Native missionaries are working in the most destitute countries on earth. Their work cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed by lack of resources. You can help them. Your gift of $60 a month will help provide for their practical and ministry needs so they can effectively and efficiently reach the unreached for Christ.

Though location and family circumstances determine the living costs of each missionary, $60 will help them to fulfill the vision God has given to them.

How it Works:

When you send a gift and commit to sponsor a missionary, Christian Aid Mission will send you the name, photo, and biographical sketch of the one assigned to you, along with information about the indigenous ministry responsible for them. This indigenous ministry will receive your monthly gifts, along with those from other sponsors, and distribute the aid equally to ensure that everyone is provided for according to need and without partiality.

Christian Aid Mission will send you updates on the fruit of your investment as we receive them. Sponsors can generally expect to receive these reports every six months.

Sponsoring a Missionary in a Land of Extreme Persecution

Native missionaries serving in countries dominated by Islam or controlled by regimes hostile to the gospel do so at great personal risk. Though Christian Aid Mission has developed indirect ways of getting financial assistance to them, finding sponsors for them is challenging because we must withhold specific, distinguishing information about them. For their protection, we are, at times, unable to provide you with their photo(s). In addition, communication with these gospel workers is often sporadic, so the frequency with which we can provide you with reports will widely vary.

Your commitment to sponsor and pray for a missionary in one of these extremely challenging mission fields will greatly encourage them, as they often lack a local Christian community for fellowship and support. Frequently, they begin ministering in towns and cities with no known believers. Knowing their brothers and sisters overseas are behind them helps them to persevere.

To sponsor a missionary in a land of extreme persecution, please indicate your desire to do so in the comment box in your basket.