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Science Affirms Our Innate Belief in God

April 2018 - Perhaps you were fortunate enough to have Christian parents who told you about Jesus Christ. But maybe someone else led you to the Savior and became, in essence, your spiritual father or mother. This is your godly heritage.

"Only one life, 'Twill Soon Be Past..."

March 2018 - By giving to Christian Aid Mission, you’re supporting native missionaries who run rescue shops within a yard of hell—in the world’s most difficult mission fields.

Thank you for Supporting the Indigenous Way

February 2018 - The indigenous ministries you support through Christian Aid Mission are effective because they understand the cultures in which they work, and they do the hard work of discipleship—explaining Scripture in its historical, social, and literary context.

When Suffering Doesn't Make Sense

January 2018 - No amount of education can prepare you for ministry like suffering can. It's an experience that works compassion inside of us for others who are going through similar trials.

The Gift of Listening

December 2017 - This Christmas season, as I reflect on the birth of our Savior, I think about the time He spent on earth interacting with people.

Surprising Acceptance

November 2017 - I don’t quite understand it, but during the month of Christmas, even the most ardent opponents of Christianity drop their guards and accept invitations to Christmas parties where they listen to the gospel message and receive copies of God’s Word.

Theology Doesn’t Change People

October 2017 - Theology is crucial. Without solid biblical teaching, cults emerge and heresies creep into the church. But theology alone doesn’t change people. The God behind theology changes people.

We're Not Trying to Convert the Whole World

September 2017 - One day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Philippians 2:10-11)…but until then, our goal isn’t to convert every person to Christianity. That wasn’t the task our Lord gave to us in what we refer to as the Great Commission.

Right Place, Right Time

August 2017 - The reports we’re receiving from our ministry partners on the field continue to confirm an exciting fact: revival is happening in the unlikeliest places.

Do You Remember When You Were Blind?

July 2017 - When we were blind to the truth, our Savior opened our eyes. When we were dead in our transgressions—helpless to save ourselves—our Savior saved us.

Is the Gospel Taking Root...or Not?

June 2017 - For more than 60 years, Christian Aid Mission has diligently searched for and vetted indigenous ministries that are taking the time to make true disciples. They don’t just preach and leave. They stay and cultivate the soil so the seed takes root.

Don't Give Up!

May 2017 - You and I cannot see what God is doing behind the scenes, in response to our prayers, but we know: "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much" (James 5:16 NKJV). Don't give up. Keep persevering in prayer. You're making a difference.

God's Hidden Soldiers

April 2017 - In 2 Chronicles 16:9, we read: “For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” (NASB) Since 1953, Christian Aid Mission supporters like you have helped us search the world over to find people whose hearts are “completely His.” I’m talking about dedicated native missionaries, quietly building God’s Kingdom among their own people in lands of deep poverty.

You're Saving Lives, Now And For Eternity

March 2017 - Thank you for your generous gifts for refugees. Every dollar you’ve sent for this cause has gone to native missionaries in the Middle East who are working tirelessly to share aid and the hope of Christ with hurting, destitute people. And I want you to know that your investment is paying off. God is going after those refugees, meeting them away from home, many in foreign lands. And He is using you to reach them like never before. You have an unprecedented opportunity to reach Muslim refugees with the gospel of Jesus Christ, because native missionaries have unprecedented access to them.

We Cannot Stop

February 2017 - Today we witness the unprecedented opportunity to pray and provide for native missionary workers who are clinging to Christ in the darkest places and bringing His life to desperate, imprisoned souls. The Lord cannot stop moving His Life and glory from tribe to tribe, nation to nation, people group to hidden people group. He is on the move until a people from every nation exalts His name.

Fueling the Finish

January 2017 - As you invest in God's kingdom, your gifts empower native workers to fulfill the Great Comission. You fuel the finishing of the task in nation after nation.

Kingdom Investors

December 2016 - As servants of the Living God, our economic priorities are different than those of the world. We don’t seek to build earthly kingdoms, we seek to build a heavenly Kingdom, made with living stones. Because you give to Christian Aid Mission, living stones are daily being added to the Kingdom. People from formerly unreached people groups are now lifting praise to the Father.

Finishing the Task

November 2016 - God gave my husband, Dr. Bob Finley, insight to understand that establishing a witness for our Lord in every nation had to come through indigenous missions. These faithful Christ-followers, familiar with the language and culture of their own region, courageously share the love and message of Jesus Christ among people in areas hostile to Christianity. Thank you for joining us for the journey. We press on toward finishing the task. In fact, the opportunities today surpass anything I’ve seen in my life or since the beginning of Christian Aid Mission.

Faith for Every Nation

October 2016 - Native missionaries pray the prayers that rise as a fragrant offering to the Lord—that unreached tribes and nations would be reached with the saving love, power and grace of God through Christ our Lord—the only worthy One.

A Season of Divine Appointments

September 2016 - Our Lord leads perfectly. He works ahead of schedule, and in those moments when we’re waiting, He is moving and working behind the scenes. He knows the seasons. As we listen and act upon His divine appointments—even when it seems impossible or we don’t understand—we can see Him transform nations.

Sow What!

May 2016 - Your extravagant, sacrificial giving inspires me. You truly love our Lord Jesus and the native missionaries He has placed in the field. They lay down their lives for the gospel. Through your generosity, you do, too. I want to share a story of sacrificial giving with you.

Sowing Seeds for Eternity

April 2016 - When I think of the way you give to indigenous missions through Christian Aid, I think of a gardener sowing seeds in the most fertile soil. I think of a wise planter, envisioning the day of harvest, yet patient enough to watch the seeds grow—to water and nourish the tender shoots—much as the Lord does with our own lives.

Here am I; Send Me!

March 2016 - When the Lord calls: “Whom shall I send? Who will go for Us?” (Isaiah 6:8)—native missionaries respond, “Here am I; send me!” And by helping them go, you become a co-worker of the gospel and an answer to their cry!

Whose Agenda are We Following?

February 2016 - Thank you for your investment in the lives of native missionaries. Many of you gave through our Christmas catalog. Your gifts mean everything to those on the frontlines of missions. Because of your generosity, indigenous ministries can provide pure drinking water for the thirsty, food for the hungry, clothes and blankets for vulnerable children and Bibles for new believers.

Join a Prayer Movement

January 2016 - All fruitfulness flows from hearts saturated in prayer. We see this daily in the lives of native missionaries, who face horrendous terrorist attacks, overwhelming poverty, destructive natural disasters and tormenting persecutions. Prayer transforms hearts and communities. Prayer shifts attitudes and the atmospheres over cities and nations. Prayer changes everything.

The Miracle of Christmas Giving

December 2015 - As Christmas draws near, we remember the greatest gift of all, a gift that never fades, pales, rusts, wears out or burns out; an eternal gift, lavish in sacrifice and love, abundant in joy and hope. Christ our Lord—the Living Word of God—became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14).

Pioneer Missionaries: Whatever the Cost

November 2015 - Our hearts are burning with powerful testimonies of our Lord’s Kingdom advancing among the nations through pioneer missionaries—men and women of God who blaze a trail for the gospel where it has not been known, no matter the cost. Consider Resham, born into a family of Hindu priests in Nepal. His son, Anugraha, told us about him in our Chapel service.

Calling the Gatekeepers

October 2015 - Kitikoon Prasertsee gazed over the room of about 50 staff members and guests gathered for our weekly chapel meeting. We had worshiped the Lord and prayed, and now this steadfast indigenous ministry leader from Laos implored Christian Aid Mission to keep standing at the gate, like Mordechai in the book of Esther, to support the frontline native missionaries who suffer persecution in this Buddhist country for the Word of God and their testimony.

You are God’s Treasury

September 2015 - Did you ever consider that you are God’s treasury for the Lord’s end-time harvest and the greatest revival of all time? I realize this more and more as I contemplate the testimonies of native missionaries who visit us and speak at our weekly chapel meetings. They are focused on the Lord’s mission to have a witness for His name in every nation. They are about their Father’s business, and they pay any price to see the gospel reach every people. God calls us to partner with His hands and feet in harvest fields all over the world. His arm is not too short to save—and missionaries native to their lands are most effective.