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Our Founder

In 1945, Bob Finley was invited to speak at a Youth for Christ rally in Chicago. YFC president, Torrey Johnson, wanted a nationally known Christian athlete to speak at the rally, but they were few and far between at that time.

Johnson and YFC vice president, Bob Cook, enlisted Finley to be a field evangelist with the organization, along with Billy Graham. This duo was sent all across the country to speak at youth rallies, churches, public schools, seminaries, colleges, and Bible institutes.

In 1948, Finley found himself in China, preaching the gospel to crowds of more than 15,000, fulfilling the missionary desire the Lord had placed in his heart. His progress was interrupted, however, when the communists took over China the following year and Finley was forced to leave.

Not one to give up easily, he headed to Korea. Along with Bob Pierce, who later started World Vision, Finley became the principal evangelist in a great evangelical awakening there.

In 1953, along with Navigators leader, Dawson Trotman, Finley started International Students, Inc. to reach foreign students all over the United States and Canada. He also started a division of ISI to provide financial assistance for indigenous ministries in poorer countries, especially those led by men of God whom he had known as foreign students in America. In 1972, that division was spun off as Christian Aid Mission, with Finley serving as president. Since then, Bob Finley has presided over the growth of Christian Aid, the foremost supporter of indigenous missions worldwide.