Away Wrath in India

    February 19, 2015 - Working in an area where radical Hindus shut down public evangelistic events and nearly half of the residents are Muslims who prohibit leaving Islam, a pastor whose ministry has planted 200 churches appeared to be cornered when a journalist asked if he converts people. The question came as a proposal outlawing religious conversion was being drafted.

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    Needs Mount for Syrian Refugees from ISIS as More Families Pour into Turkey

    February 12, 2015 - Amid the worst refugee crisis since World War II, the help you can provide to Syrians who fled from the Islamic State´s crimes against humanity is a drop in the ocean; but as a character in David Mitchell´s novel “Cloud Atlas” asked, “What is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”

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    Islamic State Drives Yazidis to Christ

    February 05, 2015 – Muslims have been coming to Christ in droves, but among people displaced by Islamic State (ISIS) atrocities, most who are embracing Christ through one ministry in northern Iraq are Yazidis.

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    Obstacle to Conversion Looms for Burma´s Beleaguered Evangelists

    January 29, 2015 – The upper house of Burma´s parliament last week passed a bill requiring anyone wishing to convert to obtain approval from a single, 11-member government committee. That would add a huge obstacle to the difficulties indigenous evangelists already face.

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    Violence in Niger Weighed as Question of Another Eruption Looms

    January 22, 2015 - An unprecedented level of attacks from Muslims upset over depictions of the prophet of Islam in a French satire magazine threatened native Christian workers and others in the West African nation of Niger. There are signs there could be future incidents.

A Biblical Meditation on the ISIS Execution of 21 Christians

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Most of us have read the story of 21 Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya. An ISIS video showed about 12 of them being beheaded, and it is quite certain that all of them were murdered.

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Finishing the Task

Join in the faith journey of nine indigenous missionaries who discover that a life lived for God can entail amazing adventures. These true stories will embolden your walk with God.

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CHRISTIAN AID assists more than 500 ministries with tens of thousands of indigenous or native missionaries serving in the field. These ministries are currently engaging more than 1,000 unreached people groups in more than 100 countries around the world, especially in places where American missionaries are no longer allowed to go. These ministries work:

  • in lands of great poverty
  • where Christians are a persecuted minority
  • to plant churches among unreached people

They operate Bible institutes and missionary training centers where thousands of Christian workers are being trained for missionary service. They also spread the gospel through crusades, radio and TV broadcasting, literature distribution, Bible translation, and by providing care for needy children, the disabled, the elderly, and victims of diseases and disasters.

Contributions by God's people to Christian Aid help to make these ministries possible.

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BANGLADESH. When God moves among the humblest people, love overflows from heart to heart; new life rises upon once-lost souls; the light of Christ shines through the simple lives of those saying, “Yes, Lord.” They cannot contain the gospel. God is moving in unexpected places in Bangladesh as native missionaries carry the ...