Missions Insider Report
Thursday, February 8, 2018
Volume 19, Issue 6

Native missionaries brave a rickety bridge to bring aid and the gospel to the poor in the Philippines.

Trouble, Strife – and Unexpected Opportunity

From helping a trigger-happy president to rid the country of drug addicts to aiding victims of an Islamist siege, indigenous missionaries in the Philippines are certain that God is sending them to troubled places for the advance of the gospel.
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Photo of the Week

Children in Burma (Myanmar) pray after hearing the gospel.

Prayer Response  

Children in Burma (Myanmar) pray after hearing the gospel at a children's program offered by a Bible college. The event was part of a campaign that students and faculty at an indigenous ministry's Bible college recently undertook. The college sent out 36 teams of three-to-five members each for open-air preaching, house-to-house visits and children's campaigns. "Two teams were stopped by soldiers and asked questions but, by God's grace, nothing happened to them," the ministry director said. "We were excited to see that 355 people got saved, and 27 people took water baptism. And since the Lord provided us with funds to help poor believers, we purchased rice bags, cooking oil, blankets and some clothing and gave these out to those in need. We are grateful to God and to all the donors for this soul-winning marathon." Please consider giving to enable indigenous missionaries to bring the love of Christ to needy souls.


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