About Us


Christian Aid has led the way among evangelical organizations by setting high standards of ethical integrity and financial accountability. Here are some standards which Christian Aid has established and followed since this ministry was first begun.

1. Complete and accurate financial records shall be kept by competent staff, and reviewed by the Board of Directors.

2. Accounts shall be audited by an independent Certified Public Accountant and a financial statement published.

3. The Mission shall be governed by a responsible Board of Directors.

4. The Board shall not be a self-perpetuating body. Rather, the Directors shall be elected by the Membership of the Corporation to maintain checks and balances among those who govern the Mission.

5. The Mission shall avoid waste and extravagance, making every effort to maintain low overhead costs.

6. No Mission finances, property or resources shall be used for the personal gain or benefit of any member of the staff or Board, other than remuneration for services rendered or reimbursement for authorized, itemized expenses. Conflicts of interest are not acceptable.