Missions Insider Report
Thursday, October 20, 2016
Volume 17, Issue 42

People praying for Bible school graduates in south India.

Opposition in India Forces Shift in Evangelism

Foreign missionaries and public preaching are meeting with increased opposition in India, forcing a greater emphasis on one-on-one evangelism that indigenous missionaries are best suited to carry out.
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A Worldwide Great Awakening What have I deduced from all of the reports I've read from native missionaries on the field? That God's Spirit is moving across the face of the earth, opening people's eyes and hearts to the truth—freeing them from bondage. He's calling a people for His namesake out of every tribe and nation. And though He's been doing this ever since the first century A.D., it's happening on a massive scale right now. It's ramping up.
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Photo of the Week

Indian person engaging in conversations with evangelists distributing literature.

Bearing Good News  

People are coming to Christ throughout India, with many baptized as this villager in a northern state was in 2008. A ministry based in the area uses gospel films, home visits, literature distribution, hospital visitation, vocational training for women, a children's Bible club and counseling to reach remote peoples. "We thank God for enabling our media outreach team to reach out to villages at two different locations," the ministry director said. "The film was projected on big curtain at a common place in the village, and people from all communities gathered and watched it." Over the years, the ministry has entered many unreached areas toward the end of planting churches in unreached villages of northern India. "The Lord has opened a door to start a new prayer cell at a village," the director said. "Pray for the one who has offered his house for the meeting to be strong in the Lord, and kindly pray for the leader also to be used in His mighty hands to save many perishing souls."


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