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Calling the Gatekeepers

October 2015

Dear Faithful Friend in the Harvest,

Kitikoon Prasertsee gazed over the room of about 50 staff members and guests gathered for our weekly chapel meeting.

We had worshiped the Lord and prayed, and now this steadfast indigenous ministry leader from Laos implored Christian Aid Mission to keep standing at the gate, like Mordechai in the book of Esther, to support the frontline native missionaries who suffer persecution in this Buddhist country for the Word of God and their testimony.

“Mordechai raised his Esther to become a leader,” Kitikoon said. “He took in this orphan and poured into her life. She had the ear of the king when she became queen—for such a time as this. She risked her life, saying, ‘If I die, I die.’ And Mordechai remained at the gate, where he heard vital information that saved her and the Hebrews. And today I implore you to continue to be the gatekeeper while we risk our lives inside.”

You Are There

When native gospel workers and pastors are imprisoned, Christian Aid sends help to the families.

“You are there,” he said.

We reach them in prayer and support, but we don’t go physically. No westerner should, because in their culture if a westerner shows up on the mission field, the native workers could go to prison; and their work is discredited in the community. We stand with them at the gate, like Mordechai.

Kitikoon told the story of a woman who hosts a house church in her home. She has been in prison five times. Recently, again, 20 police surrounded her house. But the believers inside on a Sunday morning did not cease to worship the Lord for the next hour. When they opened the door, the police were gone.

Since that day more than 50 new believers have come to Christ and two churches have been planted in this Buddhist village, where changing religion comes with the cost of becoming an outcast, and worse.

“You are there in prayer,” he said. “But don’t get in the mud with us.”

Stay at the gate and send help. Uphold them in prayer and support as they risk everything to carry the gospel to the darkest, most hidden areas, and the places of extreme persecution and poverty.

While persecution in Laos increases, our brother says the churches are expanding all the more. They need meeting halls. The house churches are packed out. Fifty churches are ready to build bamboo houses that can hold 200 people ($2,000 each). Twenty more need concrete buildings where 300 people can safely gather ($10,000 each).

Who will send help from the gate to build these worship centers? (Note 730CFL-10 on the reply card.)

Years ago Christian Aid provided a tractor which hundreds of churches have used to plant 9,000 acres of Sacha Inchi plants (nuts). The harvest sustains the believers and churches in an economy where Christians live day-to-day and are starving.

“Christian Aid was there to help us get the tractor,” Kitikoon said. “Our crops are funding the training of leaders from 19 countries. One tractor. A bag of seeds. A commitment for Esther … from the gate.”

Join me at the gate.

Until there is a people for His name in all nations,

Cynthia Finley

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