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December 2016

Dear Friend in the Harvest,

Thank you for making God’s Kingdom a priority in your life.

In a recent article, Dr. Albert Mohler wrote, “Our ultimate financial commitment is not to ourselves or to our own investments but to the Kingdom of Christ.”

As servants of the Living God, our economic priorities are different than those of the world. We don’t seek to build earthly kingdoms, we seek to build a heavenly Kingdom, made with living stones.

Because you give to Christian Aid Mission, living stones are daily being added to the Kingdom.

People from formerly unreached people groups are now lifting praise to the Father.

Kingdom Investors with Worldwide Impact

Throughout their lives, Charles and Betty King have made God’s Kingdom a priority. They had been giving generously to more than a dozen charities when God directed them to Christian Aid Mission. By investing in the ministries we support, the Kings are able to strategically advance the Kingdom by reaching people who had never heard about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Specifically, their gifts have helped Francisco, a native missionary in Argentina, reach the top of a mountain where a village of Wichi tribal people live. After sharing the gospel with them for three days, he led 1,000 Wichi people to the Lord and is now discipling them.

Their gifts are also helping a ministry in India distribute children’s Bibles in the Bengali language to Muslim children who attend their community education centers. Because of the Bible distribution, the ministry has begun holding meetings for Muslim parents interested in learning more about the gospel.

An indigenous ministry in Syria is another recipient of the Kings’ gifts. They train children’s workers who are hosting children’s meetings throughout the war-torn nation. In multiple locations, hundreds of Muslim children attend one of several daily meetings. “A few weeks ago, we baptized 53 in just ONE location,” wrote the ministry leader. “We have performed over 230 baptisms from the beginning of the year to the present.”

A Strategic Time to be Alive

Why are the Kings receiving such a high return on their investment? Because we are living in the most fruitful time in the history of missions—where every seed sown produces a massive harvest.

We are seeing the gospel advance, unstoppable, through the nations. We could be the generation that finishes the task of the Great Commission! Imagine millions of churches across the earth worshiping the King of Glory from every tribe, tongue, and nation. What rejoicing there will be in heaven!

In the meantime, we ask that you continue to stand with us. Millions still have no witness for Christ among them. No church fellowship of any kind meets anywhere near them. They continue living in deepest darkness, separated from the Maker and Lover of their souls.

Could they know the Savior?

Together, we can make sure they do.

Until there is a witness for Christ in every nation,


Cynthia Finley

PS – This Christmas, as you make your offering to Christian Aid Mission, note 098FTT on the response card or go online to www.chistianaid.org/FTT to contribute to our Finishing the Task Fund. This fund will help us identify, evaluate, and raise support for new indigenous ministries in close proximity to people groups who are still unreached—still waiting to learn of the One who bled to set them free from sin and death. Your participation is essential to fuel the advance of the gospel among all peoples.

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