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Our Story

Dr. Bob Finley, founder and chairman of Christian Aid, saw firsthand the way various Communist leaders in the Far East were reaching out to the people with their ideology. Most of the Communist leaders of that era had been converted to atheistic ideology while in Europe or America as foreign students. They returned to their native lands to live among the poor and middle class, propagating Communism and winning converts. At the same time, countless Christian missionaries from the United States and other industrialized nations - though living far below their accustomed standard back home - were perceived as "rich" by the people they were trying to reach. Faced by this dichotomy, many people turned to the ideology they falsely believed truly cared for them: Communism.

Reaching the Unreached

Dr. Finley saw that the native Christian leaders of each country believers who spoke the language, knew the customs, and lived with the people they were trying to reach, were completely capable of evangelizing the lost and taking the gospel to their corners of the earth. He returned to America, determined to arouse the churches about the need for reform in foreign missions. To meet this goal, Dr. Finley started International Students, Inc. (ISI) in 1953 in Washington, DC. At the same time, he began a division of ISI that was charged with providing financial assistance for indigenous ministries in poorer countries. In 1972, the Assisting Indigenous Developments division was spun off as Christian Aid, with Dr. Finley serving as president. Today, Christian Aid through the generous help of Christians who love the Lord, is sending help to more than 800 ministries that deploy over 80,000 missionaries on the field. They are reaching over 3,000 tribes and nations, who have their own language, with the gospel. Several thousand more groups have written to Christian Aid, pleading for help.