Missions Insider Report
Thursday, August 17, 2017
Volume 18, Issue 33

 Partially destroyed buildings in Mosul, Iraq.

With Mosul in Ruins, Iraqis Desperate for Help

One Islamic State militant grabbed the young mother’s arms while another snatched her screaming 3-year-old daughter out of her lap. If the family had no money to give in exchange for remaining alive, then they would take little Christine.
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Photo of the Week

Iraqi boy in tent.

Uncertain Future  

An Iraqi youth waits for life to begin again in a camp for displaced people in Erbil, Iraq. Iraqi and U.S.-backed forces retook Mosul from Islamic State terrorists on July 9, but most residents have not returned because their apartments are in shambles or they fear the largely radical, civilian Muslim population will treat them as traitors. Need is still high for Christian Aid Mission donors to help an indigenous ministry provide blankets, mattresses, sheets, food boxes, medication, infant care items and Bibles. "The situation is so tragic that the government has asked non-governmental and humanitarian organizations to donate food because they can't meet the needs," the director said. Thousands of Muslims are grateful to the Christian ministry for helping them survive; please help the ministry to bring aid and hope in Christ to multitudes.


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