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November 2017

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November 1, Wednesday
Send Kids to Evangelistic Camp

KYRGYZSTAN. The sun was shining bright on a park in the high-altitude village of Kegety, where a Muslim woman had brought the two youngest of her four children, but her soul was dark with burdens. Ainura thought the playground might distract her children from their hunger, but they were listless. Back at their run-down apartment, her older kids lay ill from malnutrition. Ainura’s husband had disappeared years ago, and she had never been able to find work beyond selling trinkets. She was behind on rent, and her landlord was threatening to evict them. She was surprised to find a crowd of 200 people, mostly children, at the park. They were listening to a young man, and she maneuvered to the front so she could hear. The native missionary was speaking of how God sent Jesus as a Son, not just a prophet, to save a fallen world. The speaker’s message of the sin in all humanity resonated within her. Later he prayed with those who put their trust in Christ, including some of the children’s parents. He fixed his eyes on Ainura and asked how he might pray for her. She burst into tears and said she needed Jesus. Ainura and 70 others received Christ that day. After feeling forgotten in a forgotten hamlet in a forgotten country wedged between China and Kazakhstan, she found a Christian community to help her. Native missionaries cannot forget their country and their people, and God works powerfully through them. Such events, including its 10-day camps for children, consistently bring people in Muslim-majority Kyrgyzstan to know Christ. Will you help bring youth to Christ by giving the $55 needed for one child to attend? Pray for protection, as the meetings are fruitful and have drawn Islamist attacks.

November 2, Thursday
School Supplies for Poor Children

MEXICO. Native missionaries with Ethnic Outreach of Mexico are proclaiming Christ among unreached people groups in remote villages in Oaxaca, Jalisco, Nayarit and Guerrero states. Pray that this ministry would continue to effectively care for needs and plant churches. Workers need school supplies for 90 poor children ($30 each); would you provide the $30 needed to provide one child with supplies?

November 3, Friday
Equipment for Missions School

KENYA. A native ministry’s annual missions school equips gospel workers to grow into their various callings; some of the students are the first church leaders from their tribes. The school needs a computer, projector and copier ($1,700 in total) for the training; will 17 people provide $100 each? Pray for the ministry to receive the tools needed to train crucial kingdom personnel.

November 4, Saturday
Equip Church Planters

SPAIN. Gospel Multiplication Ministry (GMM) workers share Christ with refugees, forming house churches with each new believer or family. They are quickly trained in evangelism and plant more congregations. GMM needs $220 per month to start churches in 10 different places. Praise God for the many churches He has formed among refugees.

November 5, Sunday
Nourish Tibetan Orphans

CHINA. Grace Tibetan Orphanage Home cares for 11 children ages 6-15, teaching them to live faithfully in Christ so that they can help win Tibetans for Jesus among Buddhist communities. The orphanage requires $150 per child monthly to continue operating. Pray for wisdom as workers educate and guide children and struggling teenagers.

November 6, Monday
Help Persecuted Christians

SOUTH ASIA. Persecution is at an all-time high. Government officials are paying people to kill pastors, Christians are being burned alive, and those refusing to “re-convert” back to Hinduism are being ostracized. Hindu extremists recently cut off a pastor’s hands. Please pray for God to shield His people, and that the gospel would spread in spite of brutal persecution.

November 7, Tuesday
Gospel Storybooks for Children

MIDDLE EAST. As children read evangelistic storybooks ($6 each) that present the gospel in pictures and simple words, their families also hear it and put their faith in Jesus. The Christmas season presents greater opportunities to provide Gospel Storybooks. Pray that children and their relatives would receive the gift of salvation this Christmas season.

November 8, Wednesday
School Backpacks for Poor Kids

NEPAL. Society tells Dalit children they are less than nothing, but attending a Christian school gives them a sense of self and confidence – and gospel truth. Native missionaries who run it say the children need backpacks ($12 each). How many will you provide? Pray these children will know the one true God who loves, made and sees them.

November 9, Thursday
Audio Bibles for Outreach

LAOS. A native ministry distributes short-wave radios with Secure Digital (SD) card players ($17 each) loaded with the gospel for listeners of their Christian radio program. Thus hidden from hostile communist officials, the SD cards also contain the Bible, inspirational messages, and worship songs for evangelism, discipleship and outreach. Pray that this powerful tool would bring the Word of God to hungry souls.

November 10, Friday
Help Sports Ministry to Reach Thousands

EGYPT. Connecting Christian soccer players with young athletes of all religions, a native ministry promotes unity while reconciling people to God through Christ. Before soccer games, youths and spectators hear a five-minute talk about Christ and see short videos of players telling how Jesus changed their lives. A gift of any amount would support a ministry that can reach 8,000 people in one week. Pray for peace in Christ for all players.

November 11, Saturday
Wood for Warmth, Cooking

TURKEY. Refugees who survived atrocities of war face another cold winter living in tents six years after war broke out in Syria. Indigenous missionaries who offer prayer and the message of Christ’s salvation would like to provide refugees with wood for warmth and cooking. Will you provide a 60-pound sack of wood for $40? Pray that refugees will find hope in Christ.

November 12, Sunday
Encouragement for Native Missionaries

CHAD. Indigenous missionaries face discouragement due to isolation, lack of spiritual feeding and Islamists abroad channeling money to poor people to win them to Islam. A native ministry seeks assistance in any amount for a conference to encourage and inspire 600 pastors and 400 missionaries. Pray that participants will achieve their goal of planting 110 new churches among unreached peoples.

November 13, Monday
Bible Training, Fellowship for Pastors

UZBEKISTAN. Church leaders from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan spend three weeks every year at an indigenous ministry’s Bible training, where study with prayer, fasting and fellowship awes and inspires them with the presence of God. Will you cover the cost of ministering to one of the 50 people ($75 each) who attend? Pray that leaders carrying heavy burdens will be restored and recharged.

November 14, Tuesday
Bible Training Camp

BANGLADESH. An indigenous ministry in this Muslim-majority country plans to lead a Bible camp for 40 ethnic Maru on Dec. 8-10, who will then be challenged to share their Bible knowledge with 10 people from their villages. Thus 400 Maru people would have the opportunity to know God, but organizers need $557 for the camp. Will 20 people provide $28 each? Please pray that God would move in big ways to reach His people through the Bible camp.

November 15, Wednesday
Bibles for Christmas Season

IRAQ. Displaced people are curious about Christmas and are more open to hear the gospel and receive Bibles ($6 each) during the yuletide season. A native ministry needs assistance to purchase 50,000 Bibles in three languages to distribute during the Christmas season, along with aid. Pray that seekers would be drawn into relationship with the Lord Jesus.

November 16, Thursday
Provide Shelter for Abused Kids

SRI LANKA. Poor and abused children find safety at a rescue home run by a native ministry. They receive spiritual guidance, saving knowledge of Christ and a local church’s Sunday school, Bible study and prayer, but in order to continue, each month the ministry needs $145 per child. Pray for these children to experience God’s ultimate healing.

November 17, Friday
Conference for Reaching the Unreached

SOUTH ASIA. Native ministry workers from different organizations need to share information to more efficiently bring the gospel to hundreds of unreached people groups. Christian Aid Mission is planning a meeting in 2018 to bring these workers together to share information and unite in fellowship. Will 10 people provide $120 each to cover travel, food and accommodations for one worker? Pray that God will draw peoples to Himself through this gathering.

November 18, Saturday
Assist Children’s Club Workers

BURKINA FASO. Key to a native ministry’s outreach are children’s clubs in which song, play and Bible verses lead to gospel bridges. In one village, a children’s club helped start a primary school. Pray for more such fruits among Christian workers, who need contributions of any amount to enable them to expand God’s kingdom.

November 19, Sunday
Send God’s Word on Horseback

COLOMBIA. Native missionaries with the Lord’s Vineyard of Colombia (VOC) travel on foot to remote villages, often through jungles filled with poisonous snakes, bandits and drug lords. Travel on horseback is much safer and greatly expands the territory covered and materials transported. Two VOC missionaries need a horse and saddle ($800 each); will 16 people provide $100 each for them? Pray the Lord will go before the missionaries to prepare their way.

November 20, Monday
Provide Bibles for Falam Chin

MYANMAR (BURMA). An indigenous ministry has translated the Bible into the language of the Falam Chin, greatly improving prospects for establishing solidly grounded churches among them. Workers need to print 30,000 copies ($7 each) to reach the 150,000 Falam Chin; how many will you provide? Pray that no hindrance will come between this people and God’s Word.

November 21, Tuesday
Powerful Evangelistic Tools

INDONESIA. Yesus Kristus Indonesia (YKI) reaches Hindus for Christ by providing evangelism tool kits ($100 per month) for its native missionaries. Each one contains evangelistic posters, gospel-loaded, solar-powered MP3 players with audio Bibles in tribal languages and discipleship materials. Will you provide one tool kit? Pray that many Hindus come to the Lord.

November 22, Wednesday
Discipling Spiritual Children

PAKISTAN. A native ministry built a center in largely unreached southern Punjab state so that new Christians can learn God’s Word and enjoy fellowship at camps, seminars and training programs. Spiritual children are learning to make other disciples. Will 100 people provide the $45 needed to run one of the programs? Pray faith is strengthened and a movement for Christ would spread.

November 23, Thursday
Christmas Gifts for Children

PALESTINE. Three outreaches to children by Tabitha Ministries during the Christmas season, including one in Bethlehem, bring joy through a simple meal and presentation of the gospel. The 250 children participating receive what may be their only Christmas gift besides clothing. Will you provide $22 to reach one child with these gifts? Pray for those who attend to receive the gift of eternal life.

November 24, Friday
Evangelistic Conferences for Youth

EGYPT. Evangelistic conferences for teenagers and young adults, many of them drug addicts, are transforming lives throughout the year. At a recent event at which 110 young people attended, 70 of 80 youths who were addicted to drugs put their faith in Christ. Will 24 people give $110 each to enable native ministry workers to put on the next two conferences? Pray for wisdom and faith for ministry leaders.

November 25, Saturday
Physical, Spiritual Food for Kids

PHILIPPINES. Outreaches in slums feed not only tiny bodies but the souls of hungry children. A native ministry’s food programs offer Bible lessons and activities, resulting in Christian children leading their families to Bible studies and salvation in Jesus. Last year the ministry fed over 800 children ($7 per child); how many will you help them feed? Pray that parents would hear their children’s testimonies.

November 26, Sunday
Motorcycle to Save the Lost

INDIA. A native missionary sensed God telling him to talk with a girl pumping ground water, and he discovered she was planning to kill herself that day. He told her about Jesus, and now she and her entire family have put their faith in Christ. The evangelists are praying for motorcycles to reach more people; will 22 people give $50 each for one motorcycle? Pray the gospel will not be impeded by rough terrain and hard hearts.

November 27, Monday
Raise Next Generation of Leaders

KAZAKHSTAN. More than 70 percent Muslim, Kazakhstan has seen steady evangelical growth since 1991. To ensure there is leadership in the next generation, youth conferences are organized to equip young hearts with a Spirit-filled burning to devote their energies to Christ. Will 39 people give $100 each for the next conference? Pray that leaders will have wisdom to pass on the torch of faith to young people.

November 28, Tuesday
Create New Bible Class

CHINA. A native ministry’s 200 classes strengthen believers with a solid biblical foundation and train them to teach others, but rapid expansion to meet demand has increased its annual budget. The ministry seeks assistance to cover the living allowance and transportation costs for six full-time workers. Will 10 people give $55 each to help it start a new Bible class? Please pray for God’s abundant provision.

November 29, Wednesday
Provide Christmas Feasts

SOUTH ASIA. The Christmas season opens up the opportunity to organize events where Christ’s saving sacrifice and resurrection is proclaimed to people who would never listen in other situations. Gift-giving and gathering together at Christmas feasts warm hearts as many experience the glow of Christ’s love. Will you give $25 to help workers in these outreaches? Pray that people will say “Yes” to invitations and to Christ.

November 30, Thursday
Help Finish the Task

CHRISTIAN AID. We are thankful to God that He expands our hearts to reach out to Christian workers who, though far away in lands of poverty and persecution, are our spiritual brothers and sisters. Help us to honor the work of native missionaries to finish the task of a gospel witness among every tribe and tongue with a gift to Christian Aid Mission. Pray God will help us sustain the gospel light they are shining.

*Prices, goods and services overseas fluctuate due to unexpected situations beyond the control of Christian Aid Mission.